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Origami Network: Analysis and Interpretation

Ever since blockchain technology started taking the edge over the conventional market, essential activities such as shopping, payments, money transfers, and trading seem have become easier, more secure, more transparent, and certainly faster.

A new project taking the crypto world by storm is the Origami Network.

The Origami Network has created a blockchain-enabled, decentralized marketplace platform to address various problems related to online business platforms such as efficient development, maintenance, payments on escrow, and the management of reviews.

Origami Intro

How is origami serving as a solution?

This is a well-planned, high-tech platform, with many advanced and functional virtual products. With quite a substantial number of members (to support the project) already on board, this project is fully operational.

There are three full-scale platforms based on this parent project:

  • Origami Marketplace.
  • Origami Payment.
  • Origami Review.

As a blockchain-enabled universal solution, which is developing faster and easier handling for decentralized marketplaces, it seems to have great potential. The models currently being used internationally are not as efficient as they could be, which has seen the growth of alternative platforms powered by blockchain technology (similar to other ICO tokens such as  Joint Ventures, Monaco Estate, BitCAD, RepuX, Phoneum, Cibus, MoonLite, Adblurb.

What happens when blockchain integrates escrow?

This project’s aim is to make escrow payment possible in the blockchain network and with cryptocurrency. Once escrow payment is possible with cryptocurrency, serving any sort of obligations with signature funds with distributed funds will be possible.

Furthermore, escrow payment with cryptocurrency will also assist the parent party to dispense money from different exchanges and also secure all transaction data until certain statutory conditions are met. So, instead of holding or transferring funds for next payments, escrow provides the private and public barter keys to complete a function.

The current marketplace models offer a slower and more complicated online marketplace experience, involving many cases of fraud. The newer models are of course powered by escrow technology, which also work to improve the marketplace review systems. With the Origami Network, one can experience an online marketplace in an easy, seamlessness, reliable, affordable way.

Why choose a decentralized marketplace?

Technology is revolutionizing the world around us. From your shopping culture to entertainment, everything is powered by technology. Additionally, blockchain technology has been taking the real/virtual business world by storm, implementing a much speedier, more affordable, more secure, and transparent transaction systems for all kinds of trading. This has been enabling many businesses to come up with their very own marketplaces such as B2C or B2B in order to offer an easier, faster, and more affordable trading and transaction environment.

What is the origami network’s innovation?

  1. The founders of the project claim that technological improvement will take world business to the next level. With escrow payments in cryptocurrency being developed, things are on their way to becoming streamlined for online marketplace users.
  2. If you look at the review system, there are still hundreds of flaws in online marketplace review systems. Unless they are addressed or made decentralized this unsatisfactory situation will continue.

Origami Network

Issues leading to the origination of origami network

Online marketplaces are also known as online business platforms – a term that all our readers will recognize.

Depending on the current online business size of the industry, the marketplace is earning over USD1 million per year, yet the problems relating to centralized marketplaces still exist. The review nature of the centralized marketplace is largely ungoverned with abusive exchanges between buyers/sellers difficult to contain. Origami Network has been built in a way that will resolve the issue. By powering the review system with blockchain technology, it will decentralize it.

This is exactly where escrow payment will become integrated. Origami Network is clearly offering a solution to your escrow payments by wanting to decentralize the entire online marketplace worldwide. The further benefits of altering the system include scalability and security. The Ethereum-powered blockchain is enabled to develop DApp, which means developers can also join this platform to build various decentralized apps.

Why is this a good project?

This is a one-stop-solution if you are looking forward to decentralizing your online marketplace. It’s the place to have all your decentralizing requirements met and implemented. This project aims to utilize blockchain technology in order to solve problems in the centralized market.

They say that as a result of blockchain technology evolving worldwide at such as fast pace, companies around the globe are now able to run their own B2C/B2B marketplaces more quickly and much more cheaply. In addition, in the advanced models of online marketplaces, application development, payments, escrow, and maintenance all come in handy.

This is a blockchain platform, i.e. it is decentralized and aims to resolve the existing problems in the current model of digital business. This platform is concentrated around making products that work for diverse customers and luckily, Origami Network has developed quite a number of functional products that aim to diversify business’s profits.

By providing businesses with three specific platforms such as marketplace, payment, and review, this platform tends to work in a complementary manner. Furthermore, developers, marketing personalities or simply users of the platform can utilize the platform in a modular style or in its entirety.

This is the only network using blockchain technology to offer universal solutions to making the global marketplaces decentralized.

Origami Fund Allocation

The origami payment mode

  1. Origami Payment is completely decentralized, which means powered by ORI (its own native crypto token).
  2. It is compatible with ERC20 as it is being developed on the Ethereum blockchain (like other tokens such as Kelta, Datarius, StarLight, BunnyToken, SprintX, Aktie Social, PodOne, RepuX.
  3. You will be surprised to know that here the payment culture contributes to enhancing the selling and buying of its products, which will integrate the escrow system within the blockchain network.
  4. This will also ensure that the payment system is more secure, with lower transaction costs.
  5. In addition, the entire payment mode is ready to be integrated with the current marketplace model, although they are not handling outlays directly.

Innovation and technology involved with the payment system

This is where the Origami Network stands apart. It performs its payments on a P2P-designed model. This technology is to help establish more trust between sellers and buyers. This helps online businesses give their users a better and more secure online payment experience, as it is done within blockchain technology. The system cost is much lower than current models, further allowing small transactions to occur in profitable conditions.

How to get started

Initially, the system is designed to accept only Ethereum, Bitcoin, or its native tokens called ORI. However, they are planning to add more virtual currencies in the near future. As mentioned previously, the project also plans to integrate escrow payment with cryptocurrency. Taking it on to smart contract might prove to be too costly for now, but with time, good things will happen. Once it is done successfully, the complete system will be automated with no third parties. Ultimately, this will cut major costs and make your services more attractive.

Origami network blockchain enabled marketplace, reviews, and escrow api

  1. The Application Program Interface on the Origami Network has been designed to cover all the functions needed for the successful operating of an online marketplace, including payout transactions, escrow system, and pay-in.
  2. In the majority of countries, for any sort of financial services, you have to engage third parties to handle the processing and they charge high fees.
  3. Here, there’s no such third party reaping all the benefits, making a hole in your pocket.
  4. The Origami Network lets you experience a new age with a revolutionary online marketplace.

Origami Marketplace

Origami network ico details

Each new project needs to start somewhere, and it needs to raise funding. As it is a blockchain project, there will be an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), quite similar to Initial Public Offering (in the fiat industry). What makes ICO different to an IPO is that it ensures a good return. Each ICO sets a pre-defined number of tokens to be sold and their price against fiat currency or a popular cryptocurrency. Most of them accept ETH, so they set their price against ETH only.

With the Origami Network, the story is similar.

  • Origami has set its hard cap of 5,000 ETH against 50,000,000 ORI Tokens.
  • 30 million tokens have been released for sale during the pre-sale and main sale phase.
  • 6% will go into bounties.
  • 34% will go into bonuses.
  • The remaining tokens will be set aside to help with functional product development, legal and marketing purposes.
  • The pre-sale of the project recently finished successfully, and it ran for only 1 week, i.e. 7 days.
  • The crowd sale, the main ICO or main crowdfunding, started on February 23, 2018.
  • The crowd sale will end on March 23, 2018.
  • The minimum investment for this is 0.1 ETH.

Origami Team


The project is a completely decentralized network with no need for the intervention of third parties. There are direct payments options available via Origami crypto-backed payment system and it has lower fees.

While the conventional marketplace has lacks transparency, Origami Network’s decentralized marketplace model lets you look through all your transactions easily. Also, in the conventional model, your personal credentials are more likely to be hacked and stolen. Worth taking a look and maybe even investing. Visit their website for more information.

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