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Origin (ORIGIN) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Origin Protocol is a set of protocols that enable buyers and sellers of fractional use goods and services to transact on the distributed, open web. The businesses and developers can build decentralized and blockchain based marketplaces on the platform, with a focus on a sharing economy. It allows for the decentralization of the community and platform with the use of Interplanetary File System (IPFS) and Ethereum blockchain ( similar to Viso Global, Coinfi, Xmoneta, LiveTree, Play2Live ). The decentralization allows for the creation and booking of goods and services without involving the traditional intermediaries. The platform is built on top of many open source libraries, distributed systems, and protocols.

Project analysis

The initial approach of the developers is to average out the exchange rate over different markets and time. Prior to the launch of the Origin Protocol network, the developers plan to integrate the stable coins that attempt to remove the volatility of the cryptocurrencies. Quite unlike the asset-backed cryptocurrencies like Tether, new projects are attempting to implement programmatic central banks to manage both the deflation and inflation of the currency.

Problem it Solves

Identity is the core component of the platform, which is opt-in. Buyers and sellers can transact pseudonymously as long as they consent to it. They are free to choose the identity and identity provider for the purpose of acceptance. The platform will verify the identity in two ways:

  1. Firstly, it will encourage the users to identify themselves using publicly auditable proofs. Users can post their public keys on Facebook, Twitter etc. and then cryptographically sign their listing using private keys. Users can then use links in their listings to Facebook post, tweet, etc. This way, anyone can verify the identity of the poster.
  2. Secondly, the platform will allow users to collect verifications from the trusted third-parties. These third-party providers help in identity verification through the interfaces with the offline world. For example, to verify the identity of the user, it may send a postcard with a code to the user’s address and then ask them to enter the code on a website.

Benefits for Investors

  1. Fraud and spam prevention: Central moderators in the traditional marketplaces have to maintain large fraud and spam prevention teams to prevent the overrunning of the networks by fraudulent listings. The Origin platform effectively removes the need for a trusted middleman and so deters undesired behavior with economic The platform will have a Deposit-Challenge-Vote mechanism to ensure the cleanliness and integrity of the data. For this, the user will have to deposit ORIGIN tokens when creating a listing or filing a complaint.
  2. Platform security and incentives: Origin will have an appropriate mechanism to self-regulate the community. The token will be instrumental in maintaining the security of the platform and create disincentives for fraudulent listings, transactions and accounts. The platform will have a better-than-free model for buyer and seller transactions. For more information, you can refer ICO stats. It encourages a vibrant developer community to earn ORIGIN tokens through multiple business models or grants.

Origin RoadmapORIGIN Token

Origin tokens (ORIGIN) will be introduced to create crypto economic incentives for the investors. The ERC20 token will leverage the full advantage of Ethereum network’s developer tools and built-in wallets.

The token serves the below three purposes on the platform:

  • Ensures platform security and health.
  • Enables network governance.
  • Facilitates buyer/seller transactions.


Thanks to the emergence of the Ethereum platform  (similar to  Celsius, BunnyToken, Altair, Lendo, ABYSS) and IPFS (A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open), it is now possible to have decentralized commerce in the sharing economy. Origin offers open-source protocols and standards that allow buyers and sellers to connect with each other without the involvement of rent-seeking middleman.

The ORIGIN token is a utility token that will create positive and negative incentives to ensure the security, engagement, data validity and growth of the platform. It allows the community to participate in the governance of the network with the use of the ORIGIN ICO token. The platform is focused on bringing change and innovation to the sharing economy.



  • Josh Fraser
    Josh Fraser
    Josh Fraser
    (Cofounder) -
    Josh started coding at the age of 10. Prior to Origin, he co-founded three other venture-backed companies: EventVue, Torbit (acquired by Walmart Labs) & Forage.
  • Matthew Liu
    Matthew Liu
    Matthew Liu
    (Cofounder) -
    Matt was the 3rd PM at YouTube (acquired by Google) and VP PM at Qwiki (acquired by Yahoo) and Bonobos (acquired by Walmart). He has an MS and BS from Stanford.
  • Stan James
    Stan James
    Stan James
    Senior Engineer
    Stan is a software architect with deep experience in game design and machine learning. Previously, he founded Lijit Networks (acquired by Federated Media).
  • Andrew Hyde
    Andrew Hyde
    Andrew Hyde
    (Community) - Andrew was the founder of four startups, including Startup Weekend, and has built global communities across dozens of countries. He was employee number 1 at TechStars.
  • Coleman Maher
    Coleman Maher
    Coleman Maher
    (Partnerships) -
    Coleman is an active cryptocurrency investor and real estate entrepreneur, owning and managing multiple Airbnb properties. He studied mathematics at Berkeley.
  • Jon Hearty
    Jon Hearty
    Jon Hearty
    (Business Development) - Jon was the 10th hire at Redbeacon (acquired by The Home Depot) and 1st hire at Datanyze where he served in multiple business development roles from VP of growth to COO.
  • Aure Gimon
    Aure Gimon
    Aure Gimon
    (Product Designer) -
    Aure has deep experience in crafting products that delight users. He has designed experiences with top brands (Nike, Sony, Virgin) and Silicon Valley startups.
  • Derek Kan
    Derek Kan
    Derek Kan
    (Evangelist) - Derek is a product executive that has built global marketing and ad technology business lines. He's held leadership positions at GroupM and Omnicom Media Group.
  • Saureen Shah
    Saureen Shah
    Saureen Shah
    (Engineer/BD) -
    Saureen is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He was cofounder and CTO of sharing economy marketplace InstaWork and 10th software engineer at YouTube.
  • Ryan Angilly
    Ryan Angilly
    Ryan Angilly
    (Engineer) - Ryan has 10+ years experience building and operating consumer-facing web applications and highly scalable B2B APIs. He is founder of Ramen and ChartURL.
  • Daniel Von Fange
    Daniel Von Fange
    Daniel Von Fange
    (Engineer) -
    Daniel is a full stack, polyglot developer. He's worked on projects from assembly programming to architecting systems tracking billions of dollars of NGO spend worldwide.


  • 1
    Idea conception and demo DApp development
  • 2
    Product Brief and Whitepaper released
  • 3
    Launch alpha on Ethereum testnet
  • 4
    Public beta and community sale
  • 5
    Token distribution and launch of 3rd-party DApps
  • 6
    Fully decentralized services and governance

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