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Perkscoin (PCT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Perkscoin?

Perkscoin is designed to address the issues of the CannaSOS’s social network’s users who aren’t provided with the banking privileges in the legal marijuana market.

Perkscoin by CannaSOS, which works as a bridge platform between cannabis vendors and consumers, is one of the forms of cryptocurrency, aiming to simplify the process of payment for businesses, thus getting them rid of doing all of their business in cash.

The multi-functional Perkscoin platform makes possible the settlement of companies, functions like a loyalty program, and works as a platform of payment in an online store.


Otherwise known as PTC — PerksCoin Token Transaction Platform — the Ethereum-enabled ERC20 token functions as a multi-level, non-cash transaction platform, and accomplish the following:

1 – Operates on an autonomous utility token, the PerksCoin Token (PCT);

2 – Generate and withdraw PerksCoin Tokens (PCT) from circulation for token liquidity;

3 – Guarantee security, transparency, and safety of all PCT-enabled transactions;

4 – Work like an arbitrator /mediator between Buyer and Seller;

5 – Offer support for peer-to-peer PCT token sale, without the need of any middleman and associated costs;

6 – Provide Secure Sale feature to safeguard buyers from unverified sellers, thus reducing fraudulent  activity in the marketplace;

Perkscoin development

The platform was developed specifically to address the needs of canna-related enterprises that didn’t get any support from the mainstream financial institutions. As a result, they were forced to use cash as the main transaction medium, and had to encounter with the increased risk of robberies because of the large cash volumes.

This non-cash, multi-level financial platform runs on decentralized blockchain technology and makes use of PerksCoin token like a payment medium. The PTP allows canna businesses, medical patients, and recreational users to carry out their financial transactions but for being engaged with mainstream banking system. PTP in fact provides safety, transparency, speed, and ease of all financial operations supported by great user experience.

Perkscoin reward points

The Perkscoin reward points are exclusively awarded only to CannaSOS registered members. However, these points can be converted in money only through the its network.  You can get these points converted into currencies like USD, EUR, CAD, GBP). Besides, the registered members can also make use of these points to pay for the advertising and/or goods/services but only with the businesses that have participation within the network.

PTP takes care of the obstacles that the advertising, financial and loyalty sectors have to encounter due to not being able to do payments and deposits of their cash in the legal marijuana market.

Key Features of PTP platform

  • It is Cash free
  • It is easy and free-to-use
  • It is secure and transparent
  • It is autonomous and decentralized
  • It comes integrated with cryptocurrency wallet
  • It runs on decentralized blockchain technology
  • It supports all PCT token-enabled loyalty and advertising programs
  • It endorses Secure Sale feature to stop fraud within the marketplace
  • It endorses vote-based arbitration and appeal mechanisms to protect Buyers and Sellers
  • It is engaged in the withdrawal and the emission of PCT tokens from circulation to lower risks of financial volatility


CannaSOS Perkscoin team

The CannaSoS’s team is made up of visionaries who have integrated blockchain technology into the canna space. The team has extensive involvement with businesses and individuals in the cannabis domain, thus enabling its team members to do analysis of key issues the cannabis industry is facing. It boasts of having the expertise and in-depth insights to solve these drawbacks by taking advantage of decentralized blockchain technology. Since it has onboard experts and highly professionals in the blockchain, marketing, IT, finance, and medicine, hence they’ve obtained sufficient capabilities to develop the first-class, distinct, and extremely effective solutions.

Perkscoin Founders & team members:

Oleg Cheine, CEO, who has more than seventeen years of experience, having specialization in management and sales, plus the implementation of marketing strategies and plans.

Luba Kay, CFO, research and advisor, has more than eight years of experience as a successful business woman within the health industry, and more than three years of experience within the canna-space. Luba has great understanding of the latest rules and regulations, followed by the Canadian canna market.

That apart, the team also has a chain of other members that includes:

  • Vas Shestakov Co-founder, Director of Development Department,
  • Andrey Shevtsov CTO, Software Architect, Blockchain Developer,
  • Vit Ivanov Co-founder, Senior Developer,
  • Sergey Shnerson, Co-founder, Network Administrator,
  • Anton Yakovlev, Co-founder, Front-End Developer,
  • Anton Danilov, Co-founder, and more

The platform already brags of having 1,000 professional pages; over 315,000 registered cannabis buyers; a 4,800+ marijuana strain database; 200+ social groups; 8,500+ user strain reviews; over 3,200,000 strain page views; 2380 posted advice Q/A; 3700+ posted articles; and a lot more.

How to Acquire PCT Token?

The PCT token can only be acquired by the registered members (participants) of CannaSOS network. Key steps that you need to do to acquire PCT token are as follows:

  • Purchasing tokens during Crowdsale and Presale events
  • Purchasing tokens directly from CannaSOS and/or other token holders
  • Earning tokens by socially engaging yourself on the platform
  • Subscribing to loyalty programs that participating merchants offer
  • Besides, you also have to trade tokens for services and goods with participating businesses within PTP ecosystem

Perkscoin Wallet

The Perkscoin Wallet feature enables its users to generate their account in Perkscoins, USD, EUR, CAD or GBR. Subscribers are allowed to make exchanges of their PRC points for currency or purchase goods and advertising. Besides, you can do conversion of Perkscoins into local currency and make use of it to refill the wallet.


Perkscoin Wallet?

Following are the steps that you need to follow to start using the Perkscoin Wallet Feature:

One of the first things that you are required to do is to get logged into your CannaSOS account.

Thereafter click on Wallet, you will reach at the Wallet page.

Take your mouse onto the Billing Info button, and fill out the Billing Information form with required details.

Remember, you get to fill out the billing information form in full if you want to withdraw and add funds to Wallet accounts.

Now click onto the button of Billing Address, and also fill out the Billing Address form.

Here also you are required to fill out the billing address in full so that funds can be added and withdrawn to Wallet accounts.

Creating Your Wallet Account

Now, for your Wallet Account creation, you need to click on the Create Account button.

And if you wish to activate a Wallet account: fill out the Create Account form with required details, then fill out your Billing Info and Billing Address.

Now when you have done all that you get to select the account currency from USD, PRC, EUR, CAD, and GBP.

Put a check mark in the box to accept TOS.

Now click on the below given Submit button to create an account.

At last you will find that your account has been created.

To know more, you can start navigating the links given.

And if you want to use the account, you are required to add funds.

Perkscoin ICO: Roadmap

According to the available roadmap on CannaSoS’s Whitepaper, the company on Nov 6, 2007 announced the registration of participants for PCT Presale in addition to a bonus discount of 40% -30% for all pre-sale participants. On November 25, 2017, it started its ICO, while on February 28, 2017, it ended the ICO. On March 10, 2018, they plan to do KYC verification, on March 15, 2018, there would be token listing on recognized token/coin exchanges.

On March 30, 2018, the company has a plan to start the development of their E-Store that will be making use of PCT token for transaction. On May 1, 2018, it plans to set up and start development of Loyalty Platform for retailers, whereas on June 20, 2018, it has decided to start its marketing campaigns concerning Loyalty Platform and PCT.

On the 15th day of August 2018, the company wants to start the development process of Security Sale Feature which will be founded on decentralized blockchain technology. On August20, 2018, it wishes to engage their business users to test their partnership program, while on
September 1, 2018, it is planning to start the development of their Self-Regulatory function for PTP.

Perkscoin Token Sale

The company decided to create a total of 100 million PCT, but it expects that with the passage of time, its demand would increase.

Following is the details about Perkscoin token sale:

  • Already offered a 40% discount on 10mln tokens at $0.48 per token,
  • 30% discount on another 10 million from Dec. 11 to Jan. 2,
  • At the rate of $0.56, from Jan. 2 to Jan. 18,
  • the company will also offer a 25% discount on 10mln tokens at $0.6, from Jan. 18 to Feb. 5,
  • Further, it wants to offer a 15% discount on 10mln tokens at $0.68.
  • Last but not the least, from Feb. 5 to Feb. 19, it plans to offer a 10% discount on 10mln tokens at $0.72. 

PCT has a nominal price of $0.80 USD.

Apart from the discounts, the company also has made plans for their future investments. The company says that it will be allocating a total of 10mln tokens to a controlled reserve in order for the maintenance of price support for the tokens. The prospective buyers or existing users can buy and sell them so that the token circulation remains stable.

Besides, the company has also planned to allocate half a million tokens to CannaSOS so that transactions support can be rendered onto the platform, whereas 14.3mln tokens would be allocated to CannaSOS for marketing. As of now, the company has sold more than 7 million tokens.

What PCT tokens are for?

1 – The individuals and businesses can do exchanging of tokens for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin with the help of cryptocurrency exchange;

2 – They can further use it to pay for goods/services/products/advertising through CannaSOS’ advertising platform and partner network;

3 – They can also do exchanging of PCT tokens for services and goods via PCT Transaction Platform;

4 – Finally, PCT tokens can be easily transferred between users (peer-to-peer), businesses, B2B, B2C, and C2C.

If you are looking to make widespread use and further acceptance of PCT token possible, there is a need of developing and implementing a PCT Transaction Platform (PTP).

Perkscoin in Press

Ever since CannaSoS has brought its Perkscoin Token to life, there is a lot of media talks going around in the web world. Following are some of the media bytes that will let you know Perkscoin recognition, its potentiality to grow in future, and how you will be benefiting through it.

Steemit: One Cryptocurrency Platform is Pioneering a new Paradigm That Could Change Everything!

CCN: CannaSOS Uses Blockchain To Facilitate Legal Marijuana Transactions

Investorideas: CannaSOS PerksCoin ICO is Moving in the Right Direction!

That apart, there are also some useful Social Media Links that will let you know more about CannaSoS and its Perkscoin Token.








As a final note, it can be said that the PCT token works wonder as an another cryptocurrency investment or Blockchain solution. However, the CannaSOS Global PTP Ecosystem and PCT token, by virtue of its easy-to-use platform, has brought a detailed solution to a community, which has for long been behind the veil of a black-market, giving realignment for our society as to freedom of finances, data and personal choice.

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