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PlayHall (PHT) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Generally, skill-gaming games are referred to as eSports. Nowadays, the skill-gaming industry is growing at a faster pace and grabbing the attention of a greater number of players. We can say that when compared with traditional gaming options, the new e-game industry is capturing the market more rapidly. The new skill-gaming approach is highly preferred by today’s gamers because it is free from social stigmatization or public condemnation that comes from the concept of casino and sports betting. The addition of the latest technologies such as blockchain technology, decentralized systems, and platforms have made the server solutions previously utilized by the online skill gaming industry significantly outdated. By utilizing blockchain, smart contracts, and a decentralized system, skill gaming can be taken to the next level called Smart Gaming.

PlayHall has come up with a new platform created for highly intellectual players. This platform aims to connect thousands of players around the world and offer a wide range of tournaments where users can test their personal gaming skills in PvP matches and win prizes of real value in cryptocurrency. There are many companies such as Bunny Token etc. combining the advanced technologies of blockchain and smart contracts to reap its exclusive features for their project development and advancement.

Playhall Intro

All about PlayHall

The PlayHall is a decentralized platform powered by blockchain technology for online skill-based games. By introducing this platform, the company wants to provide players with the opportunity to test their skills in PvP (player versus players) matches by participating in global and local tournaments and earn the real value of their winnings in cryptocurrency.

It is a multi-cryptocurrency platform that allows gamers to use different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. and PHT tokens. These tokens are key elements of the platform and are used for rewards in PvP matches, tournaments, and for conducting the voting process. It means that platform token holders are allowed to participate in the decision-making process of the platform for development and management purposes.

The different beneficial aspects of the platform include:

  • Defines the positive rate between player skills and results.
  • A platform doesn’t offer any risky games.
  • Game results are not random.
  • Rewards the participants who win the matches, with cryptocurrency.
  • Promote the player’s desire to play and win.

If we consider the real facts of PlayHall, then it is clear that this platform does not offer a form of gambling. The game’s completion is dependent on the skills and abilities of players in the tournaments or PvP matches. There are no random results on the platform.

User account security on the platform

The users need to follow certain protocols for their account security on the platform:

  1. Enable two-factor authentication.
  2. Allow authorization for all logins via emails.
  3. Fill out the confirmation via e-mail when anew player registers on a new device or with a new IP address.
  4. Enable “white” and “black” lists of IP address to be protected from possible unauthorized access from a pool of malicious IP address.
  5. Allow “block withdrawals” features so the withdrawal or fund transfer can be done only for certain IP addresses.

Features of the PlayHall platform

The platform is designed to combine famous multiplayer skill-gaming games so that gamers all around the world will have the opportunity to compete with other players and receive popular cryptocurrency and platform tokens for their winnings. The addition of interesting games on the platform will help in driving more active gamers on the platform.

The players who achieve outstanding scores in PvP matches will become regular participants of the numerous tournaments available on the platform. However, PHT tokens are required in order to take part in any tournament. This means that the use and liquidity of the PHT tokens on the platform will be increased.  When players are using popular cryptocurrency to play PvP matches on the platform, this will automatically grab the attention of new gamer. This will result in increasing numbers of MAU as well as the secure usage of active tokens on the platform. The company has already authorized another 20 games to be introduced onto the platform:

  • Sea Wars
  • Royal Chess
  • Domino Battle
  • Tetris Battle
  • Mahjong Solitaire
  • Wars of Generals MMORTS
  • Pool
  • Backgammon
  • Griddlers Beach Season
  • Fruit Match
  • Solitaire Italian Trip
  • Magic Griddlers
  • Battle Tanks
  • Space Battle
  • Sports Dots
  • Puzzle Griddlers
  • Rock Paper scissors
  • Sport Dots
  • World Carnival Griddlers
  • World Theatre Griddlers

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Playhall Token Purpose

What are the three basics of the PlayHall gaming platform?

PlayHall platform

  1. PlayHall is recognized as a decentralized platform utilized for skill gaming on mobile apps.
  2. The platform is mainly created with the aim of focusing on a gamer’s ability to outwit his/her opponents to achieve victory.
  3. This platform offers outstanding benefits for playing both PvP matches and global tournaments.
  4. Different cryptocurrencies can be utilized to play the platform games such as LTC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
  5. This is a unique gaming platform that enables the gamers to compete against adversaries to demonstrate who has the most outstanding skills, intellectual rigor, awareness, and reaction time.
  6. You have to beat your opponent to win more cryptocurrency.

PHT tokens

  1. The players require PHT tokens in order to play PvP games or to participate in the tournaments on the platform.
  2. These tokens are also utilized for voting on different issues pertaining to the platform’s management and organization.

End product

  1. The company has already launched a Beta version of the platform to offer the first games to play for demo-tokens that include Checkers, Football Quiz, Tennis Quiz and Soccer Quiz.
  2. At the end of 2018, the platform will provide around 50 more new games.
  3. In addition, the platform will also offer around 200 total games by the end of 2019.

Advantages of the PlayHall platform

Benefits for token holders

The company promises to enhance the player’s experience by adding new games to the platform on a regular basis. The project will bring rapid growth by adding more active gamers on the platform and increase the usage of a token. All these factors will play a significant role in contributing to the outstanding popularity of the platform.

Benefits for players

The platform will provide a handy tool to all the players across the world that helps them to compete in their favorite intellectual games with the opportunity of winning PHT with high liquidity.

Benefits for game developers

The project allows developers to earn more from their renowned social free-to-play multiplayer games.

Playhall Token

What are PHT tokens?

The PlayHall token is abbreviated to PHT and is utilized as a payment tool within an ecosystem. It is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain platform (similar to other tokens such as DateCoin, Cell Blocks, BunnyToken, Moneto, Flux, Freezone). The company uses the ERC20 standard for tokens because it is a time-tested up-to-date reliable standard. These tokens will not only enable gamers to take part in tournaments but also be used as a major tool for taking a decision, via a voting process, on different issues related to platform management and the gaming process. Moreover, organization PHT tokens will be utilized for playing PvP matches on the platform along with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ZCash, Ethereum, Dash, etc. By releasing the tokens, the company is aiming to finance the platform from a development and marketing perspective as well as extending the geography of the project.The ICO countdown has already begun for many tokens.

By using platform tokens and other available cryptocurrencies on the platform, players can bet in different PvP matches. Only PHT holders are allowed to participate in such tournaments. A small part of commission earned from PvP matches is allocated for game developers and the rest will be used for platform maintenance and development where tournaments are operated.

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ICO details

  1. Presale starts on :  February 26, 2018 (10 AM EST New York Time).
  2. Presale ends on :  March 27, 2018 (12 AM EST New York Time).
  3. Date for token sale : Q2, 2018 (exact date is to be announced after the end of the token presale).
  4. Cryptocurrency acceptablein exchange for PHT  : ETH, LTC, BTC, ETC, ZEC, BCH and Dash.
  • Token exchange rate : 1 ETH= 31,250 PHT.
  • Minimum purchase presale and token sale : 312.5PHT (0.01 ETH).
  • Presale hard cap : 2,000 ETH.
  • Token sale hard cap : 16,000 ETH.
  • Soft cap token sale : 1,500 ETH.
  • Token release for sale : 500,000,000 tokens.
  • Token sale duration : 8 weeks, unless the limit of tokens sold is achieved earlier.

Token presale bonus

  • Up to 2000 ETH : 20% Bonus

Token sale will be held in three slots

  • From 2,000 ETH to 6,000 ETH  : Bonus +10%
  • From 6,000 ETH to 11,000 ETH : Bonus +5%
  • From 11,000 ETH to 16,000 ETH  : Bonus 0%

Funds distribution

  • Marketing : 61%
  • Research and development : 25%
  • Administrative expenses : 8%
  • Legal and consultation fees : 6%

Distribution of tokens

  • Token sale : 60%
  • To project team : 18%
  • Safety fund : 20%
  • Bounty program : 2%


  • Jan 2017 – Feb 2017

The initial team of PlayHall is developed.

  • Feb 2017

Visit to the ICE Totally Gaming conference in London, where initial version of skill-gaming platform was conceived.

  • Feb 2017 – Mar 2017

The PlayHall skill-gaming platform vision is conceived along with the creation of its initial technical task and marketing plan.

  • April 2017 – May 2017

Agreements concluded on porting of the first player versus player games.

  • May 2017 – Dec 2017

The Platform beta version is developed with the first ported games where users can play for demo tokens.

  • July 2017

Decision made regarding holding a token sale for the project.

  • Sep 2017 – Dec 2017

Authorization of 20 games which are to be developed by third-party developers, so as to remain linked to the platform.

  • Sep 2017 – Jan 2018

Planning for token presale and token sale.

  • Dec 2017 – May 2018

Adaptation of platform for the introduction of cryptocurrency, targeting markets, and PHT usage as the game currency of the platform.

  • Feb 2018 – Mar 2018

Token presale.

  • Q2 2018

Start of token sale.

  • July 2018

Realization of voting system.

  • August 2018

The first 20 games of the platform will launch with the possibility of playing with PHT tokens and cryptocurrencies.

  • Sep 2018

First tournament to take place.

  • Dec 2018

The platform will offer approximately 50 additional games.

  • Dec 2019

The platform will offer about 200 games.

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Playhall roadshow

The team behind PlayHall

  • Eugen Kaufman, Chief Executive Officer, Founder: Eugen is highly talented person with a great expertise in team building, management tools implementation, personnel management, and business processes. He is one of the leaders who played a significant role in the start-up movement in Belarus. In additio, he has provided his services as a Co-Founder and Mentor for the establishment of various IT startups. Moreover, he has worked as a leader and moderator of the startup Grind Minsk.


PlayHall represents a decentralized multi-currency platform that contains famous multiplayer smart-gaming games. This is an excellent project for players who really want to play highly intellectual games and want to compete in PvP matches and tournaments. The platform not only offers enjoyable skill-based games but also reward the participants on their winning in the form of cryptocurrencies as well as PHT tokens. The PlayHall tokens will work as the prime payment tool and will be used for different purposes on the platform.

Now, the company is focusing on the platform development and growth and are therefore launching the ICO to raise funds for it.  There are many ICOs already running in the market such as Socialcxn, UbiatarPlay, MeetnGreetme, Dafzo, Bpay, Cellblocks,  etc. which are designed to collect funds for their project development and expansion. If you are also planning to invest in an ICO, then you the PlayHall project may be a good option.

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    (CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, FOUNDER) - An expert on team-building, personnel management, and business processes and management tools implementation. One of the leaders in the start-up movement in Belarus.
    (CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER) - A seasoned professional, Vadim Nareyko began his career in high school, ultimately evolving from a junior software developer to a C-level executive in leading IT companies.
    (CHIEF VISIONARY OFFICER) - Blockchain Evangelist. Has been working in the sphere of Investments and Finance for 13 years. Experienced in managing a team of up to 200 people.
    (CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER) - An experienced leading expert with marketing since 2007. Anatoli is graduated with Master Degree from The Royal Technology Institute, Sweden. Currently the sphere of his interest covers complex web marketing solutions and audience researches in CIS, EU,
    (DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT) - Enterprise level sales experience working in both Investment Banking and Business Development. Was a top 10 seller out of 600 at a global software company, in which time he developed relationships with recognizable brands and fortune 500 companies.
    CTO and Co-Founder of
    Ex-Founder of Melesta (exit to Wargaming), Founder of Total Games.
    His games in total have more than 150,000,000 users.
    CEO and Founder of Universa
    CEO and Founder of CoinInside
    Former executive of EA, Microsoft, Blizzard, Wargaming and Havok
    CEO of Openchain. Former external team leader of PayGate


  • 1
    the initial PlayHall team is created
  • 2
    visit to the ICE Totally Gaming conference in London,
    where the initial vision of the Skill Gaming platform was conceived
  • 3
    the vision of the PlayHall Skill Gaming platform is conceived
    along with the creation of its initial technical task and a marketing plan
  • 4
    agreements concluded on porting of the first PvP games
  • 5
    beta version of the platform developed with the first ported games users can play for demo-tokens
  • 6
    decision made on holding Token Sale for PlayHall project
  • 7
    accreditation of 20 games, which are to be further
    developed by third-party developers, so as to remain
    connected to the platform
  • 8
    preparation for Token Pre-Sale and Token Sale
  • 9
    adaptation of platform to the targeted
    markets, introduction of cryptocurrencies and PHT usage as the game currency of platform
  • 10
    Token Pre-Sale
  • 11
    start of Token Sale
  • 12
    realization of voting system
  • 13
    launch of the first 20 games of the platform with the
    possibility of playing with cryptocurrency and PHT tokens
  • 14
    holding the first tournament
  • 15
    PlayHall platform offers about 50 games
  • 16
    PlayHall platform offers about 200 games

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