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TLC’s SafeConnect (NVIS) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The internet is huge—it’s called the network of networks. However, the development of the internet was backed by the utopian idea that anyone could communicate with anybody, anytime, anywhere. So, this huge network wasn’t built with the privacy and security of its users as a priority. On the internet, once everything is connected, there will be many weak links. In order to make internet surfing public secured, VPNs were developed.

Nevertheless, as is the case with any piece of technology, the traditional VPN clients also have their own vulnerabilities ranging from port cloaking to decentralized traffic routing. To overcome all the challenges faced by conventional VPNs, TLC’s Secure Network (TSN) has been developed. Also known as SafeConnect, this technology is quite revolutionary because it has the possibility to change the way a netizen thinks about, and uses, VPNs.

So, let’s review this technology and its respective ICO sale.

Nvis Intro

 SafeConnect analysis

 Generally speaking, TSN is a blockchain of VPNs that can’t be discovered or seen by any user of the public internet. However, this tech works just like any other traditional public network as TSN is a robust encrypted layer 2 P2P network. This network uses private address space—it’s the same space that’s invisible on different public networks. This is what makes this blockchain-powered network resistant to even the most sophisticated hackers.

SafeConnect: The science behind making the internet secure and invisible through VPNs

The solution was initially proposed with a sturdy blockchain that would include a P2P layer 2 encryption. This encrypted layer would be present between different nodes of the TSN blockchain. The end-product, SafeConnect, happens to be a powerful layer 2 over layer 3 VPN. In this VPN, every single port is available if the network is viewed from its node’s inner perspective. However, once the network node’s outer perspective—the internet side—is taken into consideration, all TCP ports are completely closed and are filtered by iptables. (However, for the sake of being technically precise, only the network ports will be visible that’ll be used by the peers of a named community to communicate with each other.)

Other benefits of using SafeConnect are as follows:

  • Bringing down the outside attack surface.
  • Cloaking a variety of inter-node communication channels.
  • Normally carrying out intra-node communication.
  • Sealing every single unused port available across the network.
  • Eliminating every incident involving the injection of external packets.
  • Enhancing the performance and uptime of different blockchain nodes.

This ultra-secure community is limited to participants and stakeholders. This means that if you’ve joined this project’s ICO sale or if you’re one the stakeholders, then only you’ll leverage all the benefits of this revolutionary VPN blockchain.

Nvis Network

The evolutionary phases of building the revolutionary TLC SafeConnect

Every single well-planned network has its own evolutionary journey, and this is the case with TLC SafeConnect.

The team behind this crypto project has divided SafeConnect’s development work into three phases:

Phase 1: Creating a network of fully functional nodes belonging to the layer 2 P2P VPN

  1. The first goal of the development team is to create a completely decentralized and distributed network from the ground up.
  2. For this purpose, the team has built the network on layer 2 P2P VPN technologies that are robust and scalable.
  3. Apart from incorporating the most innovative VPN technologies, this blockchain-based network will include an Ethereum blockchain, different state-channels, smart contracts, and decentralized database solutions.
  4. To maintain the highest levels of privacy, the network complies with a number of coins by using the existing Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.
  5. When this phase comes to an end, the world will be allowed to use an open source, distributed VPN network.
  6. Once the complete version of the network goes live, not even a single and specific point of failure will be possible.
  7. All in all, this cryptographically secured VPN network looks foolproof in every sense of the word.

Phase 2: The expansion of the SafeConnect network continues

  1. Once the development phase comes to an end, the second phase of expanding the SafeConnect network will begin.
  2. This phase will involve the expansion of the network across the entire blockchain community.
  3. Both fully private and public nodes (enterprise and institutional) will be invited to become part of this massive VPN blockchain.
  4. To improve the network’s adoption rate, its development team will incentivize all the participating nodes pro rata with their engagement levels. (Even the independent node operators will be incentivized for every effort they’ll spend on the network.)
  5. So, the whole economic model of this blockchain-based VPN grid is quite clear—a big plus for every prospective investor.

Phase 3: The revolutionary protocol is a standard on the network

  1. This is the last phase of SafeConnect.
  2. In this phase, the vision of the development team is to offer a keyed set of different APIs.
  3. These APIs will be used by the developers to plug inside its own layer 2 of the P2P network.
  4. This is a proprietary protocol developed by TLC Secure, Inc., and it’ll eventually form a powerful combination of several elements that are united within a coherent system.
  5. Once it’s completed, the protocol will make sure that every single participating node’s reporting and functionality will be extended by the involved third parties.
  6. The core development team strongly believes that the involvement of third parties will definitely take the network’s functionality to a whole new level.

Now, this blockchain-enabled VPN platform does look like a promising project on the already-jammed ICO list. But apart from having potential, a crypto project has to be innovative as well.

Below is an analysis of everything novel about this crypto project below.

 SafeConnect innovation

Every project that aims to be successful in the crypto landscape has to be innovative in one way or another. If you look at some of the most successful crypto projects—such as Amon, SandbIock, Fiancia, PodOne, ShopIn, SAMY, Graz, DataBroker— you’ll know what we’re talking about. The team working on the SafeConnect network understands the value of innovation in a crypto project very well.

Nvis Features

Building a futuristic, safe, secure VPN network on the blockchain

This network will have a number of opportunities for VPN communities and development entrepreneurs at a range of levels. (However, they’ll be able to get the benefits once the blockchain is fully deployed.) The network will be completely open to different applications that’ll make online censorship less effective in the future.

Also, this network has a number of well-built processes in place to make sure that the payments are processed easily and efficiently. Furthermore, a suite of network-related services will be made available by rehashing the infrastructure and its protocol created by TLC Secure, Inc.

Creating an almost infinitely scalable VPN for tomorrow

Services, similar to a VPN, on a blockchain network will be already available during the first phase of the development. In the first stage, all the VPN services given by the network will be compared with the existing suite of services. Based on the comparison, this network will be improved. All of this will eventually result in the development of a VPN service that’ll be not only competitive, but also infinitely scalable. With this economic model, the network will give other similar entities such as app developers and VPN providers an option to access VPN services from TLC Secure, Inc.

TLC’s in-house VPN services will be integrated into the offerings of the app developers or VPN providers. This seamless integration is one of the biggest competitive edges of the network, and this edge is due to the ecosystem’s open-source nature. Plus, the best part is that any user/node of the network can earn money by joining the network.

 Incentivizing the token-use model to make it new

All the participants who’ve joined the TLC crowd sale will receive access to different tokens. These tokens will build the foundation of every single transaction taking place on the network; they’ll actually tokenize and economize the entire VNC network for the better. All the node owners will run their own specific nodes that’ll be further incentivized for the network. This way, a node owner will actually become a miner who’ll receive the rewards in the form of NVIS tokens.

This tokenized model, however, differs from all the typical blockchains that generally don’t reward miners and node operators for their computing power or currency ownership. NVIS tokens will even be awarded based on the hours of operation performed every month by every node.

The incentives given on the network will promote its expansion. The holding company behind the network will even give the participating nodes the opportunity to share the services fees for all the transactions happening on the blockchain. (The per-transaction fee given to the nodes will be less, however.)

SafeConnect ICO Details

In order to monetize every single effort spent by a node on the network, the team has come up with a native cryptocurrency—Invisible Internet Coin (NVIS).

  1. These coins were created by the team in January 2018.
  2. NVIS tokens will follow the ERC20 standards and will be available on the Ethereum Mainnet with a pre-mined supply.
  3. During the ICO sale, the participants will be given TLC credits and not the final version of the NVIS coins.
  4. Most probably, the purchased coins will be issued through a DAICO including RelayRadar.
  5. The 10 million NVIS tokens will be given to every one of those who hold the credits.
  6. The NVIS blockchain is already operational and every single token is pre-mined.

Token use model

The ecosystem will allow the following members to use the tokens.

  1. All the end users of the network will pay the nodes through NVIS tokens. These users may even use the tokens to buy premium services and content.
  2. Even the miners are eligible to earn NVIS coins through the PoW (Proof of Work) mechanism.
  3. Every single node operator will be incentivized using the NVIS coins to add different nodes or recruit fresh operators belonging to other blockchains.

Nvis Token

SafeConnect ICO Facts

  1. Token name : Invisible Internet.
  2. Ticker : NVIS.
  3. Token type : ERC20 standard.
  4. Token issuer : TLC Secure, Inc.
  5. Total supply : 100,000,000 NVIS tokens (fixed supply).
  6. Mining : The mining process will be used as a specific bounty, but it will never increase the total supply.
  7. Token utility : The internal cryptocoin will be used to access the network and to pay for premium services and content.

Nvis Pre ICO

The team behind SafeConnect

If you pick any leading ICO project—Energy Premier, TokenLend, BunnyToken, Omnitude, Ternio, Adblurb, Alttex, THEFANDOME for instance—then you’ll know the value of a good team. Well, SafeConnect also capitalizes on the fact that it’s being developed by a really experienced team.

John Matthesen, CEO of the company, has rich experience in successfully developing two IPOs for startups. In addition, the team includes network security experts, VPN specialists, software engineers, and machine-learning/AI consultants.

Summarizing SafeConnect

When everything is said and done, this project is definitely innovative. It’s a very innovative attempt to create a fully-fledged network of VPNs to make sure that the experience of surfing web remains completely secure. Plus, the participating nodes will get incentivized for whatever work they’re performing on the network.

After going through the finer details of the project, the crowd sale seems to be worth joining because TLC is building a new-age internet with SafeConnect. However, it is recommended that you visit the crypto project’s website before deciding to invest.

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  • John Matthesen
    John Matthesen
    John Matthesen
    (CEO) - John was on the team of two startup-to-IPO companies (Sybase and Commerce One). He has extensive operations, engineering and sales experience throughout the US, Europe and Asia and has served as CIO, VP of Asia Sales, and various roles in marketing and Engineering, and was architect of one of the first B2B e-marketplaces.
  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith
    Phil Smith
    (President and CTO) - Phil is a network security expert and former senior product developer and principle forensic engineer with Cranite Systems, Inc., where he helped develop WirelessWall ($50M in VC funding).
  • Larry Karisny
    Larry Karisny
    Larry Karisny
    (CBDO) - An expert in Smart Grid and public safety and founder/director of ProjectSafety, a non-profit organization. Larry brings 20 years experience in a variety of local wireline and wireless network topologies including power grid private networks and NOC operations.
  • Evgeniy Kalashnikov
    Evgeniy Kalashnikov
    Evgeniy Kalashnikov
    (Network Architect) -
    Expertise in multi-platform network configuration, protocol stacks and VPN products and systems architecture.
  • Chris Rhodes
    Chris Rhodes
    Chris Rhodes
    (Director Of Engineering) -
    Principal Software Engineer with over 30 years of experience in systems level software, device drivers, operating systems (desktop & embedded), storage, high performance I/O and distributed systems.
  • Steven A. Wright
    Steven A. Wright
    Steven A. Wright
    (Application Engineer) -
    Senior Software Engineer with decades experience in Windows and applications development. Formerly with
  • Khalid Usman
    Khalid Usman
    Khalid Usman
    (AI and Machine Learning Expert) -
    PhD candidate. Android and iOS / iPhone application developer. Expertise in A.I. and Machine Learning. Published research on medical image analysis.
  • Taher Elgamal
    Taher Elgamal
    Taher Elgamal
    Dr. Elgamal is recognized as the inventor of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a protocol developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents via the Internet.


  • 1
    1 Development of Infastructure
    The required IT infrastructure to support supernodes in 3 continents has already been developed and is available as a minimal viable product (MVP) in the form of TLC Secure Network. with Ethereum private blockchain to support NVIS tokens and Custom ETH.
  • 2
    2 Pre-ICO
    March 28th – April 28th
    Tokens will be distributed to represent 10% of the supply and the price of the ICO.
  • 3
    3 Trading Capability
    May – June 2018
    Convenient NVIS smartphone wallets and listing on exchanges will permit NVIS to expand market capitalization.
  • 4
    4 Initial Coin Offering
    mid-June 2018
    30% of the tokens will be distributed to solve the capital issue so that we can improve and expand the network.
  • 5
    5 Token Redemption
    Fall 2018
    After the ICO, NVIS use tokens will be offered to NVIS trading tokens holders. This will allow us to offer high value services.
  • 6
    6 Blockchain Hosting
    Late 2018
    The launch of services related to blockchain hosting and alternative crypto token support.
  • 7
    7 New Types of Money
    The synergy between blockchain hosting and payment products will offer new types of services linked usage tokens as a medium of exchange.

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