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Playbets (PLT) ICO Review – ICO Token News


According to research, there are millions of people playing gambling games online around the world. The online gaming business is considered to be one of the most profitable and revenue-generating industry. But this large market is still troubled with a wide range of issues such as honesty, security, lack of bias in-game results, use of cryptocurrency in gambling, etc.

To resolve the issues of online gambling games, PlayBets has come up with the first decentralized game platform driven by advanced blockchain and smart contract technology. The platform offers simple and attractive mass gambling games that can be easily played by anyone, even non-gambling gamers. It provides open, fair, and honest game results so that anyone can play the games conveniently without any hassle.

The talented team behind PlayBets has already executed a test version of the game with one of the games included. It means that players can play this game, called Lucky, which is grabbing popularity with each passing day. The company is also planning to accept payments in the form of ETH and Bitcoin in a few months for bets with the first jackpot drawings.

Playbets Intro

All about PlayBets

In general terms, the PlayBets game platform provides a catalog with various gambling games and entertainment characters. With this gaming platform, users can easily select a game according to their preference for round the clock access with fast deposit and the easy return of funds from earned cryptocurrency. The game offers a fair platform for playing games with open results.

The use of blockchain and smart contracts technology ensure complete security and honesty of games on the platform. With these excellent features of simplicity and security, the company is striving hard to create simplified and secure games that can be easily played by anyone. The blockchain technology is well-known for its advanced features; therefore, most of the companies like Iagon, SmartO, Cryptoflix, Iryo, Cloudmoolah, BunnyToken, etc. also use it for their project development.

The unity of players and developers at one single point is the most important feature of the platform. This will play a vital role in boosting the internal ecosystem and support for the internal economy, which will include weekly and monthly jackpot lotteries among the players and token holders.

Platform’s ecosystem


  1. The players can select from a catalog and play different types of gambling games using cryptocurrency.
  2. The platform allows players to check the honesty of games by using an open encryption protocol.

Game developers

  1. Allows developers to publish their games on the platform catalog and collaborate with a platform for a game sale program.

Token holders

  1. The token holders are allowed to participate in a decentralized jackpot lottery on a regular basis.
  2. The lottery contains 20% revenue from the game platform draw weekly and monthly between token holders and players.

Accepting cryptocurrency

  1. A platform will accept up to 20 different types of cryptocurrencies (PLT, BTC, DASH, ETH, LTC, ETC, BCH, XRP, etc.) with the input and output of means

How does PlayBets work for players?

It enables players to select any game of their choice and place a bet for a selected amount in the form of game currency called PC (PlayBets Coins). This will create a play area for players which:

  1. Has the ability to add funds in well-known cryptocurrencies (BTC, PLT, ETH, etc.).
  2. Allows converting funds to PC with a conversion reserve.
  3. Allows the user to hold an account with a current number of tickets for participating in jackpots.
  4. Provides game account for PLT tokens, PC, and other digital currencies.

Weekly jackpot

  1. The entire jackpot round is played between all ticket holders with 100 selected winners in a form of a lottery (10% of all platform revenues for the week).
  2. Token holders who have at least 10,000 PLT are eligible to enter the lottery along with other players with a bet of at least USD10 in a week.
  3. The lottery system will take place in an open format driven by blockchain technology.
  4. The funds will be automatically transferred via smart contract transfers.

Monthly jackpot

  1. The monthly jackpot is also played in a form of lotteries like the weekly jackpot between ticket holders and 100 selected winners.
  2. All token holders who have at least 50,000 PLT in their account will enter into a lottery along with a bonus payment.
  3. This lottery system is also powered by blockchain technology and operates in an open format.
  4. Smart contracts are utilized for automatic transfers of the funds.

Playbets Catalog

How does it work for developers?

The platform will purchase a game from game developers under the Buy-Out system along with a bonus system. According to the Buy-Out system, the games can be purchased from developers and collaborate with third-party game companies with the aim of growing the game catalog. It means any developers can develop a game on specified descriptions and sign a partnership contract with the right conditions. The different requirements needed for publishing a game into the catalog include:

  1. Game should be designed in HTML, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, etc.
  2. Integrated SDK PlayBets.
  3. Games which have undergone preliminary moderation through platform administrators.
  4. Games which are closely tested for one month with 1% of the platform entire audience and satisfying the benchmark standards.

During the testing phase, a developer will receive all the earning from the game (deducting platform commission of 20% jackpot and 2% of bounty program).

What problems is PlayBets resolving?

The major problems faced by classic online game platform include:

  1. There is no transparency in hosting tournaments and games.
  2. Numbers of issues with fiat currency for making commission, transfers, and different banking operations.
  3. Lack of low minimum deposit and payment threshold.
  4. There is no complete control on privacy and security while making payments.
  5. A problem in completing the long registration process.

Problems with other blockchain game platforms include:

  • They work on only one genre of gambling games (vDice, iDice, True Flip and others).
  • An absence of game catalog with mass online gambling games.
  • Not focused on external developers and publishing activities.
  • Do not support the mobile web version of games.
  • No ecosystem for holding player’s interest.
  • Inefficient internal pull factors for players.

To resolve all such problems, the PlayBets platform has been created to help in simplifying all processes associated with security, registration, and game honesty but also to provide convenient and simple game options that convert any non-gambling players into gambling players.

It is a decentralized game platform with a collection of various online gambling games. It offers fair, simple, and engaging gambling games that can be used by anyone, even non-gambling players, with clear and honest results.

Like other decentralized platforms using Ether or Bitcoins for performing transactions, PlayBets is utilizing its own special tokens called as PLT based on ERC20 standards. These tokens are designed to create an internal ecosystem on the game platform, rapid scaling, and loyalty program. The game platform offers complete transparency for its major transactions and easily available on the blockchain.

Advantages of PlayBets

The primary benefits of using PlayBets platform include:

Proven Business Model

  1. The potential growth and platform development are determined by the business plan.
  2. Moreover, metrics are calculated based on team experience and development of adjoining gambling projects.

Link the game platform 

  1. The platform connects players and game developers which helps in improving potential growth of the platform.

Mass gambling games

  1. The platform mainly targets mass games to enhance the experience of the varied audience of both players and non-gamblers.

Token ecosystem

  1. The PLT tokens promotes the participation of all platform users for its development.
  2. It provides regular inclusion in the jackpot as well as various options for rewarding activity.

Use of cryptocurrency

  1. The company is planning to accept up to 20 different varieties of cryptocurrency with the power of depositing and withdrawing funds via any convenient method.

Expert team

  1. PlayBets is backed by a talented team of experienced developers and mentors of the gaming industry.
  2. They have great expertise in payment services and blockchain technology that will help the platform to reach a new level.

Playbets Token Use

What makes PlayBets platform different from other services?

The platform offers outstanding features that make it stand out from the others that include:

  • Offers a single payment system.
  • Gives full control on payments.
  • Easy authorization process.
  • No delays for deposits in and out.
  • All to check game honesty.
  • Complete transparency for in and out.
  • Provide Mass Gambling Game catalog.
  • Regular Jackpots for token holders.
  • Bets micro transactions on in-game cryptocurrency.
  • Ensure 100% privacy by cryptocurrency.

What are PLT tokens?

PLT tokens act as the game currency utilized in the platform after converting into PlayBets Coins (PC).  In addition, these PLT tokens are also used as a tool for rewarding activities as well as a token to take part in the weekly and monthly jackpots. The token follows the ERC20 standard which is a part of the advanced Ethereum Network. A PLT is a transferable token compatible with exchanges and wallets.

Benefits of using PLT Tokens

The PLT tokens give the fully-fledged right to participate in the platform ecosystem with all the associated preferences. Players can exchange them for in-game currency and easily participate in distributed weekly and monthly jackpot as well as also exchange and list them of leading cryptocurrency exchanges.  Key benefits of using PLT tokens in short include:

  • Gives opportunity to participate in weekly jackpot lotteries.
  • Allows to participate in Monthly jackpot lotteries.
  • Lists and exchanges them on leading cryptocurrency platforms.
  • Ensures safety and security of use.
  • Can be used across the world without any limitation.

Playbets ICO Details

ICO details

  • Token name: PLT.
  • Token type: Utility token
  • Total supply: 300,000,000 PLT.
  • Accepted currencies: ETH, BCH, BTC, LTC, ETZ (manually).

Pre-ICO details

  • Pre-ICO date: March 2018.
  • Token exchange rate: 1ETH=8.000PLT.
  • Minimum sum of transactions: 0.01 ETH; 5 ETZ.
  • Maximum sum of the transaction: unlimited.

Main ICO Details

  • ICO date : April 2018.
  • Token exchange rate : 1ETH=6.000PLT.
  • Minimum sum of transactions : 0.01 ETH; 1 ETZ.
  • Maximum sum of the transaction : unlimited.

Pre-ICO bonuses

  • 1st Day : 20%
  • 2nd Day  : 15%
  • 1st week : 10%
  • 2nd and 3rd weeks : 5%
  • Other weeks  : 0%

ICO bonus

  • Bonus: TBA.

Expenditure of collected funds

  • Game platform development : 45%
  • Marketing budget for scaling the platform : 33%
  • Stabilization fund : 10%
  • Legalization and licensing : 5%
  • Advisers, consultants : 3%
  • Bounty program : 2%

Token distribution

  • Crowd sale : 80%
  • Team : 15%
  • Advisers : 3%
  • Bounties : 2%

The team behind PlayBets

  • Eugene Lavrinenko, Co-Founder: He has over 9 years of experience in game development and founded the Cells Games game studio. Eugene has developed various games and actively participates at games conferences and as a speaker on game development. The games that he has developed have been shortlisted and won prizes at international games exhibitions and game jams.


PlayBets offers a new gaming platform that is comprised of various games in a catalog that can be played easily by everyone. This gaming platform allows players to choose their games without any limitation and provide an easy way to withdraw their earned funds in cryptocurrency. This platform not only benefits by simplifying all the processes with easy registration, a game of honesty feature, and security but it also brings simple and easy games to convert non-gambling players into gambling players.

Now, with the aim of rapid development of the project, the company is launching its ICO in several stages. Nowadays, most of the companies such as Crowd Machine, Gochain, Bcharity, Datecoin, Dorado, Midex, etc. launch an ICO to raise funds for their project growth and expansion.

If you have never invested in an ICO before and want to get more information on how to invest in ICOs then check it out.


  •  Andrey Sharanevich
     Andrey Sharanevich
    Andrey Sharanevich
    (Founder and Chief Operating Officer) - Co-founder and CEO of Rockspro, the developer of premium gaming software and games for social and real-money gambling verticals. Engaged in PlayBets operating activities and gaming solutions integration.
  • Evgeny Lavrinenko
    Evgeny Lavrinenko
    Evgeny Lavrinenko
    (Director and Founder) - Founder of the Cells Games game studio. Developer of over 15 different games. Active participant at games conferences, speaker on game development.
  • Daniel Demchenko
    Daniel Demchenko
    Daniel Demchenko
    (Head Of Product) -
    Daniil is a Game Producer and Product Manager with 14 years of experience in the gaming industry. Provided product expertise and leadership for the development of multiple successful bespoke apps for high-profile clients
  • Dmitry Marine
    Dmitry Marine
    Dmitry Marine
    (Steering Blockchain developer) - 2 years in Blockchain development. Great experience in the integration of software solutions for ICO.
  • Vladimir Bobrov
    Vladimir Bobrov
    Vladimir Bobrov
    (Blockchain Architect) - More than 2 years in Blockchain development. Experience in implementing tools and software solutions for ICO.
  • Yuri Klinkov
    Yuri Klinkov
    Yuri Klinkov
    (Technical Director) - More than 20 years in IT, 5 years in game development. Experience in positions from the Back-End developer to the SRT of game projects.
  • Mickael Benjaminovich
    Mickael Benjaminovich
    Mickael Benjaminovich
    (Marketing Director in Playamo) - An experienced specialist, more than 7 years in the gambling industry.
  • Gai Drumer
    Gai Drumer
    Gai Drumer
    (Affiliate Manager at 888 Holdings) - Gai is a professional in the field of the gambling industry. Has experience in advertising, offline, online marketing and promotion of games.
  • Vladislav Shchetinin
    Vladislav Shchetinin
    Vladislav Shchetinin
    (Head of Sales Department at ICOBox) - Vladislav is an experienced manager and manager. Over the past 2 years, launched a number of marketing companies and events dedicated to blockbuster marketing.


  • 1
    Global market research
    Elaboration of PlayBets platform concept
  • 2
    PlayBets platform development
    Smart Contract development
  • 3
    PlayBets platform Alpha version launch
  • 4
    Game No 2 Alpha version launch
    Launch of a Referral program
  • 5
    Game (Lucky) Alpha version launch
    PlayBets (PLT) token emission
  • 6
    Alpha version development of the Game No 3
    Game platform audience will reach 4000 players
  • 7
    Launch of the Game No 3
    Audience reaches 6000 players
  • 8
    Payment acceptance in BTC, (ETH) license presence
    Online user area v1.0
    PLT tokens made available on cryptocurrency exchange
  • 9
    Alpha version of blockchain protocol for jackpots
    Online user area v2.0
    Game No 4 Alpha version development
  • 10
    Launch of weekly jackpot
    Launch of monthly jackpot
    Launch of Game No 4
  • 11
    Game publishing model beta testing
    Development of the Games No 4-8
  • 12
    Launch of the PlayBets game platform
    Online user area v3.0 (release version)
    Integration of payments in BTC, ETH, BTH, LTC, XRP, DASH, KICK, ETC (9 currencies)
    Placing tokens on key cryptocurrency exchanges v2.0
  • 13
    Daily Jackpot Launch
    Smart Contract Update v2.0
    Payment acceptance in 4 additional cryptocurrencies
  • 14
    Application's mobile web version launch
    Launch of the Games N0. 20-30
    Publishing of new 25-40 games from external developers
    Fiat currencies payment acceptance
  • 15
    Transferral of game catalog to blockchain
    Launch of the games No 50-70
    Publishing of new 100-130 games from external developers
    Game platform audience will reach 1500000 players

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