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Mirocana Token Sales – Everything You Need To Know About Mirocana

What is Mirocana Coin (MIRO)?

Mirocana is a complex predicting system which is founded on deep-learning neural nets that collect, store and analyze massive data amounts. Mirocana created three investment products depending on system’s forecasts for cryptocurrency, stock and currency markets. The number of tokens on a user’s account determines the level of access to the products.

The digital unit for Mirocana Investment Products is the MIRO token. In order to motivate people with talents toward contributing their knowledge and code to make Mirocana predictions more accurate, the system can give out some MIRO tokens to such persons. MIRO tokens are available for purchase during the Token Sale. If for any reason you miss out on the token sale, you can purchase MIRO at the Exchange after the token sale.

Mirocana technology is constructed on a multi-layer configuration. Financial data is converted into premium investment products as they pass through several strategies and simulations layers.

Mirocana collects the unrefined financial data from various sources of data. The system’s predictions are based on news and articles, quotes and market data, essentials and the activities of hedge-fund managers and traders.

These billions of predictions the system generates from different layers of strategies are stored. The Mirocana team is able to execute new strategies daily, and any quant or future algo-trader will be able to add new strategies in the future and get paid.

Each simulation makes use of deep-learning neural nets in calculating the weights of the input predictions it receives from all the strategies so as to maximize profit and also minimize drawdown. The best performing simulation is chosen and adopted to the production after calculating all the simulations results.



Mirocana has three products for assets management:

It predicts more than 400 stocks on NYSE and NASDAQ stocks exchanges manage the funds, integrating them into Interactive Brokers account.

It predicts up to 90 cryptocurrency pairs listed on Poloniex exchange and has the ability to distribute the coins into the accounts of the clients.

It predicts and manages 125 fiat currency pairs, integrating them to an OANDA broker’s account. AI would have no right to withdraw any money but only manage fund in agreement with received predictions when it is incorporated to a client’s account. In addition, Mirocana will not charge any commission for the first 8 months but will compensate 25% of loses that take place.


Important competitive advantages
  • Mirocana’s system does not only work with cryptocurrencies, it also does with traditional fiat and stock markets.
  • Mirocana connects to a broker or exchange account that is already in existence, making use of an access key, and manages the client’s fund there. They never take the customers fund to their accounts. Only the customers have the right to withdraw funds, Mirocana does not.
  • Mirocana’s forecasts are made based on various sources of data. AI bases its market predictions on moving averages as well as on several factors like news, Google Trends, articles, technical indicators, chart patterns, correlations, tweets, and other players’ activity.
  • Mirocana is building three platforms for crowdsourced learning, which will advance the correctness with which forecasts are made. The payments to contributors will be made in MIRO tokens.
  • Unlike other big brands that have developed advanced investing algorithms and trading robots in the past and kept such to themselves, Mirocana promises to make its technology readily available to the public thereby giving unrestricted access to traders to use the technology for a safer trading. The company however, hopes to give preference to early investors when it comes to having access to this rare technology.


Milestones to watch

The important dates to watch out for regarding the Mirocana Token sales include:

  • Start Date: Sunday, November 19, 2017 (12:00:00 GMT)
  • End Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2017 (12:00:00 GMT)
  • Ticker Symbol: MIRO (Mirocana Coin)
  • Token Price: 1 MIRO token = 0.001 ETH
  • Initial Token Supply: 200,000,000 MIRO tokens
  • Hard Capitalization: 60,000 ETH


Use of Funds:

Mirocana plans to use the funds in the following manner:

Hire new developers to create Mirocana products                         20%

Legal, marketing and other expenses                                                15%

Expand the team of algo-traders and quantitative analysts         15%

Expand the team of data scientists and mathematicians             15%

Rent new servers and add them to their clusters                           10%

Hire new developers and engineers                                                  10%

Hire new developers and blockchain experts                                  10%

Expand the team of managers to get new data sources                 5%

Mirocana’s main reason for the tokens sales is to speed up research and developments. This is why a bulk of the fund raised would be channeled into hiring developers, engineers and blockchain experts to meet the set goal. The company is positioning itself to be a top player in the trading and investing environment.


Pre-sale terms

The pre-sale starts on 19 October and will run till 29 October 2017 (Already completed now). The minimum entry is 1 ETH, all other terms include:

  • You get 5% discount if you purchase up to 10 ETH
  • You get 10% discount if you purchase up to 50 ETH
  • You get 20% discount if you purchase up to 100 ETH
  • Your discount will be individually discussed if you purchase from 100 ETH and above.


How to participate in Mirocana ICO
  • Visit the ICO page
  • Save your private key. Make sure you don’t lose the key because it is the only way to access your account.
  • Login to your Mirocana account and fill out the KYC registration form
  • Wait patiently for your application to be approved. This may take up to 2 days at most.
  • Purchase your MIRO tokens. You can only do this after your application is approved.
  • Transfer your token. You can transfer your tokens to an ERC20 compatible wallet to keep them safe.


Token Sale Terms

Mirocana has decided to embark on a token sale in order to speed up their research and development. For that reason, they are making their tokens available to the vast numbers of persons who are interested in investing. If you buy MIRO Token during the Token Sale, you will be buying the key that grants you access to their investment analyzing products. MIRO tokens are likely to be listed at cryptocurrency exchanges by the time they conclude the token sale. At that point, it will be possible for you to exchange MIRO tokens for other cryptocurrencies should you opt to not continue to have access to their AI-products.


Sticking to transparency and investor confidence

While it is true that the regulations for the companies which operate in ICO funding and crypto currency markets are still ambiguous, Mirocana already adheres to the different rules and creates an environment secure enough to enable the participants in the token sale take part without many hitches. To make sure that the company complies with the existing rules and regulation, the company’s legal advisors constantly analyze the legal framework that is in place. Mirocana is regularly aiming at doing business transparently in order to earn the highest level of investor confidence, knowing that gaining investors’ confidence is a core ingredient to staying long in business.


Investing In Cryptocurrency The Automated Way

Mirocana is a complex, self-reinforcing system which is founded on deep-learning neural nets as well as other recent machine learning models with the capacity to make predictions concerning the cryptocurrency markets, stock and fiat currency. Since the entire system is intended to regularly increase prediction accuracies, Mirocana collects, stores, processes and analyzes financial data in huge volumes.

Since Mirocana Company was founded in March 2015, it has built a dependable and successful system that predicts trading. They have remained focused with their vision of using their products in changing the investment industry and have managed their funds with the aid of the AI-system.

Only a handful of market players can currently lay hands on sophisticated investing algorithms and trading robots that are powered by AI. Already, some big brands like Goldman Sachs, WorldQuant, Tow Sigma, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, Aidyia, and the rest have developed these complex algorithms without giving the world access to them. They are constantly hiring well-paid quantitative analysts, data scientists and algo-traders, spending huge income in the process to ensure they remain top players in the industry. Mirocana’s main aim is distort the status quo and develop a system that token holders will have access to, and that is intended to regularly enhance prediction accuracy, and is empowered by several people globally.

Mirocana is currently developing three easy-to-use investment analysis products for its token holders, which is based on predictions of the Mirocana system. Mirocana recognizes the fact that transparency is the main feature of their products. Customers can easily monitor the position at which the system opens or closes. Each customer has the right to revoke an access key at any time if he/she wishes to stop using Mirocana’s products. Even as it is hard to constantly generate profits on crypto-currency, stock and currency markets, Mirocana’s dream is to build a system that can regularly do that and also give many people access to the system, especially the pioneer customers, not just people with enough money.


Why Mirocana Token sale is going to succeed

The Mirocana token sale has all it takes to be a huge success. Such confidence is built on the following:

  • MIRO addresses one of the most essential challenges of cryptocurrency trading – making the right predication and avoiding trade losses
  • The team behind the project is made up of individuals with track records, meaning that they probably have the skills to create good robot and success in the project
  • Mirocana has a well defined roadmap, which if adhered to, has the capacity to set them apart from their competitors in the market
  • Mirocana has three quality products that are trusted by investors


Overcoming the challenges of crypto market trading

The cryptocurrency market is faced with one big problem – a lot of potential investors in crypto trading are greenhorns. In a market environment that is highly volatile, the tendency to easily lose one’s money due to price fluctuations is there. Mirocana aims to overcome this challenge by their project and build selflearning trading robot.

The Mirocana robot makes use of Artificial Intelligence, which employs simulation in getting as input time series of quotes and sequence of forecasts of the various tactics in the system. It can then use its deep-learning neural nets and other machine learning models to logically calculate the weights among the strategies in order to create cumulative forecasts. It uses the cumulative forecasts and risk management logic and position sizing logic to place buy and sell orders in the simulation setting.

Mirocana also uses its own internal ML-products and open-source tools for machine learning and data science in calculating the significance of each strategy before arriving at predictions that would be accepted as final. In order to make the act of predicting more accurate and reliable, Mirocana makes use of open-source tools like TENSORFLOW, CATBOOST, THEANO, LIGHTGBM, XGBOOST, and H2O. The weight assigned to a strategy depends on the accuracy and consistency with which the strategy is able to make predictions.

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