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LUDCOIN (LUDCOIN ) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The virtual world is getting bigger. Every moment we see a growth in all the activities we can do with just a few clicks on a computer. If before the internet was seen as a way of disseminating information, today we observe it as part of our daily lives. And this transformation also affects the universe of online games. Big names in the industry are devoting their efforts to take advantage of this new landscape, which enables each individual, with their computer, smartphone or tablet, to be able to spend hours of their day interacting with others in this environment. Perhaps the biggest problem in the digital world is that it can be quickly corrupted, especially when it comes to gambling, poker, and casino. The damage done to players is often gigantic and often owners do not have adequate tools to conduct audits and take action, becoming hostage to a trusted third party.

Ludcoin wants to break this barrier. creating a 100% transparent and auditable system, without relying on any external entity to guarantee the reliability of the funds stored there. The player can check the system independently, with purpose of verifying important requirements such as the veracity of balance sheets and the randomness of numbers. All this thanks to blockchain technology, which is already used worldwide as a way to ensure trust in the code. Every structure will be created using the Ethereum blockchain and will be managed through a Smart Contract, avoiding any type of external interference in the system. This technology ensures transparency and data reliability, reducing the risk of failures and fraud in online gaming

Blockchain/Smart Contract

We at Ludcoin are using the blockchain of Ethereum, one of the most advanced and reliable blockchain to create smart contract insurance, so we guarantee a service completely available, because its servers are spread all over the world, these are called node, which by the security and reliability of the data inserted therein. Smart Contract is a self-executing computer protocol, made to facilitate and enhance the negotiation or performance of a contract, providing reliability in online transactions. With the main objective of allowing unknown persons to do business with each other, through the internet without the need of a central authority.

Our Token was developed following the main token pattern used by the Ethereum community, Smart Contract standard ERC20 so you can store your Ludcoin ICO token in the main wallets, some of them are MyEthWallet, Ledger Ethereum and Ethereum Network’s official Wallet called the Mist. Important: You should never buy the tokens sent by the exchange, in case you carry out this process, will cause your balance to be frozen, that is, who will receive your tokens is the exchange and not the holder of the wallet. The fact that digital tokens are used for all transactions within the platform will not be a problem for users – they will be able to convert Fiat currency to tokens through the payment gateways built into the platform.

Payment API

The Market Evolution led institutions to offer their customers broader forms of payment than ordinary banking transactions. Between this world of transactions, an item of unique importance is to support the interaction between various transnational points from financial institutions to the payment process by various means, electronic or not. Ludcoin understands that the manipulation and sometimes development of smart contract integrations can often be difficult to perform, or rather difficult to locate skilled labor for such a service.

To shorten the distance between systems/games, we will offer a payment API, in which any service/platform can integrate the Ludcoin token with its own system, among the features of this Api, it is worth mentioning.

  • Payment
  • Check Balance
  • Receiving Values
  • Find a Payment
  • Find payments by Account

Token Sale

The Ludcoin token will be released based on the Ethereum platform. It will be sold at Ether & Bitcoin. And it will have token compatibility with third-party services, wallets, exchanges, etc. and provides easy-to-use integration.

To participate in the Token Sale, investors must sign up and follow the procedure in their personal account on the LUDCOIN website ( You can buy LUDCOIN tokens by transferring BTC / ETH directly to your personal account. LUDCOIN tokens will be available for purchase during crowdsale’s official dates at the indicated prices. All bonuses will be awarded automatically. After the Token Sale, LUDCOIN tokens can be transferred to your external Ethereum ERC-20 wallet.

With the objective of financing the expansion on an international scale in the research and development time line of the platform, Ludcoin will hold a coin distribution event, making available 350 million coins for a total issue of 800 million. All proceeds from the initial contribution period will be earmarked for research, development, information security and international expansion. Also 15% coins will be distributed among Ludcoin team members, who will be frozen for two years.

If you are new in Crypto world and want to grab more information about ICO investment then reading ICO Beginners Guide can prove beneficial to understand it in a better way.


  • Mark Morgam
    Mark Morgam
    Mark Morgam
    Director of expansion
  • Asadollah K. Mohammad
    Asadollah K. Mohammad
    Asadollah K. Mohammad
    Software Engineer
  • Leonard Summers
    Leonard Summers
    Leonard Summers
    Communication Management
  • James Taylor
    James Taylor
    James Taylor
    Web Developer
  • Augusto Ozuno
    Augusto Ozuno
    Augusto Ozuno
    Full-Stack Web Developer


  • 1
    October 2017
    Idealization of the Ludcoin platform
  • 2
    January 2018
    Beginning of the development of the Ludcoin platform
  • 3
    May 2018
    Pre-order Token Ludcoin $ 0.25 (Via Distribution Packages)
  • 4
    September 2018
    Second Round of the Pre-ico $ 5.00
  • 5
    November 2018
    Second round of ICO $ 10.00
  • 6
    January 2019
    Launch of own online gaming platform
  • 7
    December 2017
    Website creation
  • 8
    March 2018
    Partnership with ESCROW.COM
  • 9
    August 2018
    First round of Pre-ico $ 3.00
  • 10
    October 2018
    First round of ICO $ 7.00
  • 11
    December 2018
    Ludcoin entrance in the Exchanges

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