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INSUREUM (ISR) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Insureum Protocol by Zikto


The Insureum Protocol is a new blockchain-based insurance ecosystem that seeks to connect insurers, their customers, and developers. It is designed to assist insurance companies in tailoring insurance policies to individual lifestyles to provide unique incentives for customers. Zikto’s vision is for the Insureum Protocol to create the conditions through which many new insurance products attractive to people under the age of forty are developed. Insurance companies are facing drastic changes to the state of the market and its fundamental structure. While other industries adopt and adapt to global digitization trends, the conservative insurance industry is losing ground. Their growth has slowed hand-in-hand with the market due to a rapidly aging population and the changing lifestyles of new generations. Meeting the needs and wants of younger demographics is extremely challenging because of a lack of data and poor capability to deeply analyze it. Globally, a number of insurers are already providing data and digital-driven healthcare services to their policyholders to reduce the cost from claims.  Within the Insurem protocol ecosystem, insurers, their policyholders and third party developers can exchange blockchain-based tokens called Insureum to buy and sell anonymized data. Insurers will receive the data they want and have the opportunity to develop totally new or even better types of insurance products, especially for usage-based insurance segmentation. Developers are incentivized to connect apps to the Insureum Protocol to receive Insureum, and policyholders are rewarded for sharing their anonymized data.

Sales and marketing

Insurers can leverage external sales agencies (GA; general agents), to pinpoint the target consumers. They can also work with GA in the Insureum Protocol and utilize an optimal commission scheme using the blockchain. With smart contracts, commissions can be automatically paid to the GA according to the number of products sold and the duration the product was activated for. GAs can access a targeted user pool based on big data analysis. Users can sell their lifecycle and insurance data to receive ISR as a reward, and use the ISR (or even fiat currency) to purchase custom usage-based digital insurance products. Users can also share insurance data starting in phase 2, including what type of insurance products they have and their duration of policy activation. With this data, insurers and GAs can effectively understand their target users by demographic or other metrics. This will help them optimize their sales process, from segmentation and customer targeting to actual sales and performance evaluation. The Insureum Protocol will provide required data analysis so insurers and GAs can leverage the full potential of the data.

Insurers can optimize their internal salesforce by having two separate and easily-assessable sales channels: internal salesforce and GAs. Their internal salesforce can utilize the protocol’s user pool to reach their optimal target market and analyze sales performance, which will help improve their overall sales efficiency. Also the insurers can efficiently expand their target market by collaboration with the GAs. This process will reward GAs who successfully deliver on their contract with the end user. Distribution is one of the key factors to successfully launch an insurance product, and Insureum rewards GAs in the same manner it works in the real world. At this point, users will pay their insurance premiums, and pre-defined portions will be transferred to the GA as per commission schemes when certain conditions are met.

Claim management

Insurers and inspectors can also automate the claim management processes. Users can also easily provide data and receive insurance benefits by using the automated service. Insurers can receive validated data from inspectors collected from IoT and digital devices. It is then used to manage claims requested by the users. Once validated, the smart contract can automatically pay policyholders using ISR. Fraud risks and transaction and contracting costs are minimized with blockchain and smart contracts. Whenever a policyholder files a claim, the smart contract will automatically initiate and check if the conditions are met. If they are, users will be instantly paid and the platform provider will also be rewarded for facilitating the data and Insureum exchange. However, there may be cases when inspectors are required. Peer evaluation or even a professional inspector can also add value to the network, and they will be rewarded for their efforts. And even in cases where a human inspector is required, the whole messy process of underwriting is cleaned up by keeping data neat and tidy on the blockchain. The decisionmaking process becomes much more time and energy-efficient, resulting in dramatic financial savings for insurers and speedier claim filing for policyholders.


InsureTech is one of the hottest areas in the insurance industry and is a feasible solution to digitize the industry. As the attractiveness and room for disruption of the industry is huge due to the large market size and relatively low degree of digitization, many InsureTechs have evolved to disrupt the industry.

Insureum Tokens

The Insureum token is a tool used by nodes / participants to access the value chain and create disruptive insurance products. Consumers can pay their premiums with cryptocurrency at any insurance company. Insureum will employ a digital token to manage incentives and payments for all nodes across the insurance industry value chain. This ICO token will be an integral part of the economy concerning data sharing, validation, rewards, and payment for product development on the Insureum protocol. Nodes and participants will be rewarded each time their data is used for analytics purposes or when revenue is generated by insurance product sales from the insurance companies. 65% of the tokens will be available to public investors. 15% will be allocated to the ISR team & advisors, and 15% will be reserved. The remaining 5% will be allocated to the foundation & strategic partners to maximize the impact of our token sales event.  To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.



  • Ted Kim
    Ted Kim
    Ted Kim
    Co-founder, CTO & Co-CEO
  • David Suh
    David Suh
    David Suh
    Co-founder, CFO & co-CEO
  • Thomas  Choi
    Thomas  Choi
    Thomas Choi
    Lead blockchain developer
  • Ziggy Bak
    Ziggy Bak
    Ziggy Bak
    Growth hacking Director
  • Jay Kim
    Jay Kim
    Jay Kim
    Senior Developer
  • Andrew  Seo
    Andrew  Seo
    Andrew Seo
    Sales Director
  • Michael Ahn
    Michael Ahn
    Michael Ahn
    Marketing Manager
  • Peter Han
    Peter Han
    Peter Han
    Junior blockchain developer
  • Newt Choi
    Newt Choi
    Newt Choi
    Customer service Manager
  • Donna  Lee
    Donna  Lee
    Donna Lee
    Financial Administrator


  • 1
    2017. 4. 1 – Launch of ‘The Challenge’ (Integrated step count platform for wearable devices and
    2017. 5. 1 – Operation of blockchain-related pilot project with SK Telecom, CoinPlug, Daily
    Intelligence (ICON)
    2017. 6. 1 – 5-year contract to provide step count data to KB Kookmin Card
    2017. 10. 16 – Completion of first draft of the white paper
  • 2
    2018. 5 - Public Token Sale
    2018. 3Q – Pilot test Insureum using ‘The Challenge’
    2018. 4Q – Deploy MVP for Insureum protocol interface to gather usage data globally
  • 3
    2019. 2Q – Launch Insureum Platform (phase 0) and implement strategies to gather main
    players (insurance companies, users, 3rd parties)
    2019. 4Q - Start Phase 1, focus marketing on DApp developers, distribute smart contract
  • 4
    2020 - Start Phase 2, focus marketing on sales agency (GA), develop optimal sales commission
    2020 3Q - Start Phase 3, focus marketing on inspectors, connect to IoT devices
  • 5
    2021 – Pilot test underwriting automation, start discussion on Insureum Protocol expansion

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