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Havven (HAV) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Havven (HAV) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Havven is a representative money system that seeks to achieve cryptocurrency price stability with respect to an external asset.

It presents a concept where investors will enjoy all the benefits of cryptocurrency, without the underlying idea that they are still using an underlying centralized fiat currency. It employs a dual token solution that composed of a stabilized exchange token and the reserved token which backs it.

Havven (HAV) Analysis

What is Havven (HAV) all about?

Cryptocurrencies such as Quasar, CorCom, Storiqa, Dragon Coin, Fabric Token, Requitix, Joinwell are clearly a far better form of money but the adoption has been hindered by the volatility. The stability of the cryptocurrencies continues to be one of the most valuable yet elusive characteristics.

A Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is designed for price stability. This cryptocurrency should ideally be as effective for making payments as Gold or fiat currencies like the US dollar. It retains the desirable characteristics of Bitcoin, namely decentralization, transaction immutability, and censorship resistance.


Havven have developed a novel way for Stablecoin to systematically generate a store of value itself by effectively using fees within the transaction flow. This platform creates tangible collateral that will be used for offsetting fluctuations.

What Havven (HAV) aim to be?

Bitcoin lacks a mechanism for dynamically adjusting to the changing demand due to its fixed monetary policies that protect Bitcoin from devaluation and debasement but creates a potential for short-run volatility. The most popular cryptocurrency thus tend to be a poor medium of exchange and an even worse unit.

Cryptocurrencies need to achieve the price stability and reliability to gain widespread success and adaption around the world.  With popular cryptocurrencies, the investors do not have price stability and reliability. In the world of cryptocurrencies, anything can happen depending on the sell or buy action by holders of coins.

At present, people cannot trust the value of the traditional cryptocurrencies such as Hamster, Crowd Genie, LALA World, PocketInns, Perkscoin enough to accept and hold them with complete certainty the way they can do with Fiat currencies like US dollar or Euro.

With this in mind, one Australian cryptocurrency start-up company have come up with a Havven marketplace that offers both a decentralized tradable ICO token and a decentralized backing asset.

Why is Havven (HAV) a good project?

Users requiring price stability transact using Nomin tokens, which is the stabilized exchange token of this platform. This token is effectively backed by its own reserve token that is known as Havven.

1 – Fees are charged for a transaction that occurs on this platform by users who require price stability.

2 – The fees are distributed to the pool of nomin token holders.

3 – The value of the core asset backing the nomin token increases as the number of transactions increases on the platform.

4 – The fees are spread among the pool of HAV token holders thereby rewarding those who hold the token. An automatic 80% “escrow of HAV” buffer is created into the platform for avoiding a scenario where the tokens are rapidly sold off.

5 – It will prevent wild volatility of this HAV tokens. It is impossible for one large stakeholder to crash the entire market value of cryptocurrency by selling his digital assets at once.

6 – The platform rewards those who actively participate in maintaining the stability of the system. HV system charges those who benefit from its utility.

7 – The rewards are proportionally applied to the active management of the supply of the exchange token.

8 – HAV created a user-friendly and marketplace that generates cash flows for participants.


How is Havven (HAV) different and better than other solution?

HAV aims to remove the problems of custodianship by enabling a novel form of representative money in which there is no requirement for a physical asset. It provides a stable currency for use and generates cash for participants who actively participate in maintaining the stability of the system.

It is important for the company to reward those who believe in the long-term success of the Havven marketplace. The marketplace will offer discounts to users who elect to escrow their HAV tokens for a fixed period of time.

The escrowed HAV tokens will receive fees by automatically issue nomins tokens. Participants will be able to select a mixture of escrow periods. For example, users might select to escrow 50% of their HAV tokens for 18 months and the rest of the 50% tokens issued immediately after the end of the token sale. This approach will yield the users a discount of 10% across all his tokens.

Havven (HAV) Token Price and Token Sale

The sale of HAV tokens will run from 28th February to the 6th of March 2018. Buyers who show interest in purchasing the token before 31st January will secure a discount of 30% on the sale price.  HAV tokens purchased during the sale will be subject to a 12th-month lock-up period with quarterly vesting.

The goal for the token sale is to establish the havven pool value and to ensure a fair distribution. $30m USD hard cap on the sale of the token will be applied for the ensuring the initial pool value is significant but still has sufficient room to grow as the Havven network matures.


Distribution of Tokens

The supply of HAV tokens for this project will be 100,000, 000.

  • 60,000,000 Havven tokens will be issued to the users during the token sale.
  • The core members and advisors of the team will be allocated 20,000,000 HAV tokens.
  • 3,000,000 tokens will be allocated for bounties and marketing incentives.
  • 5,000,000 tokens will be allocated as partnership incentives.
  • The foundation will be allocated 12,000,000 tokens for managing the on-going governance of Havven.

Team behind Havven (HAV)

Kain Warwick built the largest cryptocurrency payment platform in Australia before launching Havven. Justin Moses is the chief technical officer (CTO) of the project.

Summarizing Havven (HAV)

The capitalization of the HAV token in the market reflects aggregate value of the system and the reserve that backs the stablecoin. The price of stablecoin can be used for making payments as fiat currency such as US dollar. It means relatively stable. The system should also encourage some adequate level of liquidity for nomins for acting as a useful medium of exchange.

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