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KODAKOne (KODAKCoin) ICO Review – ICO Token News

For a lot of people in the tech world, the terms “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” are true buzzwords. However, for all those photographers who’ve struggled to control their work and the way it’s used, these buzzwords have actually created a robust road map for democratizing photography and streamlining image licensing.

And Kodak, along with its blockchain development company, has been the one to bring blockcahin to image management—because a picture is worth a thousand words, and it has to be secured. By integrating the revolutionary blockchain technology to image management, Kodak will be giving the world KODAKOne—a one-of-its-kind platform that’ll simplify new image rights protection and management. Now, let’s explore this unique platform; KODAKCoin, its native cryptocurrency; and its ICO sale.

KODAKOne analysis

In a well-defined licensing agreement, Kodak and its blockchain development partner—WENN Digital, Inc.—have rolled out KodakOne. In the most basic words, KODAKOne is an innovative blockchain-powered platform that’ll manage new image rights and protect the creative work of photographers and studios.


The blockchain backing this new platform will seamlessly register, manage, and monetize all the creative assets belonging to the photographic community. The platform will have its own native crypto coin that’s specifically geared to provide the participating studios and photographers the best-in-class image rights control.

Furthermore, this platform will use its underlying tech for creating a fully encrypted digital ledger where the ownership rights of every photographer and studio are immutably recorded. The platform will even allow the creators in registering both archive and new work that they wish to get licensed.

Overall, if everything goes as planned and every milestone is met, this platform will successfully add a new dimension to the complete digital photography economy. The basic idea fueling this platform will essentially be of providing a simple, streamlined service that’ll give the photographic community image licensing and IP protection services. 

KODAKOne innovation 

Every project available on the existing ICO list is planning to introduce something new to the commercial world; take ArmPack, THEKEYTrustaBit, MedTokens, Play2Live  as examples—both of them have reimagined the commercial landscape in ways that are unique to them. Well, same is the case with KODAKOne. This platform will use the blockchain for securing the passion and creativity of many photographers and creative studios. Below, we’ve listed some of the highlights that make this platform truly innovative. 

When efficiency is brought forward by using AI 

KODAKOne is based on the principles of artificial intelligence technology. Because of this fact, the platform easily streamlines a number of tasks related to photo management, creative protection, and image distribution. All of this will eventually enable the photographers to generate new income streams and get payments quickly. 


Building a unique image economy for the photographic community 

Once this platform is deployed, it’ll make sure that the photographic community’s economic future is completely secure. Furthermore, the platform will protect a photographer’s buying and selling rights too. The protection and security of a photographer’s digital assets will be done through KODAKCoin. With its native crypto coin, the platform will aim to build a sturdy image economy. On this platform, the release of the payments is transparent and fair because they’re managed by another groundbreaking blockchain tech—the smart contracts. 

A crypto coin that rewards the creative endeavors of photographers 

The platform’s native cryptocurrency, KodakCoin, will allow the photographers and studios to receive the payments when their work gets licensed after its sale. With KodakOne, both amateur and professional photographers will have the ability to receive proper payments whenever they sell their work.

Image tracking and registration become revolutionary

The platform has the right processes in place to make sure that a community member can track the images and get them registered without any hassles. Since their images are already being registered and tracked with the help of this platform, the photographic community can effectively market their creativity. 

Because transparency will always improve security 

This image-monetization ecosystem will restore transparency and trust for its members. KODAKOne will deliver a blockchain-enabled copyright registration process; this process will be merged with a trustless, high-efficiency, smart transaction platform. All the image transactions and licenses will be stored immutably on KODAKOne’s decentralized registry.

KODAKOne ICO sale 

KODAKCoin is the token that fuels every single transaction happening on KODAKOne. In a way, it’s not at all hyperbolic to state that KODAKCoin will be the future currency that’ll empower the entire image economy. This cryptocurrency has enabled many photographers to get the payments for their creative work. This crypto coin will be available to all the accredited investors located in the UK, US, Canada, and some other selected countries.

Other KODAKOne ICO details

  • Ticker: KODAKCoin
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token: ERC–20 standard
  • Token sale: January 31–February 28
  • Token price: 1 KODAKCoin token = USD 1
  • Total tokens offering during the crowdsale: 10,000 KODAKCoin tokens
  • Overall total tokens offered during the ICO campaign: 36, 500 KODAKCoin tokens
  • Whitelist: Yes

KODAKOne team

Like other teams working on leading ICO projects such as Guardium, CryptoLoans, Ternio, BitCAD, Zupply, KODAKOne is supported by a team of experts belonging to different industries. The team has thought about protecting the interests, rights, and creativity of the whole photographic community. That’s what’s making the project fresh in its own right. The team behind KODAKOne comprises many legal experts who understand the copyright and content licensing landscape inside out. Also, a few team members of the project have the expertise in navigating advanced tech landscapes of blockchains and big data. 

Kodakcoin advisor

Summarizing KODAKOne

The ultimate mission of KODAKOne is to develop a token-based, sustainable community that can create the world’s first-ever photographic supply chain. This unique supply chain can be accessed and used by photographers at every level. Plus, the platform will even secure the imagery and other IP rights of the photographers. So the idea of this crypto project sure sounds novel in every sense of the word. And if all this has motivated the crypto investor inside you, then go ahead and join the sale. However, before making any final buying decision, go to KODAKOne’s website and judge the project’s viability.

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