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Phoneum ICO Review – ICO Token News

Phoneum ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Phoneum?

Phoneum revolutionizes the cryptocurrency mining with the introduction of its decentralized mining algorithm which is a mobile-based cryptocurrency and sprints only on mobile devices via app. This is only one of its kind app that will bring the cryptocurrency concept to mobile devices. It comes integrated with a miner that is not just fully configured but also gets instantly ready to mine when you hit Phoneum coins button. The clean and simple design of the app accounts for transparent and smooth way to receive and send Phoneum between accounts.

Phoneum is specifically crafted for mass adoption via free mobile app on smart mobile devices, thus simplifying it for everyone to get involved in a decentralized cryptocurrency.

How to Use Phoneum?

In order to use Phoneum, all you need to do is just create an account or sign in with the platform by using your email or social media account.

Simply download the app from Google store, or you can wait until Phoneum launches its own Apple app.

The Phoneum app provides a secure and fast peer-to-peer network for receiving and sending Phoneum coins, with integrated QR reader/scanner.

Not for Computers

The dedicated custom blockchain algorithm is meant for mobile devices only, which means no PCs. The significance of this ideology is that there will be equal reward opportunity among minors. It also consumes low power and eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment, for; end number of people already has a smart mobile device with them.

So, let your smart mobile device do the mining for you!

Phoneum solutions

AS with other ICOs like Jibrel Network, Hade, XWIN CryptoBet, Asteroid, Flying Money, WePower, MedTokens, Phoneum will prove to be a lucrative solution for those who avoid involving in decentralized cryptocurrency. Where a few cryptocurrency terminals are wroth-trusting as preferred payment method, where intermediaries charge high transactions costs, and where Bitcoin still has not been able to grow its adoption rate, and where mining is even today considered risky by a novice in the cryptocurrency world, Phoneum makes it easy and hassle-free with its mobile-based blockchain-powered mining algorithm.

The company introduces a unique blend of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Time (PoT) consensus mechanisms. Through its mobile-enabled and blockchain-powered customized mobile decentralized algorithm, the company creates new standards and renders equal long-term opportunity to all smart mobile device owners.


You can earn Phoneum through mining, by making verification of transactions (PoW) on the blockchain as well as time spent in the app (PoT) with the miner fixed to begin. The app functions behind the scene, thus providing freedom to carry on utilizing the mobile device.

Phoneum token sale details

The company decides to make a total supply of 3,000,000,000 Phoneum tokens, It has set its PHT token price at 0.01$USD, equivalent to 1 PHT.

  • It targets to buy at least 1,000 PHT and 100,000,000 PHT.
  • Its project soft cap is $1,000,000 USD.
  • Its hard cap is $20,000,000 USD.

Token distribution

Phoneum has decided to distribute its weekly bonuses as follows:

  • 30 percent
  • 25 percent
  • 20 percent
  • 10 percent

Phoneum payment methods

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • Ripple
  • Dash
  • Litecoin

When the company will have released its custom Phoneum blockchain, it will convert all of its tokens into Phoneum coins (PHM).

How will Phoneum use its funds?

Below are set out the ways the company will use to distribute its benefits based on the funds it will receive from its token sale.

  • 55 percent for product,
  • 10 percent for marketing,
  • 5 percent for legal part,
  • 20 percent for its team members,
  • 5 percent for its advisors,
  • 5 percent for other hidden expenses.


Phoneum team

The team consists of Ivan Likov, the founder and lead developer. He is not just an early adopter, but also strongly believes in the potential and power of the blockchain technology. He himself developed the idea of Phoneum – Mobile only powered and mined cryptocurrency. Aside from him, there are others who make Phoneum team strong and powerful.

  • Tony Hayes: financial markets
  • Warren Whitlock: digital business development strategist
  • Aaron Grinhaus: legal & corporate structure

Final remarks

The intricacy of the customized blockchain algorithm and the development of crypto wallets are made possible in background, enabling the user to experience a clean and simple mining, providing it the potential to obtain popularity and reach mass adoption.

Phoneum is working on a project based on new concept that will provide a decentralized customized blockchain algorithm, and allow users to mine with just a single hit on Start button. Earlier also many startups, for example; Dragon Coin, BunnyToken, Fabric Token, CRYCASH, Inspeer, LHC, came with a new and novel concept, and collected a lot of funds on the basis of their road maps and anticipated bounty, but today it looks really tough to vie with those who too aim to carve a niche with their attractive offers. Though Phoneum too may have to face competition from other rival companies, it still needs wait and watch for its survival in today’s ever-fluctuating cryptocurrency market. Yes, the new concept brings with it many hopes and anticipation, time is what decides and determines the fate of everything on this earth.

Phoneum in Social Media





  • Ivan Likov
    Ivan Likov
    Ivan Likov
    (FOUNDER & LEAD DEVELOPER) - Ivan is the Founder and CEO of Phoneum, the world's first truly mobile cryptocurrency.
  • Konstantin Iliev
    Konstantin Iliev
    Konstantin Iliev
    (SEO & CYBER SECURITY) -Konstantin is an Internet Marketer with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Andrew Sazama
    Andrew Sazama
    Andrew Sazama
    (MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS) - Since 1999, Andrew has partnered or launched a number of technology-related startups.
  • Alex Lambert
    Alex Lambert
    Alex Lambert
    (SOCIAL MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS) - Alex is a Senior at Boston University, working towards his Computer Science degree in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Veronika Mihaylova
    Veronika Mihaylova
    Veronika Mihaylova
    Veronika is a Web/UI designer with 5+ years of experience.
  • Konstantin Kostov
    Konstantin Kostov
    Konstantin Kostov
    Konstantin holds a Master's Degree in Psychology. He has more than five years of experience in the IT world.
  • Vitaliy Filipov
    Vitaliy Filipov
    Vitaliy Filipov
    (WEB & MOBILE APPS COOPERATIVE) - Vitaliy is a full-stack developer. He graduated from the University of Sofia, St. Kliment Ohridski with a BS in Informational Systems.
  • Ivo Kacharov
    Ivo Kacharov
    Ivo Kacharov
    Ivo specializes in Android development. Over the years he has developed apps in many different fields that have incorporated many functionalities.
  • Emil Atanasov
    Emil Atanasov
    Emil Atanasov
    Emil Atanasov is an IT consultant who has rich experience with mobile technologies.
  • Chris Veselinov
    Chris Veselinov
    Chris Veselinov
    Chris has been working on blockchain technology since its early days.
  • George Spasov
    George Spasov
    George Spasov
    George has experience leading teams in delivering successful software projects, from pCloud, a startup, to international companies such as IBM.
  • Nikolay Todorov
    Nikolay Todorov
    Nikolay Todorov
    Nikolay, CEO of Limechain, brings together experience in marketing, building both brands and companies, applying blockchain technology.


  • 1
    Mobile Apps
    Ivan Likov starts developing mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • 2
    Ivan gets involved with the cryptocurrency world

  • 3
    Phoneum idea created
  • 4
    Mobile apps
    Android & Apple apps development start

  • 5
    Phoneum company founded
  • 6
    Crowdsale Starts
    Token sale starts & app beta release

  • 7
    Crowdsale Ends
    Token sale ends
  • 8
    Project Release & Exchanges
    App blockchain network start & exchange listings

  • 9
    Mass Adoption
    Phoneum is aiming to popularize cryptocurrencies

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