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Hack VC (Hack) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Hack VC?

Hack VC is a blockchain-powered platform which exploits smart contracts on the Ethereum network with ERC-compliant tokens. Committed to offering better usage of cryptocurrency, the platform provides faster liquidity to its investors, and facilitates startup investing to people located in different parts of the world. Built on the secured Ethereum network, the platform allows you to take part in something that was once reserved for institutional investors only.


In traditional startups, investors realized their proceeds only when a company was acquired or went public, and the investors had to wait for almost a decade just to find out whether their investment decision was good or not. Hack VC, on the contrary, is liquid, which allows investors to buy, sell, how to invest in ICOs and trade tokens in a fund that propels value from H/F’s (Hackers/Founders) pool of well-performing startups. It allows investors to realize gains without having to wait for a decade.

So, this platform is perfectly designed for you if you want to get involved in backing tech startups, without having a high income.

Hack VC key services

Hack VC helps tech startups by providing services for equity. Some of the key services it will be offering are as follows:

  • Branding consultancy.
  • Token sale consulting.
  • Connections to traditional funding.
  • Marketing strategy such as Post-it party, a proprietary workshop for startups.
  • Office space.
  • Housing and relocation.
  • Lunches, special events plus speakers.

Hack token details

Hack Fund has issued its new Ethereum-based token named Hack. Developed by KrowdMentor, the ERC223 protocol-based Hack solves issues with the ERC20 standard while staying supportive of ERC20-compatible wallets. The token holders can make use of this tradeable digital token for representation, participation, and proof-of-membership in H/F or any other appropriate purpose.

Hack presale

The Hack presale is already closed, it started on 15 November 2017 at 12:00AM PST. The price per Hack token was set equivalent to USD and the acceptable currencies were ETH, BTC.


Hack Token Sale

Starts as they reach the phase 2 and will be announced later on.

How to get Hack tokens?

A Hack token can be obtained in various ways such as via the ICO, or through bounty campaigns. When you take part in the presale event, you get the chance to support the project’s creators and help them reach their goals.

Bounty campaigns

Bounty campaigns are another way to take part in the project. Under these campaigns, you can help the project creators with the marketing in a variety of ways. Moreover, for participation in the campaigns, the company rewards you with tokens.

Total bounty allocation

  • 20% for translators & moderators.
  • 5% for token market campaign.
  • 5% for LinkedIn campaign.
  • 15% for signature campaign.
  • 10% for Facebook campaign.
  • 5% for Medium campaign.
  • 5%for Telegram campaign.
  • 10% for Twitter campaign.
  • 5% YouTube campaign.
  • 30% for Blog + Media.

Hack token distribution

  • 20% is reserved for hackers/founders’ long-term reserve.
  • 5% was already sold for operations & advisors.
  • 75% was already sold during the token sale.
  • 2% is reserved for community development.
  • 3% is reserved for portfolio founders.

Hack team

Dissimilar to other ICOs, such as REMME, Luckbox, BunnyToken, ODEM, Requitix,  Hack is truly a team of hackers and founders, because it has:

  • Jonathan Nelson, Managing Partner Hack VC, CEO H/F.
  • Laura Nelson, General Partner Hack VC, CCO, Co-Founder of H/F.
  • Mak Gutierrez, General Partner, director H/F Mexico.

Final remarks

Quite similar to other currently available ICOs such as SavedroidScrinium, SkyChain, Lendo, ABYSS, Hack also comes with a lot of commitments, and promises to fulfill all of them through its roadmap.

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