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ORCA (ORCA) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Cryptocurrencies are rapidly increasing in the market but their usage and adoption are still limited in the mainstream for purchasing goods and services. This is due to various problems such as a lack of knowledge, security, etc. that restrict people’s use of cryptocurrency in daily life. The ORCA alliance understands the importance of this future currency and encourages its adoption and usage by introducing an ORCA platform. This is the first open banking platform specially designed for crypto users and helps in resolving all the obstacles of the crypto market. By introducing this innovative platform, the Alliance wants to integrate banking accounts with crypto wallets.

Orca Intro

All about ORCA

The ORCA (Open & Regulated Cryptocurrency Adoption) Alliance has come up with an ORCA platform to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the real market. This new platform will provide a technological solution that will help to promote cryptocurrency service aggregation, encourage mainstream adoption, and motivate community engagement.

The platform provides the following solutions:

An open banking platform

  1. This solution will combine the data from different sources including financial exchanges, banks, and crypto wallets.
  2. By integrating crypto wallet accounts with regular banking accounts, this solution offers ancillary infrastructure to measure, monitor, and assist in the right course of action for each user.

Account overview interface

  1. With this interface, users can easily recognize the visual depiction of their financial situation.
  2. It gives a glance overview of all the important information including portfolio volatility, portfolio performance, assets allocation, etc.
  3. In short, this solution provides an immediate picture of the user’s portfolio and helps in simplifying the decision-making process for the user.

Artificial intelligence

  1. It’s a machine learning algorithm-based analysis used for customer data and financial activity.
  2. This solution offers relevant feedback on financial management for both the customers and financial service providers.

APP center

  1. This is an App center of the crypto world such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
  2. In this segment, apps are tested, monetized, developed, and showcased.
  3. The APP center is mainly designed to centralize all the activities.
  4. The different services provided in this solution include copy trading services, trading algorithms, crypto cards, and lending services.


  1. The crypto developers and consumers are aiming to develop a new app based on blockchain innovation with a problem-solving focus to contribute to the Open & Regulated Cryptocurrency Adoption


  1. The tokens act as fuel for the platform and are utilized to appreciate community users and finance startups.
  2. The tokens are an easy way to access the platform.
  3. The tokens are used for purchasing services and work as a payment medium of the platform.

Orca Platform

What is the ORCA Dashboard?

The platform is created with the aim of bridging a gap between banking and cryptocurrency services to deliver excellent consumer-oriented solutions. The end users can easily access all these features with one single interface called the ORCA Dashboard. It is a user-friendly gateway of the platform driven by the power of ORCA tokens.

Dashboard Financial Services

The Dashboard Algorithms provide an advanced system of financial parameters that help in managing different types of financial services through:

  1. Cash account info aggregation: To provide an aggregated and instant snapshot of the user’s financial status.
  2. Event monitor: To scan inflows and outflows of the account and trigger alerts.
  3. Forecast-based saving: This will offer various possible options for savings based on personal income, changes in interest rates, and variations in asset returns.
  4. Asset categorization: Assets are divided into different parameters that include liquidity, technology, geography, etc.
  5. Saving rules: It benefits the users in defining their saving and investments on the basis of financial objectives, risk tolerance, pre-set parameters, etc.
  6. Rebalancing: It helps in the continuous monitoring of portfolio performance with relevant suggestions for rebalancing according to the user’s risk profile.
  7. Trend indices: This service scans and searches the products and investments to meet the fixed parameters include region, sector, etc.
  8. Portfolio transition: It gives suggestion on buying and selling assets to improve portfolio performance.
  9. Risk-bearing capacity: The algorithm will calculate the user’s propensity for risk and financial capacity for bearing it.
  10. Target savings: It helps in defining the target of saving and purposes different scenarios on how to achieve them.

Advantages of the dashboard

With the ORCA dashboard, users can access and manage their accounts by utilizing various services and also engage with other community members of the platform.

The dashboard is designed with the goal of enhancing user experience and offers a wide range of financial service options with a quick delivery of services in a hassle-free manner. The use of AI programming characteristics in the dashboard provides numerous benefits to the platform that include:

  1. Customizable: Provides an easy way to configure on the basis of the user profile.
  2. Connected: Dashboard algorithm encourages communication with each other and offers features in real-time.
  3. Intelligent: The dashboard algorithm is designed with advanced technology and supplemented by Machine Learning Protocols.
  4. Data-savvy: Comprised of various data sources to feed the algorithm.
  5. Cost-effective: Modular system of the dashboard ensures low pricing.
  6. Compliant: The dashboard is operated on the basis of EU law and banking regulations.
  7. Discreet: It makes sure that user identity remains anonymous and secure while using platform
  8. Goals: The Modules of Dashboard will be modeled across the client’s individual strategies.

What problems is ORCA is resolving?

In the current scenario, cryptocurrencies are facing various difficulties in achieving a complete integration into the mainstream realm.

The prime issues are discussed below in detail:

Problems in using cryptocurrencies

  1. Cryptocurrencies are booming in the market but the use of cryptocurrencies are still limited for purchasing goods or transferring funds.
  2. High transaction fees and a lack of payment options are two elements responsible for these issues.

Uncertain regulatory environment

  1. In many countries, cryptocurrencies are legally accepted, but still people don’t understand the legal implication of owning and using digital currencies.
  2. People should know the difference between national policies and the introduction of new regulation through community engagement.
  3. This will help in sustainable growth for the cryptocurrency economy.

Insufficient knowledge

  1. Most of the countries, people are unaware of the technical capabilities of these cryptocurrencies.
  2. Digital currencies are mainly used for trading purpose but the majority of its users have little knowledge about the potential benefits of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Safety issues

  1. In the past, there have been numbers of cases where consumers have been exposed to potential danger by owning cryptocurrency such as DAO hack.
  2. This creates fear and uncertainty among the consumers about whether these digital currencies are safe from cybersecurity attack, fraud activities, or online scams.
  3. These are key issues that need to be resolved in order to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the economy.
  4. The ORCA is dedicated to designing the Open Banking Platform that will help in solving these obstacles and allow users to enjoy the benefits of crypto financial services by combining them with the existing financial system.
  5. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that enables users to access complete benefits from new financial and cryptocurrency services.
  6. The platform follows all national and EU laws and regulations which are applicable to its operations.

What is the ORCA mobile app?

  1. The mobile app is developed to provide an interface that brings the ORCA platform to the mobile user.
  2. The app will contain all the platform functionalities including the dashboard, App center, account services, etc.
  3. ORCA Multiple Platform Support will make sure that users can easily access different services from various providers with the help of one single app.
  4. Moreover, an app will also include an integrated card + App solution so that users can easily purchase goods and services through fiat currency and cryptocurrency.
  5. Both the mobile app and platform are currently in development.
  6. The mobile app will be launched for both Android and iOS version.

What is the B2B ORCA solution?

The ORCA Alliance and platform provide its services for both P2P and consumer markets. They are also focusing on addressing their services to promote B2C and B2B markets. This segment will include a group of various applications where companies and individuals can easily monetize and have the chance to earn tokens. This platform will work as a financial data aggregator for companies and individuals and also allow for the monetizing and exchanging of information in an efficient and instant way.

What is the ORCA token swap?

Today, you can find numbers of startups that offer ICOs, such as Fintechbit, KaratBank, HeadStart, Streamity, Upline, DenCity, BitRewards, COTI, and launch utility tokens for it. Therefore, future users will need to obtain different tokens to enjoy the benefits of each service provided by these startups.

The ORCA platform will bring a new solution by which users can swap token on the platform and make the ORCA token a “one for all” token to access all the services of the third party.

When this service is added to the dashboard, users can easily pay for it by using platform tokens which will automatically convert into the provider’s tokens.

Bancor liquidity protocol is used to process all these exchanges on the platform. This will make ORCA a go-to platform where users can buy and manage their crypto service in the one place.

Orca Roadmap

Uses of the ORCA token

It is a utility token used to accomplish various activities on the platform such as:

  1. By buying these tokens, the user can access trusted third-party services via the App center.
  2. For making payment and purchasing in-app. These are a currency of the platform that help to streamline the user experience and offer instant access to third-party services.
  3. Tokens are used to pay the fees for uploading an app to the ORCA App Center.
  4. Enjoy special deals and offers provided by ORCA’s partners on the basis of token usage and account value.

Benefits of the token

The token holders will automatically become a part of the ORCA community and receive various benefits for their support and membership. Only community members enjoy the benefits of accessing all parts of the platform and can use their token to take part in different activities that include:

  1. Loyalty program: The members of the loyalty program can reap benefits from long-lasting engagement and earn tokens on the basis of existing token use volume.
  2. Services in dashboard: Users are allowed to utilize the complete range of services provided in the App center.
  3. Quests: Platform members can perform tasks and receive rewards in return.

ICO details

  • Token Name : ORCA.
  • Token Type : Ethereum ERC-223 based utility token (Compatible with ERC20 wallet).
  • Sale Starts on : March 26, 2018.
  • End on : April 30, 2018.
  • Total Token amount : TBA before the Public Sale (single Issues).
  • Percentage of token on sale : 60% of total ORCA.
  • Soft cap : Reached.
  • Hard cap : USD14,000,000.
  • Accepted currencies : ETH, BTC.
  • Accepted nationalities : Any country, except the People’s of Republic of China, United States of America and Singapore.

Orca Token Distribution

Token distribution

  • 60% : sold to contributors at the time of the token sale.
  • 17% : divided among founders, advisors, and developers.
  • 3% : distributed through the bounty program.
  • 20% : Community Development Fund (to attract new community members, influencers and partners).

Fund allocation

  • 45% : Platform development.
  • 20% : Business development.
  • 20% : Community development.
  • 10% : Legal and regulatory activities.
  • 5% : Education and promotion.

The team behind ORCA

Natan Avidan, CEO,Founder: He is an avid crypto evangelist and dynamic innovator. Natan has years of experience in the field of blockchain-business development, marketing, and cross-platform entrepreneurship.

Orca Team


The ORCA (Open & Regulate Cryptocurrency Adoption) Alliance is a community-based initiative which is engaged in promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency by introducing a new ORCA platform. This will be the first platform that will integrate all kinds of banking and cryptocurrency accounts globally to enhance the growth of the crypto economy.

ORCA tokens are utilized to make any transaction on the platform.  Similar to other ICOs such as PumaPay, Alttex, THEFANDOME, TokenLend, StarLight, BunnyToken, Seal, BlockFood, etc. the ORCA Alliance is also launching its ICO to gather funds for the immediate start of its platform activities and development.

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  • Natan Avidan
    Natan Avidan
    Natan Avidan
    (CEO / Founder) - Natan is a passionate crypto evangelist and an active innovator, with extensive experience in blockchain business development, cross-platform entrepreneurship and marketing.
  • Dmitrij Radin
    Dmitrij Radin
    Dmitrij Radin
    (CTO / Visionary) - Dmitrij never rests. He is a true blockchain believer, crypto enthusiast and energetic community activist, with a diverse background in tokenization, IT, strategic planning and creative problem solving.
  • Vachtangas Babunasvili
    Vachtangas Babunasvili
    Vachtangas Babunasvili
    (CBDO / Investments) - Decisive business strategist and crypto investor, with extensive experience in fundraising, investment banking and asset management.
  • Laurent Bourquin
    Laurent Bourquin
    Laurent Bourquin
    (COO) - Former Investment Banker from tier 1 EU banks, with an extensive knowledge of financial management and a deep passion for Crypto-economics.


  • 1
    ORCA was founded
  • 2
    ORCA PoC
  • 3
    Round table in EU Parliament
  • 4
    Payment Services Directive (PSD2)
  • 5
  • 6
    Early call for service providers
  • 7
    ORCA closed beta
  • 8
    ORCA Platform beta
  • 9
    Official launch of ORCA Platform

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