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Joint Ventures (JOINT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The internet is a huge phenomenon that’s reimagining the content landscape. As smart devices are becoming more affordable and access to the internet is simplifying, content creation will grow in new, exciting ways in the near future. Nevertheless, the content ecosystem is dominated by middlemen — that’s why there’s little transparency for this ecosystem’s audience including publishers, advertisers, and end users.

In a content network, the middlemen make a lot of money from advertisers and publishers. As a result, the publishers and advertisers raise the cost that ultimately pinches the content consumer. So, in a way, the middlemen enjoy a monopoly in the content monetization sector. This monopoly needs to end in order for quality content to be made affordable.

That’s where Joint Ventures, simply known as Joint, steps in.

Joint Ventures analysis 

The content economy that’s developed by Joint splits the revenue among all the network participants. This ecosystem’s operating principles are similar to those followed by Facebook and Google. That is, this network allows ads to be displayed on a publisher’s websites — but the primary difference lies in the platform’s business model that allows the commenters and publishers to receive maximum revenue. 

Joint Ventures

Joint will change the existing digital content landscape by creating a robust economy that rewards all the network participants — publishers, commenters, authors, moderators, and advertisers — while reducing third-party commissions. All in all, this will be more of a community-centric content economy that’ll have a transparent advertising revenue model. With such a revenue model in place, publishers will easily monitor all the real-time engagements with the content. The model will also help the advertisers get the most out of their budgets.

The ecosystem deploys blockchain technology to sustain network transparency. Additionally, the network will handle every operation to ensure an optimal ad-fill rate for its affiliated sites. The distinguishing feature of this network is that it’ll consume less than 1% of the whole advertising revenue for its operations; the rest will be distributed to other network participants.

Put simply, this network’s final goal is to develop a network-first content economy. 

Joint Ventures innovation

In today’s ICO landscape, innovation is what matters the most. Presently, the ICO list has many innovative crypto projects such as ODEM, Requitix, BunnyToken, TV-TWO, Signals — Joint Ventures is one of them because it puts innovation at the forefront.

Here are a few highlights that show this content economy’s commitment to innovation:

A content economy that’s based on the blockchain

  1. As a content economy, Joint goes beyond the existing revenue structure that’s followed by many online publishers.
  2. The team behind this platform aims to develop a solution where every single contribution made toward creating and promoting the content will be valued.
  3. At the same time, the platform will work towards developing fresh revenue streams for the publishers and their respective communities.
  4. To achieve all this, the ecosystem will rely on blockchains — the technology that’s disrupted many industries for the better.
  5. By adopting the blockchain technology (similar to Guardium, CryptoLoans, Ternio, BitCAD, Zupply), the economy will become secure and transparent. 

Joint Ventures roadmap

A rewarding commenting solution in the making 

  1. The commenters are important for promoting content on the internet.
  2. In the world of online publishing, the commenters actively join the discussion that spreads the content in unimaginable ways.
  3. Until now, there’ve been just a handful of platforms dedicated to rewarding the commenters for their crucial contributions and that’s unfair.
  4. The core development team claims that Joint is here to make a difference in this regard; it’ll actually have a commenting solution that will finally reward every network participant for bringing valuable contributions to the content present on the ecosystem.
  5. This solution will be based on an algorithm that will calculate every single commenter’s contribution.
  6. Then, the platform will split the rewards between commenters and publishers accordingly. 

A complete solution for publishers and advertisers 

  1. One other addition to the evolving ecosystem will be a sub-network that’ll put both advertisers and publishers on the same page.
  2. According to this sub-network, it’ll enable publishers to actually monetize the online content present in the commenting hubs.
  3. For all the advertisers, this ecosystem will allow them to pick their time periods for which the ad is visible; they’ll be allowed to choose the ad placement as well.
  4. Eventually, for streamlining the adspend of advertisers, the ecosystem will have a built-in ad exchange.
  5. Once such an exchange is operational, advertising management will be simplified. 

Joint Ventures ICO sale

The Joint token is the currency that will power this huge content economy. All the transactions happening in this end-to-end content ecosystem will be done through these tokens. For instance, the advertisers of the ecosystem will need these tokens to run their ads and to participate in the bidding process.

Joint Ventures sale

On the other hand, there are publishers who will receive payouts as Joint tokens. In the future, there are concrete plans to list the token in a number of token exchanges. Furthermore, the development team plans to integrate several third-party token exchange services within the ecosystem; this will facilitate instantly swapping the tokens with other cryptocurrencies. 

Other ICO details 

  • Ticker: JOINT
  • Hard cap: 12,500 ETH
  • Sale date: April 7, 2018
  • Token sale period: 30 days

The team behind Joint Ventures 

The team that’s backing Joint has a very rich history of delivering successful projects in the adtech space. The teammates’ experience in the online advertising sector has simply allowed them to tackle all the challenges that are faced by both advertisers and publishers. The company behind this ecosystem is registered in Turkey. 

Summarizing Joint Ventures

The goal of this content economy  is to provide an end-to-end ecosystem that’ll evolve with the community’s needs. The platform’s team believes that if the ecosystem solves every real-world issue faced by content consumers, advertisers, publishers, and other network participants, it’ll improve its user base. The approach followed by this ecosystem isn’t entirely new, but its implementation plans and roadmap are innovative in every sense of the word. In the near future, this platform looks to gain mass acceptance.

So, if all this encourages you to invest your money in this ICO, go ahead — however, before making a final decision visit their site for more information.


  • Ahmet ARSLAN
    Ahmet ARSLAN
    Ahmet ARSLAN
    (Founder, CEO) - Prior to Joint Ventures, Ahmet has been working in the adtech industry for the last 7 years.
    Ahmet is the founder of Turkey’s first programmatic adtech company ADNBOOST, which
    builds niche advertising solutions for leading media agencies and brands.
    (Founder, CTO) - Latif run a software company that delivered cloud based highly-scalable SaaS softwares. Before
    that, he worked for Sberbank's European banking software projects and R&D department of a
    high-tech speech software company.
    (Founder, Publisher Acquisition) - Zeki was the Director of Digital Media at BPN, leading publisher relations. He has extensive
    experience in the digital advertising industry, especially in managing relationships with
  • A. Cevdet SÜER
    A. Cevdet SÜER
    A. Cevdet SÜER
    (Founder, Management) - Prior to Joint Ventures, Cevdet launched several companies in Turkey and has an extensive
    background in finance.
  • Gülseren ARSLAN
    Gülseren ARSLAN
    Gülseren ARSLAN
    (Founder, Advertiser Acquisition) -
    Gulseren worked in global media agencies and managed multi-million dollars of budgets for
    global brands. Prior to Joint Ventures, she founded ADNBOOST with Cevdet and Ahmet.
  • Umut Can YURT
    Umut Can YURT
    Umut Can YURT
    (Head of Growth) - Umut has led a number of finance and cryptocurrency websites with monthly visitors
    numbering in the millions. Before Joint Ventures, he worked for as SEO & Content
    Manager and founded
    (Marketing Specialist) - Cem was the Manager of Digital Media at BPN and managed multi-million performance
    marketing budgets for leading brands in various industries.
  • Emre CEYLAN
    Emre CEYLAN
    Emre CEYLAN
    (Lead Developer) -
    Emre worked as an ERP Project Consultant for 5 years. Emre has extensive business experience
    working with a variety of systems and platforms.
  • Batuhan GÜNGÖR
    Batuhan GÜNGÖR
    Batuhan GÜNGÖR
    (Software Development Specialist) -
    Batuhan was lead developer of many ecommerce projects, and he worked for Accenture as
    Software Engineering Analyst. Batuhan also managed projects for a number of large insurance
    (Software Development Specialist) - Eyup is a talented electronic engineer and is focused on developing backend applications for the
    Joint platform.
  • Ali ÇAVDAR
    Ali ÇAVDAR
    Ali ÇAVDAR
    (Full Stack Developer) - Ali is a brilliant full-stack developer who loves exploring new technologies.


  • 1
    Joint Commenting System - Our Commenting System is a ready product, and we’ll start onboarding publishers immediately after the token sale.
  • 2
    The first group of publishers will join our platform in April 2018. We have done the background work to ensure the onboarding of popular publishers.
  • 3
    Finishing backend transformation into cloud-based microservices to handle growth.
  • 4
    We’ll release our WordPress plugin for testing and mass
    implementation. Our plan is to release a beta version and improve it per user feedback.
  • 5
    We’ll release our block explorer apps for listing reward-related transactions and contents.
  • 6
    By December 2018, we will launch our own mobile apps.
  • 7
    We’ll introduce another feature, Content Recommendations, which will show relevant content recommendations from the website accessed by commenters.
  • 8
    We’ll add a subscription option for commenters, allowing them to subscribe to exclusive content from our network.

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