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Koios (KOI) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Introduction Koios

In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two advanced technologies that are used only by big companies around the world. Artificial intelligence is a broad term that comprises a huge list of research fields and technology to accomplish one single goal. It has great ability to perform different tasks usually done through human intelligence such as understanding language, planning, sound recognizing, etc. with amazing proficiency in problem solving, without the need for human or programmatic intervention.

This technology is very advanced, and the high costs for development, testing, and production of any model are a big challenge. If you want to design a simple chatbot with AI, then it will cost you more than USD300,000.00 to fully implement it. In addition, another issue with AI technology is human capital. It is hard to find expert and quality developers who have excellent skills in AI technology. The continuous growth in this sector leads to the shortage of qualified AI developers.

This is the reason why Koios has been created and will help in resolving the various challenges of AI development.

Koios Intro

All about Koios

The main concept behind the development of Koios (KOI) platform is to provide a highly distributed and planet-scale ecosystem of products in order to make AI development faster and more convenient for developers.  The team believes that this product will provide the following characteristics:

  • Scalable
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Intuitive

The company has a team of highly skilled and experienced members who design highly resilient and scalable products. It is simple to understand the blueprints of Koios which focus on developing a foundation that enables AI developers to design innovative development in this industry.

The company has developed three main components for their product ecosystem which are discussed below:

The Titan Protocol

This protocol plays an important role in the Koios ecosystem and is beneficial for developing a connection between all discrete components within the platform. The company has a few ideas for developing the Titan protocol in the future. They are part of the early stages of the roadmap, which will be released after the launch of the KOI platform. In the first release, the protocol will allow any user to earn rewards by renting their CPU power to the platform. But users will require a Koios desktop and mobile app to take part in this AI development process.

The users can earn tokens by:

  • Performing ML model training and data tagging tasks.
  • Submitting data to the AI Lab.
  • Performing AI validation tasks.

The AI Lab

This is an AI development platform used to offer access to a library of complementary tools, data sets, and algorithm for the development and maintenance of the Koios team. After the validation process, the contribution of developers and the user community will also be updated on the AI Lab.  In short, the AI Lab will work like building blocks that help to speed up the AI development process as well as allowing developers to deploy their formations in a fully hosted environment which can be exposed through API for private and public consumption.

Neural Net

This component of the platform contains a library of AL and ML content. The submitted content of the developers will be technically reviewed by the KOI team to ensure that it meets all industry standards and functions before being advertised in the marketplace.
Developers are allowed to submit the following content:

  • AI constructs.
  • Pre-trained machine learning models.
  • Machine learning algorithms.
  • Structured and unstructured data.

How does Koios accelerate AI?

  1. Develop: Provide a sophisticated and managed development platform for AI developers across the world.
  2. Empower: Enable every user to take part in the development of AI on a daily basis.
  3. Accelerate: Develop a huge momentum with a global network of artificial intelligence to connect all the developers on one single platform.
  4. Commoditize: Eliminate the challenges comes while adopting AI and put them into the hands of daily consumers.

Why is Koios being built?

Before understanding the development of the Koios AI ecosystem on blockchain technology, you need to know the nature of AI development industry in the current market.

  1. The need for AI talent is increasing exponentially in the market but there are still only very small groups of skilled developers, mathematicians and scientists available in the market.
  2. These experts are highly sought after in the AI technology industry, but due to the inefficiency of mainstream adoption and distribution channel, they are mainly monopolized by big companies.
  3. The company wants to provide a new medium through which AI developers can learn, validate, create, distribute, and monetize their creations to wider audiences across the world without the help of an intermediary.
  4. The development process of AI technology requires a special set of tools, large data sets, and a specific amount of computing power, which is most difficult for developers to access outside the confines of large organizations, tech firms, and research bodies.

The KOI founder talked to various AI developers to understand the different challenges faced when creating their own content.

The key issues include:

  1. Development cycles are too expensive. It is therefore impossible for an individual to bear the cost in order to develop viable AI models and constructs.
  2. Difficulty in monetizing the AI content to a global audience.
  3. Data sets required for the development of viable models are costly and difficult to find.
  4. Different types of systems are needed for AI, which are mainly found in research environments and leading tech firms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

All these major issues gave birth to the concept of Koios that helps Al developers by providing a globally accessible development environment. This will allow them to explore and monetize their skills while eliminating the common challenges they face. The company has chosen blockchain technology for the further development of the Koios platform due to its advanced and high-tech features.

Nowadays, most of companies such as Bunnytoken, Seal, Streamity, XYO, Upline, DenCity, BitRewards, COTI, etc. use blockchain technology for the enhancement and development of their project.

Koios Works

Platform accessibility

  • Desktop: Koios can be accessed through the desktop and is available for Windows and OS.
  • Mobile: It will be launched for both Android and iOS versions.
  • Browsers: Users will require good immersive experience while accessing the Koios.
  • Bots: Content developed on its platform will be provided on bots through APIs.

Platform security

The KOI platform offers you the guarantee of complete security and anonymity with these features:

  1. Content upload: They do not take your PII details for uploading the content
  2. Chunk: The platform has chunked data and each chunk is encrypted with its own data encryption key.
  3. Wrap: Data encryptions keys are enfolded by utilizing a key encryption key (KEK).
  4. Distribute: Wrapped encryption keys and encrypted chunks are two elements distributed in the blockchain infrastructure.

Why are businesses adopting AI?

Companies are adopting AI due to its various benefits such as:

  • Helps to increase the profitability with automation.
  • Reaps actionable insights from data.
  • Allows access to new experiences and apps.
  • Facilitates connections between people and systems.
  • Eliminates any chance of human error and increase compliance.

The above benefits clearly show the importance of AI technologies and provide a good investment opportunity. This is the reason why Koios wants to design an ecosystem of products that help in connecting all AI developers under one roof so that they can be accessed by global audiences.

What are the market opportunities?

There are different industries spread around the world that wish to streamline their processes in order to enhance their capabilities and automate repetitive tasks with the help of advanced AI technology.

Some of the opportunities for AI in the different sectors are discussed below:


  • Warranty reserve estimation.
  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Telematics
  • Propensity to buy.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Demand forecasting.


  • Market segmentation and targeting.
  • Predictive inventory planning.
  • Customer ROI and lifetime value.
  • Upsell and cross-channel marketing.
  • Recommendation engines.

Health and life sciences:

  • Patient triage optimization.
  • Healthcare provider sentiment analysis.
  • Disease identification and risk stratification.
  • Proactive health management.
  • Alerts and diagnostics from real-time patient data.

Travel and hospitality:

  • Aircraft scheduling.
  • Traffic congestion.
  • Customer complaint resolution.
  • Dynamic pricing.
  • Social media interaction.

Financial services:

  • Sales and marketing campaign management.
  • Risk analytics and regulation.
  • Credit evaluation.
  • Customer segmentation.

Energy and utilities:

  • Seismic data processing.
  • Power usage analytics.
  • Smart grid management.
  • Energy supply optimization.
  • Customer specific pricing.
  • Carbon emission and trading.

What is the Koios utility token (KOI)?

The KOI token is a utility token which will be utilized to energize the different aspects of the ecosystem. Users will require these special tokens in order to interact on the platform.

The main areas of usage for the KOI tokens are:

  • Content purchases from the Neural Net.
  • Developer subscription to the AI Lab.
  • Machine learning hosting through the Titan protocol.
  • Machine learning training through the Titan protocol.

The following actions accrue KOI tokens:

  • Contribution to data sets.
  • Sale of content on the Neural Net.
  • Fog mining through the Titan Protocol.
  • Manual data tagging.
  • API Calls to hosted machine learning models.

When it comes to higher levels, users require a number of tokens to perform all actions within the platform. The KOI platform will receive a small percentage from every transaction performed on the platform.

Koios Token Sale

Token details

The Koios Utility Token follows ERC20 Ethereum standards and is designed to power up the marketplace. It will be used for the settlement and transference of ML content and AI.

  • Symbol : KOI.
  • Total Supply : 1,000,000,000.

Private sale details

The company has allocated a limited number of tokens for the parties who are interested in securing the KOI before the public sale.

  • Private Token purchase limit : First 50 participants
  • Private sale starts on                : June 1st, for 96 hours with 15 million USD hard cap.

Public sale

  • Token allocated : 400,000,000 Tokens for public sale.
  • Start date : June 15, 2018.
  • End date : July 15, 2018.
  • The token will be listed on different public exchanges at the conclusion of the token sale.

Token distribution           

  • Team : 50,000,000
  • Community : 150,000,000
  • Crowd sale : 400,000,000
  • Platform : 400,000,000

Fund Allocation

  • Product development : 50%
  • Admin and legal : 10%
  • Hiring : 15%
  • Marketing : 25%

koios Partners


Q4 2017

  • Product ideation.
  • Market analysis.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Monetization strategy.
  • Go to market strategy.
  • Partner strategy.
  • High level architecture.
  • Technical feasibility evaluation.

Q1 2018

  • Blockchain requirement definition.
  • Storage requirement definition.
  • Public Cloud requirement definition.
  • Component technology evaluation.
  • Initial blockchain testing, storage testing, micro service layer testing, and CICD testing.

Q2 2018

  • User interface design for desktop and mobile.
  • Private alpha: Initial build and functional tests, security and penetration testing, and code fixes.
  • Closed beta: Initial build and functional tests.

Q3 2018

  • Closed beta: Bug bounty and code fixes.
  • Public beta: Bug Bounty and code fixes.
  • Internal beta review.
  • Approve platform components for GA.

Q4 2018

  • GA Platform build: functional tests, security tests and documentation.
  • Koios is LIVE


There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the most high-tech solutions to have been utilized by renowned companies to develop advanced projects featured with human intelligence. But, these powerful technologies need an excellent skillset and a big budget in order to develop any project. AI developers are also facing various challenges while developing projects with this technology.

Therefore, the Koios platform develops a pool where all AI experts can connect at a place that is easily accessible by global audiences.

Now, the company is launching its ICO so that they can raise the funds for its project development. Nowadays, most of the companies prefer to launch ICOs like StealthGrid, Vinchain, Cashbet, NeumCoin, Thrive, BeEasy, Ice Rock Mining, SmartGenie, etc. in order to generate funds for their project development and enhancement. To know the list of current running ICOs, go to our page.


  • 1
    Product Ideation
    100% Complete (success)
    Market Analysis
    100% Complete (success)
    Competitive Analysis
    100% Complete (success)
    Monetization Strategy
    100% Complete (success)
    Go to Market Strategy
    100% Complete (success)
    Partner Strategy
    100% Complete (success)
    High Level Architecture
    100% Complete (success)
    Technical Feasibility Evaluation
  • 2
    Blockchain Requirements Definition
    100% Complete (success)
    Storage Requirements Definition
    100% Complete (success)
    Public Cloud Requirements Definition
    100% Complete (success)
    Component Technology Evaluation
    100% Complete (success)
    Low Level Architecture
    72% Complete (success)
    Initital Blockchain Testing (Ethereum)
    50% Complete (success)
    Initial Storage Testing (IPFS)
    40% Complete (success)
    Initial Microservices Layer Testing (Istio)
    30% Complete (success)
    Initital CICD Testing (Spinnaker, Docker & Kubernetes)
    40% Complete (success)
    Populate Github
  • 3
    User Interface Design - Desktop
    1% Complete (success)
    User Interface Design - Mobile
    1% Complete (success)
    Private Alpha - Initial Build & Functional Tests
    1% Complete (success)
    Private Alpha - Security & Penetration Testing
    1% Complete (success)
    Private Alpha - Code Fixes
    1% Complete (success)
    Closed Beta - Initial Build & Functional Tests
  • 4
    Closed Beta - Bug Bounty
    1% Complete (success)
    Closed Beta - Code Fixes
    1% Complete (success)
    Public Beta - Bug Bounty
    1% Complete (success)
    Public Beta - Code Fixes
    1% Complete (success)
    Internal Beta Review
    1% Complete (success)
    Approve Platform Components for GA
  • 5
    GA Platform Build - Functional Tests
    1% Complete (success)
    GA Platform Build - Security Tests
    1% Complete (success)
    GA Platform Build - Documentation
    1% Complete (success)
    Koios is LIVE!

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