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Jolyy (JOY) ICO Review – ICO Token News

More than $500 billion revenue is generated per year by the beauty market around the world.   The beauty sector is still in the 21th century with most businesses using pen, telephone, paper and pen for organizing their clients and schedules while many other businesses are totally digitalized.

The inefficiencies are already generating losses in this sector. Already existing platforms in beauty sector are imposing a high commission of 20% for each reservation. It is highly expensive and unrealistic commission that couldn’t be rationalized.

JOLYY is proposing smart solutions by using blockchain technology that will systematically digitalize the beauty sector.

JOLYY (JOY) Analysis

What is JOLYY (JOY) all about?  

JOLYY has been operating an online beauty booking platform. This centralized platform will be upgraded using blockchain technology and smart contacts. The primary aim of this platform is to solve significant problems such as unreliability, high commissions, and lack of efficiency present in traditional platform.

Moreover, this platform will also introduce cryptocurrencies in the beauty sector. It will also introduce the benefits of cryptocurrencies over the traditional ways of digital payment. The core development behind this project believes that they can provide the beauty market with a secure, efficient and trustworthy platform. It will be beneficial for all parties-from their clients to industry representatives.

Jolyy Intro

JOLYY  Features:

  1. This platform is equipped with search filter that allows users to search beauty services by location, name, category, date and time of availability, and names of specialists and used beauty products.
  2. This platform provides the users with email notification system.
  3. E-wallet system is offered to the users with no additional charge. This E-wallet can be used for storage and trading of different types of cryptocurrency.
  4. For improved security of this platform, SMS verification system will be used on the first digital payment of the user.
  5. Secure and effective online payment
  6. Clients/businesses/admins are three types of user profiles on this decentralized platform.
  7. Users will be able to choose and book a beauty service on a specific time and date due to advanced booking system on this platform.
  8. Advanced booking system of this blockchain technology allows users to select which staff member will perform the beauty service.
  9. Extensive and easy to understand financial analytics.
  10. Online schedule on this platform for business owners shows all reservation made by the clients.

JOLYY ecosystem

Three different solutions provided by this platform to significantly solve the problems such as high commission, unreliability, and lack of efficiency.

1 – JOLYY Store

The decentralized store will not only connect customers with their favorite beauty experts but they will seek to be the first blockchain platform that will systematically connect cosmetic companies and beauty experts around the world. The primary aim of this core development team associated with this project is to develop a transparent and specialised marketplace for beauty industry.

2 – JOLYY live

A social network will be developed by the team behind this project. It will be a place where salon owners will be able to upload pictures of their product and they can also add comments about what they have done in their salons with their products on daily. In addition, clients will be able to like posts related to their interests, make comments, and follow cosmetic manufacturers & salon owners.

3 – JOLYY Booking

The booking solution provided by this platform will be able to solve current market issues such as payment delay problems, high commissions (20%), presence of complicated applications for schedule management, and accurate feedback reports.

  Benefits of this platform for Salon Managers

  1. Salon managers around the world will have full access to the information concerning their rating on this decentralized platform.
  2. They will be able to compare themselves with the competition due to full transparency of the cutting-edge blockchain technology.
  3. Salon managers have the opportunity to post on this platform, live promoting themselves, getting feedback from customers by effectively communicating with them.
  4. They will be able to arrange their cosmetics deliveries in a fully automated, easy, cashless and deferred payment arrangement through smart contracts that are built on blockchain technology.
  5. They will be able to receive a feasible product, which will systematically and efficiently digitalize their schedule. It will be save time of the salon managers and eventually reduce costs.
  6. They will be able to receive online payments instantly from their clients by using blockchain technology.
  7. Finally, they will be able to pay much less for the whole service.

Jolyy Token Usage

Beauty manufacturers will get benefits

  1. Beauty manufacturers get a direct marketing channel for reaching thousands of salon managers that they will be able to filter through various criteria of their choice by price range, city and by country.
  2. With 0% wrong audience reach, they will be able to directly promote their cosmetic products to beauty experts.
  3. They will be able to arrange their cosmetics deliveries in a cashless payment arrangement via a smart contract that will save beauty manufacturers money and time.

Why clients will use JOLYY platform for scheduling their online beauty procedures?

  1. This decentralized platform is considered as one-stop shop for all beauty services and salon nearby.
  2. The clients will be able to book their beauty appointment 24/7.
  3. They will have the opportunity for paying in cryptocurrency.
  4. Clients will receive JOY token in their cryptocurrency wallet as a reward for active participation.
  5. They will receive rewards to add new beauty salons, recommending to new customers and salons, and writing reviews.
  6. Clients will be able to easily convert JOY tokens into cash or services. In addition, they will be able to sell JOY tokens to advertisers and e-commerce product vendors on the platform.

What JOLYY (JOY) aim to be?

The primary aim of this project is to provide a creative and effective beauty product/service booking platform build on the cutting-edge blockchain technology, for disrupting the existing market for online beauty product/service booking.

Goals of JOLYY project

  1. Ensure hassle-free management of vendor reservation, page, and schedules by business owners.
  2. Develop a user-friendly interface and simple design that systematically fit into the scope of the platform and takes into account the target audience.
  3. Develop great user experience in order to ensure an easy process of discovering, reserving and purchasing beauty services.
  4. Develop and design a functionality base that effectively meets the expectations of businesses, target audiences, and clients.

What problem is JOLYY (JOY) solving?

Payment delay problems

Significant delay in payment was reported with the traditional online platforms that are used for rendering beauty services.

High commission

Traditional platforms charges staggering 20% commission for rendering beauty services to their clients.

Complicated mobile applications for schedule management

The traditional apps used for schedule management are highly complicated and most of the beauty experts or professionals find it difficult to use these apps to get desired results. The problem of complicated apps for schedule management has caused significant losses of revenue.

Lack of accurate Feedback reports

If someone has booked their beauty services, the existing online platform will eventually inform their customers. In the traditional online platform, the beauty experts are left in the dark about important things such as number of clients who have looked at their profile on the platform.

In addition, they are also kept in the dark about number of searches carried out for their beauty services, and number of reservations for a specific type of beauty services made through the decentralized platform. Lack of accurate feedback prevents beauty expert from making an informed decision that could affect their business seriously.

Fewer women are present in the world of cryptocurrency

Women using cryptocurrency are still a minority despite a growing number of initiatives. More than 90% of cryptocurrency users around the world are male according to surveys. The huge dominance of the male in the field of cryptocurrency makes a wider adoption a problem.

It is essential to make cryptocurrencies around the world comprehensible for non-technical people are crucial in order to pave the way for complete adoption of cryptocurrency. The beauty industry is dominated by women. More than 90% of the end users in the business of beauty sector are women.

The platform will inevitably introduce more women to the cryptocurrency world and be their first point of contact with cryptocurrencies.

Why JOLYY (JOY) is a good project?

Beside this ICO, there many other ICOs which are running in parallel across the crypto world, each one having their own specific ICO services. The main reasons for choosing this ICO campaign by investors are its good ICO rating. If you are still in dilemma and unable to select which ICO is best to invest, then click best ICO’s to invest in. Some of the benefits of this project as compared to traditional beauty booking platforms are mentioned below.

1 – Instant payments

The JOY token of this platform allows instant P-2-P payments from customers to beauty experts or beauty experts to cosmetics merchants and advisors.

2 – Low rate of commission

Instead of 20% charged by traditional platform, JOLYY only charges 1% commission from its users. In addition, the decentralized platform will be free of any charges for the first year.

3 – User-Friendly mobile application

Other beauty service providing platform does not offer an easy way for filling up the schedule with the offline booking. 3-step model are introduced by JOLYY to book available hours by the beauty experts.

4 – JOLYY Live

This platform is one of the first blockchain-based projects in the beauty sector to offer a social platform. JOLYY Live will be the place where beauty experts around the world will share their works. Moreover, this social platform is a place where clients will get what is trending and follow their favorite beauticians.

5 – JOLYY Store

This platform will not only connect customers and beauty experts, but they seek to be first platform that also systematically connects cosmetics and beauty experts producing companies.

The platform will affiliate the brands for offering and selling through smart contracts their beauty products directly to the beauty salons by development of the database of vendors and implementation of JOLYY store.

6 – 360 Degree Advertising

JOY tokens will be used for payment within JOLYY ecosystem for availing advertisement services. The token owners will pay fixed exclusive price of advertisement on the platform website.

JOY Token Price and Token Sale

JOY tokens will be used as a payment method for availing different types of services in this platform. Just like many other ICO tokens such as Iagon, Bunnytoken, SmartO, the JOY token will be built on ERC-20 standards and using Ethereum blockchain technology. JOLYY ICO project has lots of potentialities for crypto enthusiasts. If you are a new crypto investor, you can click how to invest in ICOs to know more. In case, you own an ICO but are unable to find the best influencer marketing tactics for your ICO then don’t forget clicking and visiting influencer marketing ICOs.

Jolyy Token Allocation

JOY ICO details:

  • Token name: JOY
  • Token sale hard cap: 7,000,000 USD
  • Token for sale : 350,000,000 JOY
  • Token supply: 700,000,000 JOY
  • Accepting cryptocurrencies: ETH
  • Restricted countries: China and United States of America
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): Yes
  • Whitelist: Yes

Allocation of JOY token

  • 50% of the JOY tokens will be issued for sale during the pre-ICO and ICO.
  • 30% of the JOY tokens will be issued for community and reward system.
  • 15% of the JOY tokens will be issued as company reserve for future development of the project.
  • 5% of the JOY tokens will be reserved for advisors and strategic partners of the ICO

Distribution of funds

The funds collected during the pre-ICO and ICO sale will be distributed in such a manner that it guarantees the best performance of the allocated tasks set up the development team.

  • 60% of the funds collected during the token sale will be used for software development.
  • 20% of the funds will be used for promotion and marketing of the project.
  • 10% of the funds will be used for business development. It will be used in training vendors for working with the platform and gain traction.
  • 5% of the funds will be used for developing a solid legal framework for the platform.
  • 5% of the funds will be reserved for any unforeseen expenses and costs.

The people behind the ICO project should be reliable and experienced as per every respected ICO marketing guide. And same is the case with the team associated with this project. Just like other popular ICO tokens such as Moneto, Flux, Freezone, this project also depends on experienced developers.


Put simply, JOLYY is the future of online beauty booking platform which will be systematically upgraded using Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts—and that is why any ICO token investor should consider joining JOLYY’s ICO sale. This platform seeks to disrupt the existing beauty industry for online beauty booking by the purpose of providing highly effective and decentralized beauty booking platform which will benefits the clients, salon managers and beauty product manufacturers.


  • Julian Urdov
    Julian Urdov
    Julian Urdov
    (CFO) - Julian is a former Analysis & Forecasting expert at the Ministry of Finance of Bulgaria. In late 2016 he Co-founded JOLYY and is working on the project full time since then.
  • Zhaniel Genev
    Zhaniel Genev
    Zhaniel Genev
    (Lead Enginee) -
    Zhaniel holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews. He is a Technology Analyst with experience in Web Design and Development, Project Management using Scrum Agile Method and Client Interactions.
  • Diliyana Ivanova
    Diliyana Ivanova
    Diliyana Ivanova
    (CMO) - Dilyana started her career as an author, journalist and TV presenter. She spent the last 10 years working at Megachim AD and BNP Paribas’ marketing and sales divisions.
  • Ognian Genev
    Ognian Genev
    Ognian Genev
    (COO) - Ognian has master’s degree in Business administration. He is an ex-professional online poker player who at his later stage of his poker career decided it was time to do something more meaningful in life.
  • Petko Petkov
    Petko Petkov
    Petko Petkov
    (Full-Stack Developer) -
    Petko Petkov is a highly experienced full-stack developer dedicated to the development of the existing Jolyy platform from the very beginning.
  • Nuria Castellana
    Nuria Castellana
    Nuria Castellana
    (PR Specialist) -
    Nuria Castellana is a Psychologist who has a master degree in Human Resources Management of Barcelona's University. After 5 years of HR experience in multinacional companies, she has decided to continue her career growth by studying a MSc of Digital Currencies in Nicosia's University and participating in various projects related to the Blockchain technology.
  • Stoyan Nedin
    Stoyan Nedin
    Stoyan Nedin
    (Business Advisor) -
    Stoyan Nedin is founder and CEO of Nexpur, an innovative software development company which has backed Jolyy technologically so far.
  • Jason Hung
    Jason Hung
    Jason Hung
    (Blockchain Advisor) -
    Jason is an entrepreneur and inventor in mobile business, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business.
  • Simon Cocking
    Simon Cocking
    Simon Cocking
    (Blockchain Influencer) -
    Simon Cocking is Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, and freelances for Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, Southern Star, IBM, G+D, and others. He is a top ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ (currently ranked at #1 / 1000).
  • Deyan Sotirov
    Deyan Sotirov
    Deyan Sotirov
    (Legal Advisor) -
    Deyan Sotirov is an attorney-at-law, specializing in commercial and corporate law.


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