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Joinwell (WELL) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Joinwell (WELL) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Well, Well Health or JoinWell promises to become the world’s first decentralized global marketplace for high-quality healthcare.

What is JoinWell ICO?

WELL, similar to many other blockchain based ICO’s, such as Jibrel Network, Hade, Opporty, Upline, Asteroid, Crycash, Quasar, BunnyToken,  is also one of the blockchain-powered decentralized healthcare platform. But it removes country borders and connect patients and healthcare specialists worldwide, while with the creation of Well tokens, the company aims to solve the world’s biggest healthcare issues, such as rampant cross-border payments, data accessibility and payment risk. The company has joined hands with the highest quality healthcare providers to make it possible and serve anyone, anywhere, anytime. The ICO countdown has already begun for this token.

Thus, by taking advantage of this healthcare platform, patients from all around globe will be able to communicate with healthcare anywhere. Well’s aim is to dissolve national boundaries and expose global access to the highest quality healthcare, by offering its service in multiple languages 24/7.

Though Well is already successfully established in California, maintaining the largest therapist network there, and already working with many leading medical organizations to connect patients to that network, with its migration to blockchain technology, the healthcare company intends to expand and spread its business internationally.


WELL Functions

If you are a patient, and want to access healthcare services, you will need to have Well tokens. Similarly, the healthcare service providers like specialist and doctors will need to have Well tokens if they want to communicate with patients worldwide.

Thus, whether you are a patient or doctor, you must have Well tokens to access each other.

Dissimilar to  other decentralized platforms, such as CrowdGenie, PerksCoin, PocketInns, Vimarket   Well in fact works as a decentralized global healthcare network and replace and disrupt traditional healthcare models by allowing hassle-free access for patients existing anywhere in the world to get remote diagnoses, second opinions, and preparation for in-person treatment from a curated group of the best medical professionals available worldwide.

The Well ecosystem is made of not just the doctors, specialists and patients, but it also includes other key members like charities, employers, borrowers, lenders, validators, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies loan companies, research institutions, insurance companies and translators.

Well has carried out more than 13,000 patient therapy visits while serving in excess of 1,600 patients. In 2016, the company managed to generate $800,000 in revenue. On the demand side, it is already working with Medicare, Century Pacific Medical, Optum, and myMatrixx, whereas on the supply side, it is working with thousands of healthcare professionals on the supply side.

Apart from standard WELL tokens, the company also has plans to offer a WELL charity token users can use to donate a visit. You make a purchase of a visit on the WELL platform, and then WELL will tally up the total number of visits carried out and start donating to its nonprofit partners on monthly basis with a view to covering the expense of allowing that number of visits. It is important to have knowledge of marketing trends of ICOs before investing. ICO marketing guide is very helpful to get the clear idea for it, also ICO events organized by their respective companies provides a very good overview of market aspects. If you are looking for more information on ICO then you can check ICO beginners guide.

Well platform can be accessed by using mobile apps on Android and iOS.



Well private pre-sale managed to raise $2 million USD, while its public or crowdsale is slated to start from February 25, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. PST. The public sale will continue to remain on until Well will have achieved the hard cap of $28mln Ether or Bitcoin or until May 15, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. PST. You can make minimum investment of $1,000, and if you wish to make more than $50,000 contribution, you need to contact at for further premium conditions ICO Ratings is also crucial as investors will get an overview and will be able to know about the best ICOs to invest. There are various companies which use airdrop strategy for promoting their ICOs.

The company has decided to develop around 1.5 billion Well tokens. During December 2017, Well tokens were priced at $0.05 per token, while for January 2018 public sale, WELL ICO tokens are priced at $0.06.

Well token distribution

The Well platform, like many prospective ICO tokens, such as crypterium, Volinex, LalaWorld generated around 1.5bln Well tokens, which will be distributed as follows:

1 – It will issue 40 percent of the tokens for the crowdsale, and burn the unsold amount of crowdsale tokens one week after the crowdsale.

2 – It reserved 40 percent for business and network developments, future financing requirements, and coin liquidity to offer support to timely access to healthcare network members.

3 – The company also plans to offer advisors programs and bounty with part of the reserved coins, not less than 5 percent.

4 – All unused tokens for special programs will return to the reserve.

5 – Further, the company has reserved 20 percent for its team and project launch.

6 – Well does not allow team to liquidate Well tokens at a rate of less than 25 percent of their position within the first calendar year.


Well Team

Well team consists of Ildar Fazulyanov, the founder and CEO. He is a serial entrepreneur having 20 years of extensive experience in healthcare, fintech, and venture capital. Before setting up Well, the Los Angeles-based entrepreneur also brought into existence Greener Ventures, LLC and operated the company from 2006 to 2015.

Well history

Well is the outcome of Ildar Fazulyanov’s own personal experience. The founder and CEO of the company thought of creating it when he himself met with a snowboarding accident that led him to immense frustration due to the inefficiencies of the healthcare system. Being frustrated with inefficient disorganized health system, Fazulyanov came up with Well in April 2015 with the sole aim of providing quality health services no matter where you are, and when you want it to avail of. The company, thus, promises to offer quality health services 24/7/365 days it globalizes healthcare and eliminates country borders by directly connecting doctors, psychologists, therapists, and other healthcare specialists with patients worldwide.

The company, today, has a list of partners like:

  • Century Pacific Medical, Inc.
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Medicare,
  • Medi-Cal,
  • Optum
  • Tricare,

Well ICO Conclusion

With the introduction of Well healthcare platform, the company wants to eliminate boundary barriers and reduce the long distance between doctors and patients by providing them with such a platform from where they can interact with each other.

Marketing influencers play a vital role in promoting ICOs. Marketing influencers are individuals who hold a grip on specifically targeted audiences and have huge followers and fans on their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels, as well as other social media accounts. To know about current trends of ICO, you can check ICO stats.

Built on Blockchain technology, Well’s primary aim is to connect the far-flung patients with healthcare service specialists worldwide. The company also offers its Well tokens services that patents can use to buy medical services and healthcare service providers can use to access the patients.

Well is certainly a unique concept, and if implemented as per the designed, it will surely create havoc not just in healthcare industry, but also in cryptocurrency world and enable investors to know how to invest in ICOs.

Well in Media

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Well in Social Media





  • Ildar Fazulyanov
    Ildar Fazulyanov
    Ildar Fazulyanov
    (Founder and CEO) - Ildar Fazulyanov is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, fintech and venture capital.
  • Alex Prokhorov
    Alex Prokhorov
    Alex Prokhorov
    (Co-Founder) - Alex is the managing partner and co-founder of Finsight Ventures, which focuses on fintech and enterprise software.
  • Dr. Matthew Lefferman
    Dr. Matthew Lefferman
    Dr. Matthew Lefferman
    (Clinical Director) - Dr. Lefferman is a pioneer of the Modern House Call, providing house calls by coordinating primary, ancillary and specialty treatments.
  • Nate Flake
    Nate Flake
    Nate Flake
    (Project Manager) - Nate is an experienced consultant who has worked with companies across many industries both in the US and internationally to implement software systems and best practices.
  • Josh Fonger
    Josh Fonger
    Josh Fonger
    (Process Architect) - Josh has implemented the Work the System methodology into businesses, helping smooth out operations and grow their profits.
  • Yetkin Timocin
    Yetkin Timocin
    Yetkin Timocin
    (Developer) - Yetkin was a lead software developer at, one of the largest online betting companies in Europe.
  • Istvan Csatari
    Istvan Csatari
    Istvan Csatari
    (PhD, Designer) - Istvan has over 10 years of experience working on multidisciplinary projects. Dr. Csatari has PhD and Master’s degrees in Environmental Science from University of Debrecen.
  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown
    Paul Brown
    (Investor and Advisor) - Mr. Paul Brown is consulting partner at Granite Growth Health Partners, co-founder of the $300M healthcare venture fund at Sandbox Industries, and a former VP of the national Blue Cross and Blue Shield organization.
  • Brian Hansen
    Brian Hansen
    Brian Hansen
    (SVP Emerging Businesses, - Mr. Hansen is responsible for managing, Fold3, ProGenealogists, Find a Grave, Memoriams, WeRemember, Archives, and Ancestry's institutional products.
  • Harry Nelson
    Harry Nelson
    Harry Nelson
    (Healthcare Legal Advisor) - Harry Nelson is the Founding and Managing Partner of Nelson Hardiman, a leading California healthcare regulatory law firm.


  • 1
    Ildar, Founder, re-breaks his leg, WELL platform software design begins
  • 2
    Well, Inc. is incorporated in Delaware
  • 3
    WELL platform is launched, first customers and revenue
  • 4
    Release of WELL platform on a limited trial
  • 5
    WELL trademark is approved by United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • 6
    WELL successfully sells out $3 Million in Private Pre-sale
  • 7
    Public Pre Sale
  • 8
    WELL telehealth platform release
  • 9
  • 10
    WELL telehealth platform deployed with self-insured employers and clinics in the US
  • 11
    WELL blockchain is released for testing in sandbox and bug testing bounty campaign
  • 12
    Release WELL blockchain platform for medical tourism, second opinion and charity
  • 13
    Partner with Government medical agency (example, Estonia's healthcare system).
  • 14
    Launch of blockchain group buying plan. Work on WELL Health Savings Account in the US
  • 15
    WELL blockchain integrated with all major insurance providers in the US
  • 16
    WELL country partnerships formed for Japan, Korea, and China
  • 17
    Goal: 1 Million visits conducted on WELL blockchain per month
  • 18
    Continued worldwide integration with insurance and governmental healthcare systems

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