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Hade ICO Review – ICO Token News

ICO Stands for Initial Coin Offering, ICO is the 21st-century means of capital venture. Or, in a layman’s terms, a source of flexible crowdfunding.

The Hade Platform- For Those Who Have Big Monetary Dreams

The Hade Platform is world’s one of its kind database centred on storing company-specific data. Maintaining a record of all the exclusive information about an investment and its forthcoming prospects. This decentralised platform for investors is developed on data visualization, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and now on the underlying technology of Bitcoin, Blockchain. In the coming years, the Blockchain technology will become one of the robust pillars of Hade, strengthening security, better transparency, and improved identification of the Hade token database.


All because of Hade’s innovative technology, they provide advisory services of the highest, which top financial advisory agencies offer for big bucks (somewhere around $20,000) to their business clients worldwide. Since, Hade offers financial consulting services free of cost, they are gaining popularity in several parts of the world. Out of millions of monthly users of the Hade, many opt for their premium products and solutions.

What is Hade?

Typically, Hade is a token or an ERC 20 crypto coin, which can buy premium services, comprises of licenses for financial institutions, over the network of Hade. The hade token will be employed in future for the company’s reward and advertisement programs.

Hade ICO Platform, A Database for All- Investors,  Financial Advisors, Equity Analysts, and  Portfolio Managers:

For Individual Investors- As an investor, Hade platform for you is the Google of information for all popular investment options in the market. Here you discover winning investment ideas in no time with a research paper and real-time stock grades. Add to that, you select products and services, which were never available for individual investors.


For Financial Advisors- With Hade, you can redefine your business’s length and breadth, with the help of innovative research technology. Here, you can make a captivating sales pitches to allure your potential customers to make an investment.

For Equity Analysts- The amount of information you get here is nowhere to be seen. So, the Hade database will help you come up efficient analysis of any investment for the client and in half the time when you do it on your own.

For Portfolio Managers- Here, you can fuel your portfolio with unmatched financial and company data to its core. Hence, save money and time, with an array of services and products to help your business scale new high.

What is a Hade Token?

A Hade token is a crypto coin themed on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The Hade token sale is live now, once you purchase the tokens, you can purchase the premium services of the Hade platform. Also, buy ad spaces or advertisements, once the network of advertisements will be completed by the first half of 2018.  Plus, you can also trade the tokens, once, the sale of Hade tokens is complete.


What Is the Price of the Hade Token?

The Hade toke is expected to be sold at a fixed price of 1 ETH = 5800 HADE.

When Will the Crowd Sale Begin?

The crowd sale has commended on the 1st December 2017.

What Are the Rewards- The Bonus Schedule?

To quote the official website, the incentives and bonuses, will be made public only at the time of token sales.

Blockchain and Hade Token- Partnering to Help Investors Make the Right Decision

The primary objective of incorporating the technology of 21st, Blockchain technology, is to promote the sharing of worthy and exclusive about companies. And, in fact, the ai of the company is transform this workroom into a facebook like for global investors, and the blockchain technology is the power it to achieve its goals.

Apart from the above, the blockchain technology is believed to be incorporated into the Hade platform for bigger prospects to build the world’s exclusive transparent advertising, and their aim is to enforce accountability through this. So, in simple word, any celebrity or eminent personality will think twice before signing any AD campaign, and now the companies won’t be able to deceive the audience with magnetising Ads.

Additionally, from the point of view of the advisors, thanks to the Blockchain technology they will better trust on the Hade platform, since here all the click and leads are verifiable. And, they get to know what type of audience viewing their advertisement.

Should One Join the Hade ICO?

Are you in a dilemma whether to enrol in the Hade platform or not? You shouldn’t be, as this platform doesn’t commercialise the information it holds for the investors, On the contrary, their rivals like Bloomberg, Reuters, and even Ycharts, are making strong annual revenues selling the same database, which the Hade platform too have. As a matter of fact is the Hade platform 100,000 data categories, which is way more than one for its competitors. They are always in a manhunt for exclusive and informative data for their global investors.

What Makes the Hade Platform Different?

The diversity of Hade Platform lies in the fact that this database present financial consulting solutions free of cost. Whereas, million dollar companies, such as the Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg do it for bucks. Thus, most of the investors can’t afford to pay off their fees, henceforth, end up making bad decisions with their investments.

The database of the Hade platform is an ocean of information, where you get unrestricted access to every minute detail about an investment, spanning from basic financial data, expenses, profit, to revenue. At present, our platform contains just more than 100,000 information categories, which cover aspect when making the right investment.

4 Features of the Hade Platform


With the Hade Platform, investors can take a glance at the single or multiple data points easily by virtue of the interactive charts and tables. They provide all the information with great details, and can easily be obtained with just a few clicks.


With Hade Platform, you can better analyze the prospect of an investment, by taking a tour of the growth rates- annual, sequential, or bi-annual. Additionally, investors here get the luxury to conduct market and margin share scrutiny to come up with the best investment in line with the investor’s monetary expectations.

Machine Learning

The Hade platform has a length of perks for both small and big investors, and machine learning predictions is one of them. As here investors have the luxury to take a look at the predictions of their prospective investment, both short and long-term. They provide complete future insights to some of the top investments with their breakthrough machine learning technology.

Artifical Intelligence

The Hade has built several services and products, based on artificial intelligence, which ultimately, gives them the cutting-edge over their rivals. At the Hade platform, you get exclusive information, like the investment value grades, the dividend grades of every company, real-time research reports present in their database.


Why Join the Hade Platform Now?

For the Below Features in the Next Year or Two-

Addressable Market

At present, the Hade platform has more than 70 million global participants, providing their inputs on various investment opportunities. What will make this platform to develop a social channel of virtual informational communication between the investors, is its upcoming Token Rewards program, appreciating people for their information.

The official website of the Hade platform, claims that they will make a big foray into the $36 billion social media advertising industry in the coming year, thus, ensuring meaningful usage potential for HADE Token.

Hade Rewards

Their reward program is expected to lay the foundation for providing Hade token to the people, those who provide informative data or attain a milestone by virtue of their activeness over the hade network. It’s just like the Bitcoin, mining, where are miners are encouraged for their efforts of solving complicated math problems, and getting Bitcoin in reward. This Hade rewards program is expected to take this network to new highs of globalisation, where people will trust it’s saying when committing to an investment

Reliable Database

The database of the Hade platform will become more reliable, owing to the advanced Blockchain technology, which powered the Bitcoin currency to take a massive flight from $23 at the time of unveiling to more than $1700 a few days back. The company is working on the blockchain integrity to take the database reliability to the next level of trustworthiness amidst the worldwide investors.

Network Effect

By bringing the Blockchain technology to the fold, and the program of rewards, the investors will get encouraged to share exclusive content in the allure of Hade tokens. And, in the coming will become a Facebook-like social network, thus, allowing them to demand more of their advisers.

The Future Ahead For Hade Platform-Reaching New Highs of Success

With a number of Hade’s projects in their last phase, the future ahead for this decentralized platform is secure and booming.  Especially, with the expected launch of the Hade reward program, which will encourage more users to join this network. Additionally, the Blockchain technology which will develop more trust and confidence amidst the worldwide investors for the Hade platform. So, in a nutshell, the future prospects are great, and with the trend of ICOs is expected to grow in the next couple of years, things are looking ominous.

If all their plans and executions converge, the company’s revenue will be at least around $250,000,000 by October 2020, at a rise of $4,500,000 annually. Add to that, the company claim that its active users will monthly increase to 5,000,000 paid users by October 2020.

The Concluding Thought

If you want a through insider on a potential investment in the market and its future ahead, then there is no better place than the Hade platform. As they have the complete information you need to make big monetary gains though worthy investments without many risks.

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