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KickCity (KCY) ICO Review – ICO Token News

KickCity plans to remove ineffective advertisement and third-party billing in event industry through decentralized reward-based event promotion by using Ethereum blockchain technology.

KickCity (KCY) Analysis

What is KickCity all about?

KickCity is a decentralized peer-to-peer protocol and a community-based social event platform that will connect event organizer with attendees with 3rd party interruption like banks. It will provide an effective a trust system that will allow effective marketing of different events. In order to allow for the fastest mass adoption of KCY tokens, a reward based P2P marketing protocol will be used by the development team. In addition, P2P marketing protocol will allow more connection will be formed faster.


What KickCity aim to be?

This platform will issue smart contracts for providing participants with KCY tokens based on their promoting influence. The tokens can also be used by token holders as white label network tokens, which can effectively integrate with different well-established and reputed event management companies around the world. It will be designed for using KCY smart tokens and effectively facilitate intelligent event crowdfunding.

How will attendees benefits from KickCity platform?

Vendors will be able to allocate KCY tokens for reward-based marketing by using marketing pool of KickCity for different events such as meets up, concerts, business conferences, sports events or festivals according to ICO stats and facts.

Once the marketing campaign is launched, any user can click on the event and a unique link for the users will be generated by the smart contract of this platform. The link can be shared by the users with his family members, relatives and friends on different social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter.

The users will be rewarded when there is a ticket sale, registration or any other type of conversion is made.  All the transactions will be tracked by the smart contracts and the rewards will be distributed transparently and automatically among the users.

How will vendors benefits from Kickcity platform?

Vendors will achieve profit because a large number of people will join the event as they are rewarded for promoting the event of the vendors.

What problem is KickCity solving?

The price of tickets for events is expensive due to the extremely high transaction fees taken by banks, credit card, and other financial sectors associated with the event. Ticket prices are also high due to expensive event promotion campaign and ineffective non-transparent advertisement campaigns that are carried out to promote the particular event.  Other reasons for high ticket prices of different events are the availability of fake tickets, ticket touting, and reselling of fake tickets.

The development of universal tokens (KICK) for events will be allowed by KickCity. The KickCity protocol will allow for the development of a decentralized event platform and promotion assets for systematic processing and transactions of tickets. Every user, ticket, and event will have a unique ID which is registered on the advanced Ethereum blockchain technology. So, there will be no sale or distribution of fake tickets.

What is KickCity new innovation?

This platform adopts highly efficient artificial intelligent (AI) for showing personalized content for users. The development team associated with this project will achieve 92% accuracy on a recommendation by systematically creating a social graph of the user on the platform and its activities on other social networks.

Token Price and Token Sale

ICO sale

The ICO sale for KCY tokens will start from 1st March 2018 and will end on 31st March 2018.  Just like other ICO tokens such as Havven, TokenLend, BunnyToken, Perkscoin, Dragon, KCY tokens can also be purchased by trading Bitcoin and Ether. All the unsold KCY tokens will be destroyed by the development team. The price of 1 KCY tokens will be .10 USD during the ICO sale.


Bonuses to early investors

  1. Investors receive 15% bonus if they purchase KCY tokens on the first day of the ICO sale.
  2. Investors will receive a bonus of 10% if they purchase KCY tokens from day 2-10.
  3. Investors will get a bonus of 5% if they purchase the tokens from day 11 -20.
  4. No bonus will be provided to the investors if they purchase the tokens from day21-31.

Budget Distribution

  1. 30% of the funds will be allocated to development and team.
  2. 13% of the funds collected through the ICO will be allocated for carrying out all administrative cost.
  3. 50% of the budget will be allocated for marketing of this project.
  4. 7% of the total funds raised through the ICO will be allocated for any unforeseen cost.

Token allocation

Total 250 million smart tokens are created by the development team of this project.

  1. 160 million KCY tokens will be allocated for sale during the ICO sale.
  2. 30 million KCY tokens will be retained by the company for any future sale.
  3. 1 million KCY tokens will be allocated for air drops and user adoption.
  4. 30 million tokens will be allocated to the team. 70% of the team tokens will be vested for a period of 4 years maximum.
  5. 30 million KCY tokens will be allocated as partner tokens

What will be the effect of forecasting on wings platform on Token sale?

  • The percentage distribution of tokens might change.
  • KCY token allocation might change.
  • The hard cap for ICO sale might change.
  • Bonuses allocated to the early investors and the price of the ICO token will not change.
  • The percentage of tokens sold during the ICO might change.
  • The number of tokens created (250 million) will not change.

Team associated with this project

The core members associated with this project consist of Gideon Nweze (CEO and Founder), Artem Shatilov (CMO & Product), and Danil Kolikov (Lead Developer).


The development team associated with KickCity proposed a socially viral system that will bring millions of people globally in touch with different types of cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens such as WePower, DenCity, Cryptoneum, SERENITY, Tradove. It is one of the most user-friendly and disruptive platforms in event marketing sector. This platform will be a good fit for event marketing industry where all the participants in the global marketplace will be completely satisfied.

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