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Play2Live (LUC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Play2Live (LUC) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The blockchain technology plays a significant role in revolutionizing the various sectors of different industries. Now, it has entered into the world of gaming sector to add the advanced features of crypto tech in this industry. The Play 2Live is the new project that focuses on the prime needs of eSport professionals, streamers and video game content creators.  They are aiming to create a decentralized ecosystem that offers the key benefits of blockchain technology like as transparency, availability and fast speed for the gaming industry users.

All about Play2Live ICO

The Play2Live system is based on blockchain technology  similar to Adhive, Sharpe Capital, RepuX, DenCity, Globitex ,  that offers a unique combination of interactive features and monetizing tools which are not available in already existing streaming platforms.   It provides unique personalized options and functionality features, especially for the gaming industry.  The main participants of the platform include streamer, viewers and tournament organizers can enjoy all the benefits provided by the platform.

With this platform, streamers can monetize their content as soon as they get started and offer a wide range of tools to streamline the monetization process. Moreover, it also makes it possible to eliminate the adverting while streaming


Level Up Coin (LUC) is an ERC20 compatible utility token. It works like a fuel for the platform and offers monetization opportunities to all the users, streamers and viewers.  The registered users of the Play2Live system will automatically become the LUC holders and help in the further growth of the community.  Gamers can enjoy the advantages of cryptocurrency and block chain technology that includes:-

  • Allow converting LUC to cryptocurrencies which may be offered by other gaming services
  • Low fees and quick transaction process
  • It is expected that in future LUC will be used in other projects based on Level Up Chain
  • May be other gaming services will also provide free conversion of LUC to crypto currencies

Features of the Play2Live

The platform is using different types of technological solution to provide all the required features. All the transaction using Level Up coin Tokens are confirmed and performed by the Level Up Chain blockchain technology.  The prime of features of the platform include:-

  1. Viewers can enjoy watching streams and share their internet channels to earn LUC. They can use P2P CDN services for sharing channels from any device
  2. Viewers are allowed to support and advertise the streamer by watching it and also receive token for it. However, streamers are responsible to decide the LUC proportion received by them and users.
  3. The platform offers a unique tasks system that features the streamer and viewers as well as allow viewers to influence the stream. Users are allow to determine the stream scenario and become a part of the show
  4. The users can create content from scratch due to the embedded system of content crowd funding.  The tickets of these events will bring great opportunities for the users.
  5. The platform ensures complete transparency as it is based on block chain technology. Game publishers can easily sell their games through the platform and interact with streamers by providing attractive proposal for their content promotion.
  6. The viewers can earn high amount of LUC by becoming active users of the platform. With the help of it, you can get ready-made instrument for marketing and promotion.

What Problems Play2Live are solving?

The platform brings a new ecosystem for gaming and eSport industries. It not only targets on the content generation but also pays attention to the practical requirement of streamers and offer great interactive opportunities for all contributors of the ecosystems.  The platform offers great solution for various problems faced by the esport industry that includes:-

  1. Users required different types of personalization and interaction options
  2. Users also don’t want to see an advertisement and try to avoid it. So, it is important to use new way that gives option to the users that how they receive advertisements
  3. All participants of the system need a solution that helps in better regulation for peer-to-peer relationships. Therefore, streaming platform should work as a service provider and allow better functioning of the platform
  4. After completing the registration process streamers want  to earn money as soon as possible and also prefer to have more tools that can help in monetizing their streams
  5. Gamers are willing to influence the broadcast scenario and construct the content on the platform

To resolve all these issues, Play2Live has come up with an outstanding combination of interactive features and monetizing tools which you can’t find in any other streaming platforms. The further development of the platform with Live Up Chain will offer outstanding end- to- end solution for all the participants and resolve all problems while accomplishing their prime needs.

What makes Play2Live ICO  different from others? 

Due to use of block chain technology similar to Arcblock, Pundi X, SapphireCoin, TrakInvest, GIMMER, KWHCoin, this platform is capable of providing an excellent level of interactivity.  With this platform streamers and viewers, both will get an opportunity to earn and receive rewards.  Below are the different aspects that make this platform different from others:-

  1. There are five different ways through which viewers can earn that includes through advertising,Internet channel sharing by P2P CDN, Voting, By performing tasks set by streamers, Betting and gambling
  2. Streamers can earn in 11 different ways as compared to 5 regular ones on existing streaming platform.

Pre-Sale and ICO details

  • Pre-sale Start date :- 26th January, 5:00 PM UTC
  • Pre-sale End Date :-6th February, 5:00 PM UTC
  • Token sale Start date :-February 12th, 5:00 PM UTC
  • Token sale End Date :- March 5th, 5:00 PM UTC
  • Maximum amount of tokens supply :- 1 308 800 000 LUC
  • Hard Cap :- $ 30, 000, 000
  • Soft cap :- $ 3 000 000
  • Exchange :-1 LUC = $ 0.05
  • Currency :- BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, USD
  • Mini Transaction Amount :-0.1ETH
  • Max Transaction Amount :- Unlimited




  • From 26th-31st January :-30%
  • From 1st-6th February :-25%

Token Sale

  • 12th-14th February :-10%
  • 15th-17th February :- 9%
  • 18th-20th February :-8%
  • 21th-22th February :-7%
  • 23th-24th February :-6%
  • 25th-26th February :-5%
  • 27th-28th February :-4%
  • 1st-2th March :-3%
  • 3th-4th March :-2%
  • 5th March :- 1%


  • Alexey Burdyko (CEO & Founder)
  • Dmitry Kochnev (COO)


The Play2Live ICO Platform is designed to provide decentralized gaming ecosystem grounded on the advanced technology of block chain

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