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Luckbox (LCK) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Luckbox (LCK) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The rise of esports has created significant opportunities in the gambling sector, but they are yet to be fully seized. Nearly every traditional operator does not have what it takes to understand this sector; that is why it fails to appeal true esports fans. Many new platforms have been built for taming this sector but have failed to conform to all the necessary jurisdictions and laws.

Enter Luckbox—a unique platform that has a secure cryptocurrency and that complies with the strictest regulations. Backing this platform is an experienced team, which has built a strong foundation for the project. Because of its own coin and a game-changing concept, this crypto project is likely to have incredible global potential in the future.

Luckbox History 

The esports landscape is underserved, and much of it is already captured by unlicensed communities relying on unsustainable business practices; due to this fact, the number of scandals happening in this sector is on the rise. While only few legitimate operators have tasted success in this sector, not one of them has fully capitalized on all the available opportunities. 

As both the crypto-gambling space and esports lack best practice, there is a wide gap in the existing marketplaces. This gap needs to be filled by a robust, legit operator that has an innovative, forward-thinking mindset. This mindset was adopted by the core of the development team behind Luckbox. The team noted the shortcomings present in the esports world and the crypto-gambling space, and that is when it decided to design and deploy Luckbox—a completely licensed gambling platform that complies with the toughest regulations present in the market. 

Luckbox Analysis 

What is Luckbox all about? 

Like many other crypto projects—such as Hamster, Storiqa, Hade, Flying Money, Havven or Amon —Luckbox too is based on the principles of transparency, integrity, and accountability. Since these principles underpin the platform, it is all set to offer immersive player experience and put the business in the fast track of growth.

Luckbox is an entirely regulated gambling platform where the players constantly interact with a number of esports fans and play their favorite games in a secure, safe environment. The gambling platform will let the fans of popular games, such as League of Legends and CS:GO, bet on different game-related events and enjoy a virtual esports-themed casino.

LuckboxAdditionally, this project is designed to create an active community where esports players can discuss and watch several gaming events. The best part is that this platform will interact with the whole esports community at every level including the grassroots teams and players.

Coming to the payment methods, this platform will accept fiat currencies, in-game items, and its native digital currency. By giving so many payment options, the platform will open a new way to access crypto-gambling and esports for gaming fans and bettors. The users on the platform can use Luckbox’s own token that will give them several advantages. The platform’s capabilities are designed and delivered by experts who have rich experience in the esports, iGaming, and crypto landscapes.

Luckbox innovation 

Giving esports the crypto edge 

This gambling platform is engineered to bring the power of crypto to the table. In this platform, the gamers and bettors can pick from a range of fully licensed crypto-gambling solutions; these solutions improve the gaming experience and streamline payment processing. By having a suite of payment solutions, the players can access esports and crypto-gambling in all those regions where gambling is authorized but banks create roadblocks.


Prioritizing compliance                                                        

Many gambling platforms have already attempted to join crypto with esports but have failed because they could not comply with the demanding industry regulations. That is where Luckbox plans to make a difference as it complies with the strictest regulations; due to this, the licensed gambling platform will penetrate the markets located worldwide. In the coming time, the platform even plans to access the evolving app markets. 

Creating immersive player experience

For any gaming platform, everything comes down to delivering enriching experience to the players. For this purpose, Luckbox will offer a safe, legal place to play esports. The gaming experience found on the platform will make sure that the players will want to revisit the space. By improving the gaming experience by leveraging big data, AI, and machine learning, the platform will also attract big B2B partners such as app stores, marketers, and game developers. 

Luckbox Token Sales 

Luckbox will be launching two tokens—LuckCash and LuckProfit. Being preminted ERC–20 tokens such as LALA World, TBIS, FintruX, CUBE, both LuckCash and LuckProfit will play unique roles in the platform. First, here is a rundown on LuckCash that will be followed by a brief description of LuckProfit.



This is a utility token having its distinct benefits; the token will be available during the token sale and even after its launch. On Luckbox, the LuckCash token will be designed for reducing the payment frictions that take place between the players located in different regions. Furthermore, these tokens can even be used for enjoying multiple benefits that include attaining the rewards faster and buying items from the VIP store. 


After the launch, LuckProfit can be bought only by qualified investors at a 1:1 ratio. The token-holders having the LuckProfit tokens even earn the rights to 20 percent of the business’s profit. The accredited investors, who are holding this ICO token, will be allowed to sell it on the Luckbox platform.

Other ICO details

  • Hardcap: USD 20 million
  • Accepted crowdsale payments: ETH
  • Minimum contributions:
    • Presale: USD 10K
    • Crowdsale: USD 250


Provisional timelines:

  • Presale: January 22, 2018, to February 15, 2018
  • Crowdsale: February 15, 2018, to March 1, 2018
  • The sale will finish as soon as the hardcap is met 

Luckbox Team 

The team working on Luckbox includes those executives who have rich experience in managing digital currencies, esports projects, and gambling spaces. The team is adept at handling the most complex projects related to technology, design, product development, management, regulatory affairs, licensing, marketing, and operations. With the support of such a passionate team, this crypto project is destined to touch excellence in the coming time. 

Summarizing Luckbox

To wrap up, it is safe to assume that Luckbox plans to rise as a global market leader in the world of esports betting. For being a leader, this crypto project is designed for prioritizing player safety and simplifying payment processing. This licensed gambling platform puts innovation on the front burner, and that is why it makes complete sense to be part of its token sale and possibly a win big in the future.

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