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Pre-Sale of NAGA Tokens – All That You Need to Know About NGC

Founded in 2015, NAGA Group AG is an EU regulated German Fintech company, listed in Frankfurt. It has a market cap of over USD 250 million and boasts of billions in trading volume every month. The company operates in the capital market and gaming domain. NAGA’s technology expertise spans over financial markets to robo-advisory and algo trading to blockchain technology. Its team of experts delivers innovatively designed disruptive solutions for gaming and online trading.

What is NAGA Coin (NGC)?

NAGA has introduced NAGA COIN (NGC) with a mission to revolutionize the banking sector that operates non-transparent and always takes a cut from the investor’s earnings. The company offers an excellent trading platform for financial markets and virtual goods. The digital NAGA ecosystem facilitates anyone to convert fiat and other crypto currencies, virtual in-game goods and stocks for one another.  NGC unites all platforms in NAGA ecosystem through the Naga Wallet, a proprietary wallet service by the company. Naga Wallet offers a secure platform for the investors and traders to store their currency. The company’s shares are currently trading at 500% above their original issue price.

Understanding the ICO

Initial Coin Offering or ICO is offered by a company to raise capital through the creation of a new crypto currency, which can be traded with fiat or other crypto currencies. It is similar to IPO of the traditional stock exchanges, the big difference being that the ICO investors do not have actual stake in the company, like it is in case of IPO, but they are indirectly involved through the creation of crypto currency. The investors benefit with increased value of the crypto currency in case ICO gets successful.

Blockchain technology and crypto currency

The development of blockchain based currency solves various problems that are integral to fiat money and current financial systems. Crypto currencies like bitcoin approach money and monetary transactions in a fundamentally different way. Bitcoin transactions effectively removed the need of middlemen (like banks) for the first time, giving financial independence to the users.  Digital currency bitcoin makes it extremely difficult and unlikely for any member to submit fraudulent transactions, and it’s expensive even to try to do so. Thus, the digital coin miners of bitcoin mining website who are tasked with the responsibility of network security are better off acting honestly. An online trading platform integrated with crypto currency payments has extensive advantages over the classical banking and stock exchange systems.

Pre-sale of tokens

To raise funds for its expansion plans, NAGA has begun the pre-sale of its tokens. NAGA token pre-sale will continue from November 20, 2017 through November 27, 2017, or when the pre-sale token supply of 20 million NGC sells out. Here are the key milestones of NAGA tokens’ presale.

Milestones to watch:

Here the key dates to watch for NGC token pre sales

  • Start Date:                                 20 November 2017 (00:00 CET)
  • End Date:                                   27 November 2017 (23:59 CET)
  • Ticker Symbol:                         NGC (NAGA Coin)
  • Token Price:                              1 NGC = $1.00 USD
  • Minimum Purchase:              15 NGC ($15.00 USD)
  • Pre-Sale Bonus:                       30%
  • Accepting:                                 BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH
  • Accepted fiat currencies:    EUR, USD
  • Minimum Purchase Per Person: $10 (=10NGC)
  • Maximum Purchase Per Subscription: 10,000,000 NGC
  • Minimum cap in tokens: 1,000, 000 (One million)
  • Pre-sale: 20,000,000 NGC
  • Tokens available for sale: 220,000,000 (Two hundred twenty million)
Use of Funds:

NAGA envisages using the funds in the below manner:

Marketing:                                         50%

Tech- Development:                      30%

Legal and Regulatory:                    10%

Business Development:                10%

The funds raised through ITS will allow NAGA to focus on customer acquisition activities. The company says that it will allocate 50% of the money raised to marketing and customer acquisition activities.

ITS: December 2017

Main Token Sale

1 to 15 December 2017

200,000,000 NGC tokens on sale

1NGC = 1 USD

Token holders will have major incentives and monetary benefits compared to fiat currency users. Tokens open big opportunities in the form of cash backs, discounts and additional bonuses for the holders.

NAGA Wallet

Investors need a wallet to trade crypto currencies. Users can effortlessly transfer tokens between peers, deposit and exchange crypto currencies and fiat money, and convert a wide range of blockchain assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) into one another using NAGA Wallet. It facilitates for the easy management of crypto portfolios and major crypto currencies. The funds in NAGA Wallet are secured by a combination of hot and cold storage solutions. User registration automatically creates a blockchain wallet. The wallet is further secured by 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) and locked by a 6 digit PIN code.

Key features of NAGA Wallet

NAGA wallet offers a number of benefits to the users. Key ones are highlighted below:

  • Multi-asset compatibility
  • Direct integration into SwipeStox and Switex user accounts
  • Decentralized and risk free storage of crypto coins
  • Crypto currency storage without anyone except you having access to it
  • Safely invest your crypto currencies into virtual goods
  • NAGA debit card (to be introduced)
How come NAGA pre-sales is going to be a success story?

Presale of NAGA tokens has high potential to succeed.  Here are the substantive observations that support this view.

  • NAGA’s management has the vision for the growth of crypto-economy and the roadmap is already drawn. It boasts of millions in revenues and billions in trading revenue with several hundred thousand transactions every month.
  • The company is in possession of an asset management license and other EU-financial licenses.
  • NAGA stock is counted among the top traded retail shares in Germany.
  • The company has offices in Germany and many other European countries. It has access to more than 20,000 paying clients from across the world.
  • The company is supported by some of the well-known investors, advisors and institutions, such as FOSUN – the largest private investment conglomerate from China, and Hauck & Aufhäuser, one of the oldest private banks in Germany.
How to buy NGC tokens

NAGA allows users to buy NGC tokens with fiat money and crypto currencies. Here is a step-by-step guide to buy NGC tokens:

  • Visit
  • Provide your Email ID and set the password
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Logon to NAGA Token Sale Client Area
  • Choose between the crypto currency and fiat currency to buy the tokens

In case you choose crypto currency
  • Choose among the BTC, ETH, LTC or DSH.
  • NAGA will present you with your personal address to send tokens
  • After sending the tokens from the wallet, you will see be able to see this transaction detail in your NGC token balance.
  • Enter the address of your ERC-20 compliant wallet to receive the tokens within seven days of the closing of token sale.
If you choose fiat currency
  • To buy NGC tokens in excess of one thousand through fiat money, NAGA will require you to complete your KYC (know your customer) documentation. You will be asked to upload your identity proofs like Passport, Driving License etc.
  • After the successful submission and approval of KYC documents, you will be able to buy tokens in excess of 1000.
  • After the deposit being validated and confirmed by NAGA, the user will be able to see the corresponding number in its NGC Token Balance. The user will also receive an Email confirmation about this.
  • To receive tokens, you need to specify your address from an ERC-20 compliant wallet, not from your exchange wallet.
  • Distribution of NGC tokens will happen within seven days of the ITS’s closing date. Enter the address of your ERC-20 compliant wallet in the “Token Balance” to receive your NGC tokens within 7 days from the date the sale is closed.
  • For a smooth experience for the purchase of NAGA coins, carefully read the company’s White Paper and Token Offer Agreement to know every little detail about the investment process and token sales.
Increase in token value

NAGA expects increase in its token value based on realistic assumptions, not just optimistic. Like the price of any other item, the price of token also depends on the basis of supply and demand. The supply of NGC tokens is fixed at 400,000,000. It is expected to increase based on the increase in user base, current operational ratios, conversion rates, average deposits etc. The increase in the number of live accounts will eventually boost NGC token’s value. NAGA expects a significant increase in live account users for both SwipeStox and Switex as a direct consequence of the Initial Token Sale or ITS. The money raised will allow the company to allocate the funds to direct value driver activities. The major part of the funds will go to direct revenue generating activities.

The company assumes that the token’s value will be balanced by the forces of demand and supply. The generation of new accounts for Switex and SwipeStox and company’s growth will further fuel NGC’s demand. NAGA aims to develop a fully regulated and holistic exchange to allow the users trade virtual assets, crypto currencies and gaming items.

Robo Advisor to your help

With its ITS, NAGA aims to establish the world’s first crypto-gateway for trading virtual goods, CFDs, stock, ETFs and other financial instruments in a secure and transparent manner. NAGA’s proprietary and personalized robo-advisor CYBO will help you invest and build your financial wealth with full transparency. Robo-advisor is an automated software asset manager which offers automated investment of customer funds based on readymade strategies and will also advise you about the best crypto currency to invest. It builds portfolios out of the mostly indexed funds or ETFs. It monitors numerous technical and financial market indicators and comes up with best trades for the investors. The user can start, pause or completely disable their personal CYBO at their convenience.

Overcoming the challenges of crypto market trading

One of the major barriers for curious individuals to enter into crypto markets is converting fiat into virtual currency bitcoin and other crypto currencies like Ethereum and Litecoin. Buying bitcoin online from websites, sending it to an exchange,  figuring out bitcoin price change and other crypto currency rates requires some degree of technical knowledge and trust in a system that investors have previously not used. Such individuals may find the process frustrating and risky. Due to such inconveniences of local bitcoin exchange, qualified investors turn their backs to crypto currency trading, and miss out on promising opportunities.

Simplified NAGA ecosystem for hassle free trading

To make the things simple, NAGA has introduced SwipeStox – a fast social network for trading, and Switex – a virtual goods exchange. The platforms and NAGA’s joint venture partners provide a risk and hassle-free environment to the investors. SwipeStox offers a mobile-oriented trading platform to the users and an open interface for other third-party brokers. It has specially designed algorithm that correlates the user’s interaction with others to create a Social Financial Graph for the user. On the other hand, Switex seamlessly connects the financial trading world with the gaming world. It’s a perfect addition to NAGA ecosystem and imbibes enormous disruption potential. Switex offers an easy, legal and trustworthy platform to trade items.

Adhering to transparency and investor confidence

Although the regulations for the companies operating in tokens and crypto currency markets are still not clearly defined, the NAGA Group already complies with various regulations and provides most secure environment to the token sale participants. The legal structure set up for the token sale is regularly scrutinized by the company’s legal advisors to ensure their compliance with the existing laws and regulations. The group aims for full transparency to achieve highest level of investor confidence.

Risk factors

Purchase of tokens involves a high degree of risks, key ones being described here.

  • The value of tokens may significantly fluctuate due to various reasons. It may be depreciated due to non-NGC related events in the crypto currency markets.
  • The company’s dependence on computer infrastructure and its vulnerability to cyber-attacks, physical or electronic break-ins and other disruptions may limit, delay or suspend the use of NGC tokens.
  • Smart Contract technology is still in development and experimental stage; it carries significant technological, financial, operational and regulatory risks, notwithstanding the audit conducted by an independent third party.
  • Personal information about the token holders, like the number of tokens used, the wallet addresses used etc. may be disclosed by the company to the law enforcement agencies when it is legally required to disclose such information.
Refer friends and earn handsome bonuses

The company has also launched reward program, called Refer-a-Friend through which it rewards its registered investors who recommend other people to buy NGC. A link will be shown in the “Earn Tokens” in personal client token sale area once you log in. You can share this link with your friends through Email and other social media channels. The company will pay you 5% bonus of the token amount that your referral bought to your token balance. The minimum purchase amount for the referral is 15 NGC and the maximum purchase amount is 10,000,000 NGC. The bounty pool is limited to 20,000,000 beyond which no further referral bonuses will be payable.

Get to know more about NAGA and its tokens

To learn more about NAGA ecosystem and token sale, visit Subscribe to the Icotokennews newsletter to get regular updates about new tokens and ICO’s. NAGA has also opened some communication channels through which you can ask questions to them and their enthusiastic Support Team will help you in all possible ways to answer your queries.

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