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Omnitude (ECOM) ICO Review – ICO Token News


We all love to do shopping. Every day millions of people do shopping through online stores or retail shops to accomplish their needs. An invention of the internet makes shopping more easy and simple for the customers. You just need your smartphones or laptop with internet connective and you are ready to shop your choice of product anytime from anywhere.

E-commerce is a big industry that includes different technologies and professional discipline like warehousing, marketing, supply chain, etc. in order to deliver best product quality and services to the customers.  But, still, there is a problem in the e-commerce industry of market gap that makes the things very complex and difficult.  Today various e-commerce platforms are used in the industry that built on different technologies and creating the issues of integration.  Omnitude is using a blockchain technology to build a bridge between e-commerce platforms and enterprise system for seamless integration and to avoid any type of frauds.  Due to advanced features of blockchain, many companies such as BitCAD, RootProject, TokenLend, Guardium and Aktie Social are using this technology.

What is Omnitude?

The eCommerce has currently required a process that can simplify the underlying complexity of the industry. Omnitude is a blockchain based platform that works like a middleware solution to connect e-commerce platform and enterprise system for resolving the challenges of e-commerce industry and prevent frauds. The Omnitude platform allows anyone to design and build Omnitude applications combined with existing solutions of the enterprise system and supply chain. The company is striving hard to transform eCommerce and supply chains by implementing the blockchain technology features.

What problem will omnitude solve and how?

This will help to resolve the major problems of the industry by achieving the following prime goals like

  • For creating transparent and accountable manufacturing and supply chains
  • Reduce the e-commerce fraud.
  • Blockchain integration benefits for enterprise system like WMS, ERP.
  • Allow single customer identity to utilize in any Omnitude connected e-commerce site.


The Omnitude phases:

Phase One

In the first phase, Omnitude will launch its platform. This will allow the integration of numerous technologies with a platform and provide them with a privilege to take the benefits of blockchain technology for efficient and quick working.

Phase Two

In its second phase, Omnitude team and community will work to develop the Omnitude apps in order to resolve the specific use cases.

Brief idea of Omnitude ecosystem

The platform will be developing on Hyperledger which is an open source global project run by the Linux Foundation. The Hyperledger architecture offers the core services of block chain technologies which are used in the development of Omnitude ecosystem. The ecosystem is made by the combination of various entities that includes merchants, couriers, affiliates, customers, etc.

What are ECOM tokens?

The company will be launched ECOM tokens that will use by Merchants, suppliers and customers to take part in the ecosystem. Prime functions of the tokens include-:

Act as a settlement method for parties to access ecosystem resources

  • ECOM will be used by merchants for making payment to other participants of the ecosystem.
  • Customer will use ECOM, fiat and cryptocurrencies for making merchant payments

 Means of raising funds for ecosystem development

  • Omnitude Foundation is launching a crowdfunding. They will use funds for the initial issuance of ECOM, to launch the ecosystem and for the development.
  • During the crowdfunding, the issued ECOM coins will be acts as an initial float to bootstrap the ecosystem

Anyone can become the members of Omnitude ecosystem and enjoy the benefits of earing ECOM.

Token structure details

  • ICO Start Date :28th March 2018
  • ICO End Date :25th April 2018
  • Symbol : ECO
  • Tokens : 100,000,000 ECOM
  • Inflation :None (no further tokens will be issued)
  • Token Sale Cost :$0.46 USD/ECOM
  • Token Sale Hard Cap :45million ECOM


  • Chris Painter (Founder)
  • Robert Belgrave( Founder)


The Omnitude is stepping ahead to resolve the prime concerns of e-commerce industry by introducing the blockchain supported platform. It is a transparent and open platform that allows anyone to develop the application which can be easily connected with an existing e-commerce solutions enterprise system, supply chain. There are many companies like BunnyToken, Flying Money, SHIFT.CASH, SonoCoin and Dether  launching their ICO for raising funds. Omnitude also announced its ICO in which you can participate to contribute in the project


  • Chris Painter
    Chris Painter
    Chris Painter
    (Founder & CEO) - After 12-years’ of running a design and build web-agency in the eCommerce space, Chris is perfectly placed to help steer the industry of online transactions onto the Blockchain.
  • Vladimir Kalynyak
    Vladimir Kalynyak
    Vladimir Kalynyak
    (Co-founder) - Vladimir obtained his Master in Computer Science sections “Aircraft Instruments and measuring and computing complexes" in 2003.
  • Robert Belgrave
    Robert Belgrave
    Robert Belgrave
    (Founder & Advisor) - As founder and CEO of cloud services company Wirehive, Robert and his team support some of the most inspiring and innovative tech companies the UK has to offer.
  • Jurie Van Rensburg
    Jurie Van Rensburg
    Jurie Van Rensburg
    (Finance Director) -With more than 20 years’ experience in senior Finance and executive management roles, Jurie is an accomplished Finance Director who blends strong business acumen with international experience to add value to any business venture.
  • Martyn Brougham
    Martyn Brougham
    Martyn Brougham
    (COO of Americas) - Martyn Brougham COO of Americas Martyn was previously Solutions Director for DHL Supply Chain, where he was responsible for pioneering projects to deliver supply chain solutions for multi million dollar contracts including Police, Telecomms and Marketing in both Europe and the USA.
  • Ben Bennett
    Ben Bennett
    Ben Bennett
    (Operations Director) - Ben is a widely experienced commercial professional with a proven history of building, coaching and developing high performing teams.
  • Jon Harris
    Jon Harris
    Jon Harris
    (Brand Director) - Our in-house creative visionary, Jon has over 20-years’ experience of branding across a huge range of sectors from Financial to retail and online start-ups.
  • Lianne Byrne
    Lianne Byrne
    Lianne Byrne
    (Marketing Director) - Lianne is no stranger to the blockchain and cryptocurrency world having formerly worked for the Bitcoin Foundation and technology Venture Capital firm Newtown Partners. She is a self-proclaimed all-round digital native and geek, skilled in running small
  • Belinda Hall
    Belinda Hall
    Belinda Hall
    (Strategy & Partnerships ) - DirectorBelinda has 17+ years of experience working with global network agencies, managing agency partners’ and delivering world class brand, business and communication strategies for global brands
  • Greg Painter
    Greg Painter
    Greg Painter
    (Community Manager) - Greg has worked within account management and marketing for many years, improving rich customer service skills in the eCommerce space.
  • Andrew Starmer
    Andrew Starmer
    Andrew Starmer
    (Project Manager) - Andrew is a top-class digital project manager with over 10 years’ experience in delivery.
  • Nikki Hall
    Nikki Hall
    Nikki Hall
    (Social Media Manager) - Nikki has worked in the media industry for 13 years, starting out in journalism, while earning her degree in design in communications, which led her to create social campaigns for the great and good across Europe.


  • 1
    Concept Creation
    Core Team Hired
  • 2
    Technical Whitepaper Created
  • 3
    Whitepaper And Website Go Live
    Whitelist And Pre-sale
    Creation Of Proof Of Concept
    Public Release Of Code And Github Repo
    Token Sale
  • 4
    Announce Technology Partners
    Work On Phase 1 & 2
    Creation Of Integration Code
    Creation Of Live Production Nodes

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