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ILCOIN ICO Token Review – ICO Token News

Over the span of 8 years, Bitcoin has won a significant market share. But, what is that buzz about ILCOIN? They say, it is an alternative to Bitcoin, brainstormed by ILGamos.

In and out of ILCOIN

ILGamos mines ILCOIN. It is a fresh online start-up company, which thought there must be an alternative to Bitcoin. So, they got into building and developing virtual currencies to be used globally, based upon community and world economic system. The battle is up against Bitcoin, which quite clearly requires experience, innovation and involvement of tech-savvy planning. ILGamos is tending to attain improvement by assuring extensive programming knowledge for each of their representatives.

What’s that make ILCOIN a considerable coin –

  • It can be saved safely to online wallet, developed for Cloud, OSX, Android and PC. ILCs can also be transferred almost at no cost and without involving any third party such as banks.
  • The ILCs users are allowed to monitor each of their transactions via block explorer.
  • There was a high need for conventional banking system to be changed and with the advent of ILCOIN, the thought converted into reality. Managing up to 5.9 million transactions per second, ILCoin is powered by SHA-256 encryption technology, which further makes it a Smart Contract.

Does ILCoin still prove to be a better asset-class than Bitcoin? 

  • Excellent market timing – Become a partner at the very beginning and rewarded on promoting it worldwide.
  • Better profit stance – Mining costs and early stage mining difficulties are relatively lower.
  • Almost unhackable – Being encrypted and schemed by SHA-256 proof-of-work technology, ILCoin gets less vulnerable to hacking and cracking.
  • Using it is easier and more extensive – here’s how – Total 2.5 billion ILCoins are scheduled to mined and circulated, whereas Bitcoin is still holding the title of a scarce-asset.
  • More efficacious price management – As mining and distribution are under a professional and well-timed control of ILGamos, users are going to face less complexity while checking on the market price of ILCoins.
  • Massive gains – Being ILGamos partners as miners, you benefit huge from trading and on the increment of coin price.

Their ICO for 2017 is also ON

Note that, to buy ILCOIN, you can use only Bitcoin and Ethereum. So far, their investors for ICO 2017 count 752 and total 104,826.26 tokens are to be sold.

Here goes the breakdown of ILCOIN Tokens

  • Small Token = 100 EUR and 15% bonus.
  • Medium Token = 500 EUR and 20% bonus
  • Large Token = 1000 EUR and 25% bonus
  • Extra Large Token = 5000 EUR and 30% bonus
  • Extra Extra Large Token = 10, 000 EUR and 35% bonus
  • Extra Extra Extra Large Token = 25, 000 EUR and 40% bonus

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