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MiniApps (MAT) Review – ICO Token News

What is Miniapps?

Miniapps (short for Mini Application) is a chatbot with a broader concept. It is a simple interface, which is different from the unwieldy applications for your desktop such as the web browsers, or the text-processors, which consist of a large number of buttons and/or banners, and other off-putting elements.

It is an application which connects the user, using either voice or text, with the menu. In addition to the messengers, (in which Miniapp is the same as a chatbot), it can employ either SMS and/or USSD channels, make use of smartphones ( Android or IOS), and also work within web-chat systems. The App can function on a car computer, and/or be attached to the Internet of Things. The platform has been functioning in the Cloud since mid-2016. The B2B version has been used and developed, for around 10 years.


History and Development of Miniapps

MiniApps is an offshoot business of the platform solution providing company, The company runs platform solutions for diverse sectors ranging from telecoms to banks to Fintech companies like USSD/SMS centers, mobile advertising, customer self-care platforms and many more. Eyeline’s major clients are more pro-MiniApps and the project serves about 10 million mobile users across the globe, sending about 1 billion messages monthly. Over 5000 teams dedicated to development are recorded with MiniApps. The platform is currently in use mostly in the corporate sector with a partner network comprised of mostly important Russian mobile user and banks – Mobile Tele Systems, Alfa-Bank, along with many others.


What is MiniApps?

  • pro is basically an environment with diverse sales partners on one side and developers on the other.
  • Designers produce chatbot/miniapps templates which are made accessible to sales partners through the project’s online open market.
  • These sales partners function with SME clients and make use of the chatbot templates to generate custom-built solutions for clients.
  • Moreover, the project is an AI+ blockchain which is a power-driven ecosystem for more than 300 million SMEs.

MiniApps’ innovations

There are more than 300 million SMEs all across the globe which are incapable of affording the cost of high technologies, predominantly due to a deficiency of both human and financial resources. Modern messaging along with AI-based technologies like MiniApps can resolve such issues.

MiniApps aims to capture at least, 10% of the MSME chatbot market across the globe with its significant innovations. This MSME chatbot market includes micro-scale, small scale, and even medium-scale enterprises.

The significant innovations are as follows:

  • Integrated and ground-breaking technologies have been made available through templates of the business application.
  • It provides a business model focused on speedy market interference through local partnerships.

What gives MiniApps an edge over the others?

There are basically two major factors which make MiniApps stand apart. These factors aid in increasing the speed of chatbot penetration and the ‘mobilization’ of MSMEs in developing nations. The growing reputation and attractiveness of messengers and chatbot among both young (14 to 20 year olds) and mature (21 to 50 year olds) users has placed this project in the forefront.

Manageable infrastructures

Developing nations necessitate accessible infrastructures for their MSMEs, which are usually either unheeded or overlooked by new companies of the technological field due to a shortage of information or the legal and financial complications of working there. MiniApps provides assistance to construct manageable infrastructures in order to communicate among businesses and clients. This results in better labor-productivity and effectiveness for regional MSMEs, thus contributing to the welfare of local communities.

Eyeline’s major project has employed Natural Language Processing templates, which empower chatbots to conserve human conversations on numerous topics. It assimilates with the prevalent AI systems of or Microsoft QNA Maker, and other platforms of the sort. In addition, the approach of incorporation with existing AI/NLP systems enables it to overcome theoretical and technical boundaries. It is imperative that all AI/NOI and existing AI/NLP engines have specific limitations in terms of language support.

Neural recommendation system

Another improvement added by MiniApps is a neural recommendation system. Analogous business application templates are grounded on the Tensor Product apparatus, which was founded by the Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This novelty was designed to build a custom-made experience for users of chatbot, along with recommendation features. This is aimed at bringing about higher revenue rates and enhancing customer loyalty.

MiniApps Space semantic smart contracts are premeditated as a footing for spreading out billing. Semantic smart contracts are grounded on a semantic modeling which is named ∑-programming by eminent honorees named Ershov Yu.L, Goncharov S.S., and Sviridenko. The company plans to join forces with the Institute of Mathematics (which is the Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk State Universities), along with the, to advance the semantic modeling technologies.

3 Reasons for mining MiniApps

  • The mining of MiniApps provides for services pertaining to bookkeeping services. The mining is fundamentally done 24 hours/7 days a week and the process of computer accounting is termed as ‘verifying transactions’.
  • The mining also enables you to secure a small reward for your services in the accounting section by the reception of tokens.
  • This helps in keeping your private costs low, including electricity and hardware.

MiniApps Wallet

  • You can only access MiniApps Tokens if you use an Ethereum wallet sealed with an amalgamation of your account information (address), private key and exclusive password you have.
  • In case the MiniApps Group is incapable of issuing MiniApps Tokens within a month of the expected date, the agent might request a refund of the MiniApps Token on behalf of the customers. In such cases, the refund is given in the original quantity and the form of recompense to the same digital wallet that the funds were transmitted from.
  • In case a third party gains access to your private key, or to your login identifications involving your Ethereum wallet, he/she might be able to embezzle the MiniApps Tokens you hold.
  • The wallet or wallet service supplier used for the involvement has to be in principle, well-suited to the MiniApps Token. The failure to guarantee this might mean that you can’t access your MiniApps Token.
  • Proceeds from the sale of Token are to be kept in a multisig wallet, whether during the TGE and right after the same.
  • To alleviate the risks involved in exchange rate, funds are to be dispersed in a portfolio which include other key cryptocurrencies.

MiniApps vs. Bitcoin

Comparing the cryptocurrency feature of MiniApps and Bitcoin is very common, but a comparative study reveals that MiniApps and Bitcoin are immensely different as projects and that they differ in their very intentions. While Bitcoin has been described as a moderately constant digital currency, the MiniApps on the other hand, aims to comprise more, with merely an element of its intelligent contract applications.

MiniApps Token Price and Token Sale

The Token Price has been divided in 2 phases, phases 1 and 2.

  • In Phase 1, i.e. until 19th of December, the MAT was Ethereum ERC20 friendly product token, priced at 1 MAT which equals 0.01 ETH with an issuing value of not more than 20 million MAT.
  • In Phase 2, in the first part of 2018, there has been a tokenization for Community Marketing. Its price is 1MAT = from 100 to 175KRK, which depends on the bonus.


Future Predictions for Miniapps

Tokens have been predicted to become more eye-catching to the short-term investors, given the reputation of the platform. Presently MiniApps is an operational platform with about 10 million users, along with an extra program that the originators of the project promised the investors prior to the beginning of the TGE. The project crosses the threshold of a speedily rising and highly competitive market. Robust rivalry can be distinguished as the chief risk to the venture. The goal of capturing 10 per cent of the market, appears to have been too optimistic in a time of hideous competition. The project team regards the the strong rivalry in this field as a signal of market-desirability and as an improvement in terms of prospects. Therefore, the project creates a “community” for all developers to compete effectively.

  1. The project is tentative to fall into a risk-zone when it comes to inadequate information on either financial and/or economic advancement or operation of the plans to seize 10% of the market. The financial archetypal does not fully reveal how this plan will be realized.
  2. A low level of media and industry exposure clearly does not underwrite to the achievement of the ICO.
  3. There is a considerable risk of losing customers to competitors. For the existence, growth and understanding of the risks identified, the project requires an important marketing strategy.

Miniapps Team

  1. Vitaly Gumirov, Founder: The creator of, Vitaly graduated from Novosibirsk State University with a specialization in Mathematical Logic and Computer Science. Vitaly has an experience of 25 years in the IT industry and several efficacious businesses in his record. His company i.e. Eyeline Communications, became the frontrunnert among the sellers of SMS/USSD centers in Russia
  2. Yuri Peshkichhev, Co-founder: Yuri is the co-founder Vitaly’s Eyeline Communication and has been his business partner for 20 years. All their business ideas are basically examined by Yuri, and as a result, whole business apparatuses appear with a legal design, optimum financial flows, and precise reporting.
  3. Peter Matyukov, Co-founder: Peter left Novosibirsk State University, and has been working in the IT sector since 1992. In Eyeline he has been responsible for USSD/SMS and chatbot services (Telegram, Skype, VK, Facebook).

Other members of the Team are Pavel Karavanov, Serge Lugovoy, Viktor Ryzhkov, Eugeny Chukanov, Boris Bondarev, and others.


The rapid growth of blockchain-based online cryptocurrencies, will lead to an upsurge of interface parts for bet assignments to maintain customers and intensify the execution pace, according to the industry insiders. Unlike most beginners, MiniApps platform is a commercially established project of Eyeline Communications with experience in putting a project into practice in the corporate market.

Thanks to the, the costs of chatbot adoption are diminished, and with support, more than 100 million MSMEs around the globe will receive stress-free access to the new generation of chatbots which in turn, will improve the value of their customer service.

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