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Guardium (GUARDIUM) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Guardium (GUARDIUM) ICO Review – ICO Token News

In some places—especially big cities—emergency responders are almost always overwhelmed. For instance, in some US states, the emergency-response time can be more than 35 minutes. During an urgent situation or emergency, such long response times can lead to serious consequences.

That’s exactly what has led to the development and deployment of Guardium—a powerful decentralized network. The world, today, requires a robust way of enforcing laws, treating sick people, and helping countless others. Thanks to its decentralized nature, Guardium will make it easier to receive and act on highly accurate reports on crimes.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into what this ecosystem is all about and look at its token sale. 

Guardium analysis 

Put simply, Guardium was designed to handle all the problems that occur due to centralized security. Less than 50% of countries worldwide have a dependable 911 or similar service. For that reason alone, such regions are more prone to experiencing unreported crimes. As a result, the population of a region can question the overall safety of a centralized system.

Right now, the world needs a solid foundation and a fresh response network. That is what Guardium is all about. The development of this network will be accelerated further when a region’s police encourages and engages in this developing technology.

Furthermore, Guardium is instantly gaining a lot of traction because of its user-friendly interface. An attractive interface is a must for providing peace of mind, and in this case, contributing to building a safer world. So whether you’re a nocturnal partygoer or a morning jogger, you should become part of the ever-growing network of Guardium as it has the potential to save a lot of lives.

There’s even a Guardium token that’ll be used within this universal safety response network. In short, this system will give a robust framework to nearly 4 billion people who can’t access the 911 service. Plus, the network is admired for having a better response time than all the existing ones. 

Guardium innovation

Like every other ICO project such as KahnChat, Adhive, TrustaBit, Darico, KWHCoin, Guardium is driven by innovation. The core development team behind this decentralized safety network prioritizes innovation above everything else.

Here are some of the innovative features that are unique to this global safety ecosystem.

Different aspects of the network

This ecosystem involves a range of aspects that give it the ultimate edge. As it’s a relatively new crypto project, its specifications or aspects are still being developed. Here’s a list of these aspects.

  1. Identity: How do the users and providers identify themselves across the network? The development team behind this ecosystem plans to give a secure process of establishing user identity for preventing any instance of spoofing anytime, anywhere.
  2. Logging, reporting incidents, and auditing: In this step, the ecosystem will help develop a method where every response is first reported and then logged into its respective network. By doing so, the police officials will easily and quickly get to the affected area—finally, this move will bring down the response time.
  3. Hardware API: This ecosystem is set to launch its own API that’ll be available for smartphones. The API will be used to create a user-friendly interface of this network; with the help of this interface, the interactions can be streamlined and improved.

The tech driving Guardium 

Like other crypto projects similar to MoxyOne, ATFS Lab, BunnyToken, Hamster, Cointed, Guardium leverages the power of the blockchain technology. With the help of a blockchain, this ecosystem successfully creates a robust and well-developed peer-to-peer utility with nearly zero transaction fees. The best part is that the request is processed in a highly secured environment.

The ecosystem uses Scrypt’s algorithm—the same one that’s behind some of the most successful cryptocoins, such as Litecoin. As a result of this technology, network users can use the native tokens without waiting a long time for old cryptocoins such as Bitcoin to be legalized within the framework. The technology also has a robust security prevention system if 51% of the network is attacked.

All in all, this global safety network is built for preventing holders from leveraging the system unfairly—and that is precisely how the network can safeguard its users’ integrity. 

Guardium token sale 

The Guardium’s native token will be used for settling disputes between different participants of the network; these settlements will be related to any response-related transactions taking place within the ecosystem.

A total of 30% of the tokens are allocated for the sale.

Other ICO details

  • The cryptocurrencies that are accepted for buying these tokens include ETH and BTC.
  • This project is based on a variety of Bitcoin’s blockchain and doesn’t follow the traditional ERC20 token standard.
  • The maximum token supply is 100,000,000.
  • The crowd sale will run from January 22, 2018, to February 22, 2018.

The team behind Guardium

The core development team behind this platform is very experienced. Its experience is evident from the fact that it has delivered a number of corporate products within a defined timeframe. The team includes Mark Jeffrey who’s the platform’s co-founder and CEO; he has been a serial entrepreneur and a cryptocurrency author. Chris Hayes is a CTO and co-founder and has rich experience in architecting a number of web apps. Backed by such a team, this project can expect success in the near future. 

Summarizing Guardium 

Up until now, the emergencies of the world were managed and resolved through a number of operations—because of this, the response time to solve these emergencies has become high. However, with Guardium, there is a possibility that things will change for the better. The reason for such a transformation is that the platform will use the blockchain to make sure that the process of resolving emergencies becomes faster, more sustainable, more effective, and cheaper.

So if you too want to make sure that the world becomes a better, safer place to live, then join the Guardium ICO sale.


  • Mark Jeffrey
    Mark Jeffrey
    Mark Jeffrey
    (Founder & CEO) - Mark Jeffrey is a serial entrepreneur and author. He has co-founded five internet companies (three exits) and written eight books, including the Max Quick series (Harper Collins). Three times, he has conceptualized and built consumer products that generated millions of registered users in the first year.
  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes
    (Founder & CTO) - Chris Hayes started his career building web applicationss for the aerospace industry in 1998 whilst still attending public highschool. Chris lays claim to architecting one of the payment industry’s first HRIPSP platforms in 2007 generating over $35,000 daily within two months of launch.
  • Patrick Takats
    Patrick Takats
    Patrick Takats
    User Support
  • Zack Klapman
    Zack Klapman
    Zack Klapman
    Sales Support


  • 1
    Launch Guardian Circle apps worldwide on iOS, Android, Alexa. Launch Open API and XPRIZE Partnership.
  • 2
    Token Sale Begins
    Token Sale Ends
  • 3
    Distribution of Tokens
  • 4
    Beta release of apps with Guardium Protection Contracts
  • 5
    Final release of apps with Guardium Protection Contracts
  • 6
    Worldwide Expansion Push

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