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ICO HeadStart (MOAT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

ICOs are gaining a lot of momentum because they’re based on the revolutionary blockchain tech. However, the real challenge is for an investor who wants to buy these tokens but is uncertain about their future. Right now, the crypto-trading world is going crazy because it has a boatload of ICO campaigns with some really big promises. Which is why, it’s becoming more and more difficult to tell a trapdoor from a ladder. All in all, it’s a dilemma that should be solved by making ICO investments more profitable. And that’s precisely what’s done by ICO HeadStart.

You can think of ICO HeadStart as a fundraising platform that’ll be committed to curating some of the most promising ICOs. In general, this platform will run due diligence on the upcoming ICOs. With that, the users of the platform will have the assurance that the offerings of an ICO are legitimate and stable. So the project is worth considering—that’s why we, through this post, will review this crypto project to let you know whether it’s really worth your money and time. Let’s get started.

Headstart Intro

ICO HeadStart analysis

ICO HeadStart is quite promising as it’s based on some of the safest and most robust protocols. So any ICO project that’s planning to receive accreditation from this platform must have to comply with these rules—and that’s tough. The network is designed to screen the proposals quite carefully so that it picks only the best of the bunch.

Once the compliance work and the screening processes are finished, the chosen ICOs will be given to the community’s members who may approve them. Yes, the members will be given their own voting rights. Considering everything, the community members will be the final decision-makers here. Once everything’s said and done, the community finally provides its own Seal of Approval to the approved ICOs.

The system is even built to be aware of every single issue—scams and whatnots—happening in the ICO landscape. Because of this, the ecosystem will create a stable environment that’ll help businesses find the most creative and cost-effective solutions to these issues.

Fraud is quite common in ICOs these days; that’s because so many false promises are made every day to the probable investors. Sometimes, the ICOs share the info that may be either inaccurate or a complete lie. And ICO HeadStart plans to change that as well by using sophisticated security technologies.

The team members working on this project completely believe that the entire crypto community is everything, and that’s why it should be given the best of the available ICOs. And it’s because of the team’s zeal that the platform is pushing forward to exciting new places.

As more and more people are getting interested in ICOs and need a way to judge the credibility of different token campaigns, the platform will be set to deliver the needed solution. Put simply, if this project meets its milestones and does everything according to its plan, it’ll definitely deliver a lot more than any other crypto project present on the ICO list.

In the coming section, let’s see the different factors that make this project truly innovative.

ICO HeadStart innovation

The concept on which ICO HeadStart is built is quite novel—the vision behind this project is to give the entire crypto community the most promising and safest ICOs available on the market today. According to the project’s developers, it’s supposed to be the sturdiest platform that’ll let the creators and backers of many ICOs get benefited. Because of its crystal-clear concept, this crypto project is counted among the top ICOs including EtherJack, Global Spy, Darico, Bountie, Fintechbit, BunnyToken, ShopIn, Phoneum.

An In-house compliance department

ICO HeadStart’s most integral part is present within the compliance department. While ensuring that the creators are developing their projects as intended, the ecosystem follows some really strict codes of conduct that’ll include managing every project in the most responsible manner. While controlling the creation of different ICO projects, the department does its best to make sure every campaign rolling out on the platform will have minimized legal, organization, and social risks.

Likewise, the platform is super strict when it comes to testing and certifying ICO proposals. While the proposals are screened, the first-ever protocol will determine the project’s basic data and idea. After that, there’s a whole new protocol developed to analyze all the people who’re involved in the project. Once all that is done, the platform has some tested processes in place to make sure that the project’s legal aspects are thoroughly checked. For analyzing the legality of every ICO involved, the ICO ecosystem has enrolled a number of reputable and experienced law firms. Once the compliance work is finished, the proposal is sent for securing the Seal of Approval.

Headstart Selection

ICO HeadStart’s Seal of Approval

The platform has its native Seal of Approval program that’ll include the criteria that must be fulfilled by every ICO so that it becomes investable and promising. Once the project gets the approval by the community, it’ll be listed on the platform. As part of the Seal of Approval program, the members of the community will gain access to an ICO’s compete Scorecard Analysis. (This analysis is done by the Compliance Department to analyze exactly how much MOAT a project will be willing to accept. The ICO HeadStart community is positive about every single MOAT–favored project.)

With the help of this analysis alone, the community members can make the most informed decision regarding an ICO campaign. Now, once the members give the green light to an ICO, it’ll get listed on ICO HeadStart’s portal so that everyone can rest assured about the project’s economic feasibility.

Gain access the safest ICO proposals

As we’ve mentioned before, there’s a complete compliance department in ICO HeadStart that’ll verify every single ICO proposal it’s receiving. Because of the presence of such an end-to-end department, the community members can expect to receive the best ICO proposals.

However, for maintaining the authenticity of every single ICO proposal present on the platform, ICO HeadStart will have to maintain a suitable, sustainable environment. With the help of such a robust environment, any challenges of scams or frauds or inaccurate information happening within the listed ICOs will be detected and addressed then and there.

Using the crowd’s wisdom

ICO HeadStart completely believes that its community is its biggest strength. That’s precisely why as and when the compliance department finishes its job, the community screens every single ICO proposal that it receives from the department. The community is responsible for approving a number of ICO proposals, and it includes a lot of people who have the power to accept or reject an ICO campaign.

The community does that because its members have got well-defined voting power. All in all, the platform’s native community will create the funding capital, will execute the existing structure, and will democratically expand the access to every member. As a lot of members will join ICO HeadStart’s ecosystem, the process of approving or disapproving an ICO will become completely democratic in the coming time.

Creating an Iconomy

Whenever you’ll join ICO HeadStart platform, you’ll easily get benefitted from multiple features that the native crypto tokens will provide. These native tokens are what exactly power the entire Iconomy—the underlying force empowering ICO HeadStart. By having a few of these native tokens, every member can manage the risks associated with her or his crypto investments.

Additionally, the compliance department present within the ecosystem will play a very important role in creating new ICO projects. The department will play the role by following a very strict code of conduct when it comes to managing security. In simple words, this department present within the ecosystem will manage every single project quite responsibility while avoiding all the possible varieties of the risks.

ICO HeadStart ICO Details

The platform and its holding company can both be benefited from the native crypto tokens—MOAT. The term MOAT is an abbreviation that’s expanded as Mother Of All Tokens. These tokens are designed to empower the whole iconomy. Also, every owner of MOATs will be taken care by some of the finest and sturdy risk management processes online. Not only that, every single department that’s playing a vital role in the project will be given some tokens for streamlining the overall risk management.

MOAT, the native crypto token, is an ETH–based utility token that closely follows the ERC–20 standard. The reason why the platform’s token is named as MOAT is that its value is directly linked with all the profits earned by the projects that are funded on the platform. Later on, every holder of the MOATs will be able to trade their tokens on different exchanges.

Headstart Discounts

ICO HeadStart Important Facts

  • Ticker: MOAT
  • Crowdsale details: From March 26, 2018, to April 25, 2018
  • Price: 1 Ether coin = 38,000 MOAT
  • Total token supply: 10,000,000,000 MOAT
  • Bonus: Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepted currency: Ether and Bitcoin
  • Soft cap: 33,500 Ether coins
  • Hard cap: 180,000 Ether coins
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Restricted areas: USA

A one-of-its-kind bounty program

Since we’re talking about MOATs and ICO HeadStart’s crowdsale, we have to mention about the team’s unique bounty program. By being part this program, the members will truly take the advantage of the ICO sale. Every member who’s thinking to join this ICO crowdsale will be allowed to register on the platform for free; once the members are registered, they’ll be given their respective ICO HeadStart accounts—in the accounts, they’ll find their own unique bounty links. The registered members can share their links with their friends, family, and other blockchain enthusiasts.

Now, the members will receive a hefty 15-percent bounty bonus if there are any contributions made to the ICO sale from that unique link they’ve shared. So, for example, if your friends buy 1,000 MOATs through the unique link that you’ve shared with them, you too will be getting your 150 MOATs as a clear bounty bonus. Just imagine about all the amazing rewards that the program will offer to all its members. Well, now, it’s time to look at the token’s proceeds—what’ll actually happen to the raised funds.

Through your personalized Web Office, you’ll easily keep track of all of your referrals who’ve actually used your unique link to buy a MOAT or MOATs. While the ICO phase is underway, you’ll immediately get the bonus tokens whenever your referral buys some MOATs through that unique link.

Token proceeds

All the tokens that’ll be raised during the ICO campaign will be divided in the following way.

  • Operations: 30%
  • Research & development: 22.5%
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Legal: 10%
  • Funding upcoming projects: 10%
  • Early users: 5%
  • Contingency: 2.5%

Thanks to a well-defined fund allocation process, ICO HeadStart is all set to make sure that the ICO community and its underlying Iconomy will never get corrupted by a scam.

ICO HeadStart team

Pick any crypto project—Fintechbit, PumaPay, Alttex, THEFANDOME, TokenLend, Omnitude, Ternio, Dentix—and you’ll see that it’s supported by a visionary team. Well, the team that’s working on ICO HeadStart isn’t any different. The teammates behind the project include serial entrepreneurs, fintech experts, thought leaders, and financial advisors who have an exceptional track record in business compliance and evaluation. Together, the team members thoroughly understand the legislation across the world. The team is working hard to ensure that the project is up and running by the promised deadline.

Summarizing ICO HeadStart

After analyzing the finer details, this network is looking to be quite promising. Especially, The Seal of Approval program of this crypto project is raising its value by quite a wide margin. Further, the holding company behind the project has followed some of the highest standards that have made this ICO sale transparent and trusted. Plus, the holding company’s administration is regularly hammering out some improvements to make ICO HeadStart notable in every possible way. So once everything’s said and done, the project looks pretty investible—however, as always, you need to visit the website and run your due diligence before joining the sale.


  • Nawid Habib
    Nawid Habib
    Nawid Habib
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Aleksandar Martinović
    Aleksandar Martinović
    Aleksandar Martinović
    Founder & Chief Technical Officer
  • Martin Bylsma
    Martin Bylsma
    Martin Bylsma
    Chief Operational Officer
  • Vesna Radovanović
    Vesna Radovanović
    Vesna Radovanović
    Project Manager
  • Clyde Tjauw Foe
    Clyde Tjauw Foe
    Clyde Tjauw Foe
  • Dirk Scheringa
    Dirk Scheringa
    Dirk Scheringa
  • Marjan Oudeman
    Marjan Oudeman
    Marjan Oudeman
  • Oliver Isaacs
    Oliver Isaacs
    Oliver Isaacs


  • 1
    2nd half
    Global ICO Market Analysis
    Business Plan Development
  • 2
    1st half
    Platform Development
  • 3
    July / August
    Seed Funds Received
    Smart Contract Development
    Operational Team Development
  • 4
    Videos and Other Supporting Media
  • 5
    Smart Contract Audit
    White Paper
  • 6
    30 Days Countdown
    Events and Media
  • 7
    8th of December
    12 Days PRE-ICO
  • 8
    January / February
    Developing Website Processes
    Developing Web Office Processes/Functions
    Further Establishment Strategic Partners
  • 9
    Marketing Development
    Visual Content Development
    30 Days ICO (starting 26th of March 2018)
  • 10
    30 Days ICO (ends on 25th of April 2018)
    Launch ICO HeadStart™
    First Live Projects ICOnomy
  • 11
    End 1st half
    Goal: MOAT Listed on Multiple Exchanges
  • 12
    2nd half
    ICO Fundraising Events
    Development Creators and Backers
    Platform Tools Development – Compliance, Legal, Marketing
  • 13
    1st half
    Online ICO University
  • 14
    2nd half
    Mobile App Development
    More things to come...

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