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Graz (GRZ) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Generally, people are not able to make bets because there is no guarantee of gaining from their winning. Therefore, Graz brings a unique platform through which people can make wagers from any part of the world without having to worry about their winnings. It provides a various set of events in different domains, including politics, science, film industry, betting lines, etc. where users can make bets and earn money for their winnings. The platform allows users to propose their own bets or wagers to make it more advantageous and interesting. The company wants to transform the usual concept of betting by taking it to the next level.

All about Graz

The Graz is a decentralized platform based on blockchain and smart contract technologies. The platform allows users to make bets according to their own conditions with a guarantee of getting money from their winnings. The platform offers various benefits that include:

  • Allows betting of an unlimited amount of coins.
  • Users can set any coefficients.
  • Provides a simple and easy scheme of operations.
  • Eliminates the chances of non-payment due to smart contracts.
  • Low fees (1% of the winnings).
  • Offers a wide range of events in which users can propose an ante bet with higher coefficients.


Why is Graz using Ethereum?

The Ethereum blockchain is powered by the great technology of smart contracts that provide independent arbitrators for every bet and eliminate the possibility of any kind of deception or fraud. Smart contracts are an independent programming algorithm that cannot be violated by its owner. Moreover, it provides a great opportunity to the users through which they can create their own token for betting and place it on different cryptocurrency exchanges. There are many companies using Ethereum technology due to its excellent features such as ODEM, Requitix, Shping, TV-TWO, Signals, etc.

Why invest In Graz?

The platform uses grazcoins (GRZ) to make bets on Graz. It means users should have an Ethereum wallet and GRZ coins to participate in any bet on the platform. The GRZ coins can be purchased during the ICO or through a cryptocurrency exchange. In these types of bets, there will be only one winner so that other users will always need to buy additional tokens from an exchange. This will be beneficial in maintaining a stable demand for GRZ coins in the market.

Apart from this, the company will spend most of the collected funds on marketing and the involvement of new users which will again grow the demand of GRZ.  The company is planning to achieve the target of attracting up to 4 million active users at the end of 2020. Overall, we can say that investing in GRAZ has potential to be beneficial for investors. However, there are many others ICOs are also launched like Guardium, BunnyToken, Ternio, BitCAD, Zupply, where you can invest.

Pre ICO details

  • Pre ICO date : March 19, 2018 (14:00 UTC)
  • End date : April 2, 2018 (14:00 UTC)
  • Number of tokens offered : 3 million
  • Hard cap : 3 million GRZ

Bonuses based on date

  • From 19.03 to 26.03.2018 : 40%
  • From 26.03 to 02.04.2018 : 30%

ICO Details

  • ICO date : May 1, 2018 (14:00 UTC)
  • End date : May 31, 2018 (14:00 UTC)
  • Number of tokens offered : 82 million
  • Soft cap : 7 million GRZ
  • Hard cap : 85 million GRZ

Bonuses based on date

  • From 01.05 to 10.05.2018 : 20%
  • From 11.05 to 21.05.2018 : 15%
  • From 22.05 to 31.05.2018 : 10%


  • Zakaryan Vanik, Co-Founder, Ukraine.
  • Arutyunyan David, Co-founder Russia.


By utilizing the advanced features of blockchain and smart contract technologies, the Graz platform wants to make betting a more reliable and flexible option for the users. It is a completely decentralized structure which is easy to use and also allows direct interaction between users by using smart contracts. With this platform, users don’t need to worry about their winnings because this will be all handled by smart contract technology.

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