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KWHCoin (KWH) ICO Review – ICO Token News

KWHCoin converts renewable distributed energy resources to digital tokens (KWH) on a blockchain technology. The clean renewable energy used for backing the KWH tokens will be generated from varied renewable energy sources like hydroelectric power generators, wind energy, energy storages, electric electrical vehicles, solar power generators, and solar communities.

The KWHCoin addresses a kilowatt-hour of deliverable energy output or equivalent that was created and distributed as part of work that took place on its platform. From the concept point of view, the platform is a blockchain-enabled solution for a network-based and cost-effective structure to abet in shifting from fossil fuels to renewables and efficiency.

The company aims at applying blockchain as a liberation technology, thus allowing access to renewable energy from local distribution sources, and to explore value at the edges of the grid for those who opt for making environmentally viable choices.

kwh mission

What differentiates KWHCoin from others?

What makes KWHCoin stand apart from other already available cryptocurrency projects in the renewable energy sector is that it primarily focuses on the “grid’s edges’. It defines the “edges: of the grid as smaller distributed energy resources, like solar panels in the residential market, electric vehicles, microgrids, wind farms and demand response technologies, to refer a few. These include the elements for a new two-way generational model of energy distribution. This creates an amazing opportunity for local communities to take direct part in the renewal energy economy.

What is “The Grid”?

  1. The Grid is a desktop and mobile application that serves as the open source database of energy transactions for network participants.
  2. The Grid consists of a decentralized global community of peer to peer clean energy prosumers, consumers, environmentalists, renewable energy providers, clean energy advocates and industry professionals.
  3. All community members will be required to make a contribution of their collective distributed energy resources to accumulate a global virtual clean energy cooperative.
  4. The major technical offering is a desktop and mobile application web, iOS and Android.
  5. The Grid features an open ecosystem with Application program interfaces, (API’s) that enables entrepreneurs and developers to come up with more service and application offerings, as network participants.
  6. The primary objective of The Grid is to model a dynamic and new energy company of the future that will help in generating value at a network level for all participants, by taking advantage of the KWH currency.
  7. The Grid also aims to create a social impact platform to advocate or make available affordable and clean electricity for all.
  8. Participants will have to make use of the desktop app or mobile app to have an access to the tokens.
  9. They will be able to access the entire open source network so that they can be able to freely trade distributed energy resources.
  10. Smart contracts help in creating a digital representation of the energy usage and data of network participants, this way converting this data into digital tokens.
  11. The Grid works as a comprehensive real time map of energy transmission and creation that network participants can use to interface with the network energy market.
  12. KWH and The Grid together make possible an alternative marketplace so that the clean energy can be exchanged; this way, they provide a model for a decentralized, network owned energy company of the future.

KWHCoin Analysis

What is KWHCoin all about?

KWHCoin will be building a blockchain application to provide network users with an easy-to-use platform for trading, exchanging, donating, and democratizing the value of two-way generation on clean and renewable power grids around the world.


It will be issuing a native digital currency in the form of KWH tokens in order to significantly integrate different sources of renewable energy. The renewable energy, generated from different sources, can be easily leveraged with the help of powerful sensors as well as smart meters.

This platform is based on the revolutionary blockchain technology and therefore entirely decentralized, which adds to the high level of transparency and security of this platform.

What does KWHCoin aim to be?

This renewable energy cryptocurrency platform aims to build a native digital asset for decentralized applications where consumers and distributed energy resources will effortlessly connect. It will also systematically configure their renewable energy resources.

This company has a vision of an energy efficient future where everyone will be able to access clean renewable energy sources.

The key pillars to achieving this vision are:

  • Develop a virtual alternative grid.
  • Distribute a localized green energy.
  • Digitize data.
  • Democratize grid value.
  • Decentralize energy.

Native decentralized app

The proposed decentralized app represent a kilowatt-hour of deliverable energy output (or equivalent) that will be created and distributed as part of the work that occurs on the KWHcoin platform.


What problem is KWHCoin solving?

The renewable energy industry around the world has not yet completely adopted the use of sophisticated and cutting-edge blockchain technology. With the help of the KWH tokens, this industry will be able to accept the use of blockchain technology in the generation and distribution of clean energy. Blockchain technology based  ICOs such as ArmPack, THEKEYTrustaBit, MedTokens, Play2Live,  Apollo, AQwire, are faster and more secure to use.

As this platform is also based on cutting-edge blockchain technology, it will be much easier for the vendors and the stakeholders to convert the actual renewable energy into financial gains. The financial gains will be stored in their cryptocurrency wallets. Moreover, the transactions carried out on this platform will process and be completed quickly. Investors will be able to generate liquid cash for clean energy, which the producers are generating.

Why is KWHCoin a good project?

1- The primary goal of this project is to lead the change in supplying 1.2 billion people globally with clean and renewable energy.

2 – This easy-to-use and access renewable platform will be deployed in the year 2018 to encourage sustainability and the emergence of the distributed renewable clean power grid on a global scale.

3 – This platform believes in providing underprivileged people with an opportunity for change with its investment microgram development and the initial coin offering (ICO) donation structure.

4 – The demand of clean energy and blockchain technology is increasing at a rapid pace. As this platform combines both these elements, so the value of its KWH tokens is likely to increase significantly in the future.

5 – The decentralized virtual global power company will be peer to peer and will use the internet as a digital rail for delivering clean localized energy to all the members of the KWH ecosystem, community, and network without the need of a trusted 3rd party or centralized power.

What is KWHCoin’s new innovation?

This project will leverage smart contacts and blockchain technology in order to build a decentralized network of distributed, clean, and renewable energy resources. The grid network will use sophisticated software to provide global virtual power enterprises.

The distribution delivery of clean electricity and the execution of power generation will be fully decentralized. The borderless and peer-to-peer virtual power grid will operate seamlessly once this project will be completed with no obstructions and with a zero-carbon footprint.

The grid and KWH tokens will provide a marketplace for the exchange of clean energy. Moreover, this platform will provide unique blockchain technology-based models for different energy companies of the future.

KWH token

What is KWH token?

KWH stands for Kilowatt Hour, which is a unit of energy equivalent to 3.6 mega joules. One of the primary goals behind introducing this project is to explore possibilities and concepts associated with the theory of a circular economy as well as the future of work. The token consists of unbundled distributed energy resource data from multiple sources to create token taking advantage of the following models:

  • Energy Efficient Tokens (EE)
  • Energy Storage Tokens (ES)
  • Electric Vehicle Tokens (EV)
  • Demand Response Tokens (DR)
  • Microgrid Tokens (MG)
  • Solar Photovoltaic Tokens (SP)
  • Combined Heat and Power Tokens (CH)
  • Humanitarian Tokens (HE)

KWHCoin token price and token sale

The ICO of KWH tokens will start from February 8, 2017 where the general public will be able to purchase these tokens. During the ICO sale, the stated price of KWH will be determined by market demand.

Supply of KWH tokens

  • The total number of tokens created during the ICO of this digital asset is 195,000,000 KWH.
  • The total created KWH tokens will be used for the development and launching of this advanced renewable energy economy.
  • In addition, it will be used for the development of a network of distributed energy resources.

KWH presale

KWH backing

The KWH tokens are backed by a distributed energy source generation. The total amount of KWH tokens will directly reflect the generation of deliverable Kilowatt hour work.

This advanced decentralized renewable energy economy will be started by the creation of 195,000,000 KWH tokens during the ICO sale. KWH provides a marketplace plug-and-play platform for highly efficient distributed energy resources. It will aid in meeting the specific needs of market participants.

Distribution or KWH tokens

  • 27% of the funds will be allocated for principals, founders, humanitarian, and core developers.
  • 10% of the fund raised will be donated to the microgrid development and off-grid technology investments in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and Southeast Asia. This donation will aim to generate and distribute clean energy to 1.2 billion people around the world.
  • 53% of the funds raised will be used to launch KWHcoin as a decentralized renewable energy economy.
  • 5% of the funds raised through the ICO will be used to pay for business and administrative costs.
  • 5% of the funds will be allocated for a presale to raise capital for pending business opportunities.

Who can participate in KWH ICO?

The ICO sale includes all but excludes residents of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, the Crimea region of Ukraine, or individuals/citizens living in a geographic area that is  subject to UN-, US-, EU-, CH- sanctions or embargoes.

How to see your KWH tokens in your wallet?

One of the first things is that you will be required to add them as a custom token to your wallet. Following are the instructions that need to be followed if you are using MyEtherWallet.

  • Go to and click ‘View Wallet Info’
  • Click the ‘Add Custom Token’ button
  • You should be prompted to enter 3 pieces of information, the Address, Token Symbol, and Decimals.
  • Now enter the following pieces of information into the appropriate fields:
    • Enter the Token Address provided to you at the time of participating in the ICO in the ‘Address’ field
    • Enter KWH for in the ‘Token Symbol’ field
    • Enter 18 for the ‘Decimals’ field

KWHCoin – Proof of Concept

KWHCoin has joined hands with 10 local businesses that are to accept KWHCoin as currency in exchange for services and goods. They will receive the KWHCoins  for their recycling,  street sweeping, and other circular economic efforts, providing the framework to help in building a local, digital economy with cryptocurrency. It builds the energy profi.les mandatory to get connected with microgrid developers, clean energy advocates, humanitarian workers, and others with a view to delivering rails of energy to underserved populations spread worldwide.

The team behind this project

The hierarchy of KWHCoin team starts from founders, principal investors, partners and an interdisciplinary team of core members who collectively build the strategy and define the vision for the platform. Though they all play a lead role in building the KWHCoin platform, certainkey members who are directly associated with this project are as follows:

  • Girard Newkirk, CEO and Founder
  • Ryan Troyer, Director of Operations, Blockchain Advisor
  • Tony Tiyou, Advisor, Renewable Energy Expert

Summary of KWHCoin

Blockchain technology based ICOs like Guardium, CryptoLoans, Ternio, BitCAD, Zupply, Qurrex, BEtrium are used around the world for different applications, but they have not been widely adopted within the renewable energy company. KWHCoin is a platform that aims to build an energy efficient future for more than 1.2 billion people around the world with no access to renewable energy.

It has an excellent potential for growth and financial gains for investors by generating renewable energy while allowing investors to liquidate it in a hassle-free manner using their wallet.

This platform will provide investors with the perfect option if they are looking for an opportunity in the blockchain technology space for longer-term gains.

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