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LHC Token Review – ICO Token News

Larson&Holtz IT Ltd. or LH is a forex and binary options broker. The company has implemented innovative functionalities or smart methods into its ICO smart contract that keep the LHCoin token aloof of the market prices. Among the companies target clients is the vast crypto community which looks for opportunities to earn online.

Unique features of LH ICO:

Based on a proven business model that has worked efficiently for years, LH has come up with its ICO with a degree of assurance to the investors. Its key features are described below in brief.

  • The investors will get Early Bird Bonus through the profits realized immediately after the Pre ICO.
  • The company has included Cashback payouts into its Smart Contract in which token holder’s revenue is decided based on the asset market price growth and the incoming fund’s fixed part flowing to the crypto broker’s account.
  • By adjusting its marketing strategy and efficient business-model with the crypto-currency environment, the company envisions to make its ICO launch a sterling success.
  • Being a profit making broker, LH ICO provides an assured guarantee of minimum 20% token yield in the first year through its Token Rate Insurance System to the investors.
  • The company is raising funds to create crypto version of its existing forex broker. In the crypto version, all the operations will be done exclusively in crypto currencies to ensure flawless, secure and fast processing.

LH Crypto

Hindrances of traditional stock broking system

Most of the existing forex brokers accept only USD and Euros, which leaves the traders from other regions like Asia and Arab in a disadvantaged position. As such, the brokers lose a large investor base. The strict regulations in most of these countries also prove detrimental to the interests of the brokers who wish to compete on a global scale.

Financial regulations often create hindrances to business expansion plans of the traditional stock brokers and also those in the crypto currency markets. Obtaining licenses may itself be a big task for many brokers, which further impedes their expansion plan. Traditional money transfers invariably involve banks, who charge for every transaction effected through them. The commission is usually 6% and may vary as per the country to which money is transferred and the fiat currency used for the transaction.

The situation is not healthy for the cryto currency investors either. Such traders have to exchange their crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin etc. with fiat currencies like Dollars, Euros, Yen, Rubles etc. at high exchange rates. That’s why numerous potential crypto currency investors keep off the traditional forex stock brokers. This scenario is detrimental to the business growth of both the traders and brokers.

Overcoming the challenges faced by the brokers

To overcome these nuisances of the classical stock markets, experts of L&H went offbeat to work on some innovative technologies and came up with the solutions needed.

The company has made use of the prowess of blockchain technology to make depositing and withdrawals in crypto currencies a real breeze for the investors. In the Asian countries like China, India and Thailand, and the Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE etc., strict regulations have always impeded the expansion plan of the businesses. With its new platform, the company will be able to able to attract the investors from these regions and open up the markets for the individuals looking for hassle-free brokerage services on a global level.

Widening the client base of the brokers

The people quite familiar with crypto currencies and having free funds of the same can be easily converted in to the clients of the brokers dealing in forex. This way, the project will help in the expansion of client base and ultimately the revenue of the company.

The brokers making transactions in crypto currencies need not have a physical brick and mortar office to run their operations. All that they need is internet connectivity and an interactive website interface that allow the customers trade in crypto currencies, and also effect withdrawals and deposits. As such, the brokers will not need any licenses to operate in the crypto markets, which will be a great boost for them to expand their business all over the world. The financial monitoring by the governments will also be minimum. This will make it easier for the brokers to trade online in any country in Asia, Europe and Arab countries.

Significantly reducing the transaction charges

Moreover, the company comes up with some attractive offers and incentives for the people in the form of bonuses, stimulating contests and affiliate programs to attract more people to the world of crypto trading. With all these measures in place, Larson&Holtz hopes to significantly lower down the transactions charges on payments from the current 6 percent to an abysmal 1 percent only.

How come LH is a unique crypto broker in its own sense?

L&H is into the business of offering the traders chance to speculate on the fluctuations of the exchange rate of any financial instrument, that includes crypto currencies and crypto coins also. The company allows the individuals to trade on margin conditions, so that anybody can open trades in excess of hundreds of even thousands of their deposit. This is similar to gambling, nevertheless makes for a highly popular and profitable online business, especially for the people living in Asia. The unmatched business model allows the traders to make significant profits on small price fluctuations within a matter of minutes.

Combining classical trading with crypto trading

LH broker is offering the unique amalgamation of crypto currency holders with the classical trade brokers. By allowing crypto currency accounts to existing traders, the project will attract more traders to the crypto currency world, and eventually help in increasing the client base of the brokers. All this is envisioned to contribute to the success of the project.

First broker of its kind with unique features

This way, LH is imbibing the current brokerage model into the crypto environment. This way, the LH is offering unique services unlike any other broker currently in operation. LH is the first broker to let the traders open a crypto account with anything above $10 from any part of the world (except the USA) using any financial instrument, leveraging the advantages of the innovative functionalities of the platform.

No Forex trader till now has come up with a crypto version of their platform that allows for mutual payments exclusively in crypto currencies with the clients. All these features make LH literally the first crypto broker of its own kind as no other broker is currently offering all these unique features to their clients.

Pre ICO tokens of LH

LH experts have come to the conclusion after exercising due diligence that they will offer their Pre ICO tokens at the lowest price possible, and expect to see an increase in its token price by 5%, 10%, 15% and 21% each week.

Here too, LH has gone off the beaten path and came up with innovative plan that ensures best returns for its valued investors. Its smart contract has provision for the distributing the markup for token price among the investors. This will discourage the token owners to withdraw all the profits gained from the initial price rise, as usually happens with most of the ICOs.

The exact mechanism of LH token price rise is explained here in brief.

5% markup will be distributed among the investors who have purchased the tokens during their Pre ICO stage. The following week, price will go up by 10%. The profits obtained from this price rise will be distributed among the Pre ICO token holders, and also among those investors who purchased the company’s ICO during the first week of its launch. Same mechanism will work for the next profit gain stages of 15% and 21%.


There will be two types of LH tokens, as described below.

  1. LH Coin: These tokens will be bought by the investors. They will be sold during the crowdsale. They can be purchase either by:

ETH automatic transfer, or buying the tokens through other means, like bitcoin or the fiat currency. In case of ETH transfers, the smart contract will send the corresponding amount of the LHCoin tokens in the wallet of the investors. In case of purchases through fiat currency or bitcoin, the smart token administrator will transfer the tokens manually.

  1. LHCoin_b: These tokens will be distributed for bounty programs and to give rewards to the staff. These tokens can’t be used for cashback and referral programs during the ICO. The smart contract will not distribute them as cashback before December 2018, the month when they will be introduced into the market. LHCoin_b tokens will be used for cashback, once these are introduced into the markets. They are also equal in price to the LHCoin. After the introduction of LHCoin_b tokens, there will be literally no difference between these two token types.

Distribution of bounty tokens

These bounty tokens are equal in price to the investors’ tokens. A fixed amount of bounty tokens (LHCoin_b) will be used to reward the staff who will work continue to work on the project after ICO. The company has done this intentionally, as apart from paying the salaries in fiat currencies; it also wishes to pay its employees partly in bounty tokens. The employees will be able to monetize them to gain income form the operational activities when both types of tokens are introduced into the crypto markets.


Why two types of LH tokens?

It was necessary to divide the LH tokens into two types, as the first type of tokens will be acquired by the investors while the second type will be allotted to the ICO team members, who took part in the project but did not invest their own funds in it.

Monthly income from the broker’s operational cost

In conventional transactions involving centralized banking transactions, more than 90% of the incoming payments to a broker are processed through bank wires. By switching to the feature rich crypto currency platform of the LH, the brokers win 5% compared to the conventional transaction model. There will be small expenses for the commission on peering payment system.

LH will put this 5% amount into the payback pool, for distribution among the broker’s investors. Every month, 5% of the client’s inflow will be transferred to the Ethereum wallets of the traders. This will supplement the profits realized by the clients from the appreciation in the price of LH Tokens, and secure the investments of the traders.

This whole scheme is included into the smart contract, and the payments will be done automatically every month. According the marketers of LH, the transition to crypto currency model by the traditional stock brokers will help boost up its client base by three-fold at the minimum. Upon achieving the project’s full capacity, the cashback program is expected to yield $0.5 million annually.

LH ICO token sales schedule

  • LH Pre ICO is scheduled to run through 30 October 2017 to 02 December 2017. A total of 20,000,000 LHCoin tokens will be issued during this period of Pre ICO.
  • ICO is scheduled to run for four weeks, from 04 December 2017 to 30 December 2017. A total of 50,000,000 LHCoin tokens will be issued during this ICO period.
  • Post ICO is scheduled for 01 January 2018. Financial outcome analysis of the ICO will be done by the company’s experts at this stage. On the first of February 2018, gift bonuses will be distributed among the investors.

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Utilization of funds

  • If the company is able to raise less than $1,000, 000 USD, the invested funds will be returned to the investors and the project will be closed.
  • If it raises more than $1,000,000 but less than $10,000,000, LHCoin tokens will be distributed among the investors in proportion to their investment.
  • In case the company is able to raise the funds in excess of USD 10,000,000, a total of 1,000,000 LHCoins will be distributed among the investors proportionately.

The company expects the LH Coin to double its price in November 2018.

In November 2019, the company will begin accepting LHCoin as a means of payment and activate LH Token Rate Investment System.

With the increasing overlapping of the trader community and cryptocurrency community in the recent years, the company expects to find more clients in the weeks and months to come.

LH project is rolled out for a period of two years, when the company expects to gain the stature of a crypto broker with trade flows comparable to the top traditional brokers like Oanda, Saxo Bank and FXCM, etc.

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