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PocketInns (PINNS) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Pocketinns: Analysis

In the industry, it is known as PocketInns umbrella project, because it includes multiple elements. Pocketinns is a digital community-driven marketplace ecosystem, serving both consumers and sellers dealing on a decentralized blockchain model. Lately, it has been announced that the brand is planning to launch its Initial Coin offering event (ICO). They are to launch ICO in anticipation of success for the iteration project, named Pocketinns 1.0. This will be a complete democratized marketplace to help travel and hospitality industries, providing an inventory of more than 50,000 properties across Europe. The ICO is well thought-out for supporting the project’s expansion into other democratized marketplaces including peer-2-peer car sharing rentals, ridesharing, legal services, flight bookings, real estate transactions, grocery delivery, and many more.

What is Pocketinns?

This is revolutionary virtual marketplace ecosystem, concentrated around a decentralized blockchain model just like other blockchain enabled ICO’s such as FinTechBit, CryptF and many more. The platform has been conceptualized to aid both sellers and consumers’ markets with increased trust, value, safety, and savings. This ecosystem is here to boost the simplicity of transactions while maintaining a true decentralized ecosystem.


Pocketinns: Main idea behind

You must have seen or visited a shopping mall. A shopping mall is always built with multiple outlets, showrooms and stores, but instead of being owned and run through a single point of contact, i.e. the shopping mall owner, these stores are run by respective owners. However, the mall does have its very individual transaction setup, meeting the necessities of its clients. Its transactions are performed on its own ecosystem. In such cases, the mall does not take any sort of commission fees, rather the store owners pay a lease of monthly rental to the shopping mall.

Here Pocketinn comes to play a substantial role as a decentralized marketplace. Its blockchain technology enables both the sellers and consumers to do business without having to worry about commission fees or charges. As far as monetization of the platform is concerned, Pocketinns depends upon a flat monthly subscription. The barter system has inspired them a lot and they believe that where people work together on a single platform it creates uniformity. Furthermore, you will see almost all digital marketplaces are in a way illustrative of such a concept and this is actually becoming popular on the digital landscape.

The benefits of adopting Pocketinns blockchain ecosystem

1 – The platform ensures that buyers and consumers have complete control over their transactions, via the decentralized platform.

2 – It enables both buyers and consumers to have an absolute control over their transaction privacy, safety, and sharing of information.

3 – This ecosystem eliminates all unfair commission charges.

4 – It gives access to numerous marketplaces, functioning on the single platform. It also provides top notch service to the leading and renowned third-party marketplaces.

5 – Every transaction will be supported by a strong proprietary financial network and community tokens – the PINNS token.

To cut a long story short, this decentralized marketplace is concentrated around providing commerce and a strictly free flow of trade worldwide. The decentralized technology of this system allows its token holders to make transactions fast, easily, and safely as users will have absolute control, as well as leverage on the system of democratization.


Why is Pocketinns better than other solutions?

This decentralized platform technology is planning to conduct a token auction, for PINNS, in a similar way to a Dutch Auction model. Dutch Auctions are known for their reverse work nature. This follows the principle, that the high price can be lowered by engaging more and more investors. Since their bids are scheduled at a lower price, this can be done until an adequate number of investors reach a certain price point.

PINNS are to be supplied in blocks during the ICO, scheduled between 15 and 31 January 2018.  The ICO will end when 30 million PINNS have been sold and the hard cap reaches USD46 million (in ETH) or by the end the 16 days. There will be no pre-sale because it will bring more transparency into the ICO. The Pocketinns investors will always be protected against the competition in the marketplace by not attracting them with bonus tokens (like Inspeer, Fintech,  LH, etc.)  or pre-sale incentives.

Comments from the CEO

In a blog, out a few days back, the Pocketinns’ CEO talked about the changes and benefits his company offer. He said that it was a big risk as a decentralized blockchain project, as they consummate prohibited money offered as incentives, discounts, rewards, and bonuses on tokens. He went on to add that their company is working towards re-structuring the cryptocurrency space, especially how it operates. This approach is to serve as a beacon to the upcoming ICO and will preserve a high-grade transparency into all the issues. If the ICO goes on to be a hit, it is likely to be the precursor to a revolution in the ICO space, enabling the entire process to engage more investors.

Why is Pocketinns ICO a better option?

Gives full transparency to safeguard the community: They have decided not to hold a pre-sale or release bonus offers on their tokens and investors can therefore expect transparency in the token sale, and see PINNS categorized as an exempted securities offer under the Rule 506© Reg D for qualified investors. The legal status of this project is fully covered and an Anti-Money laundering system has also been implemented. Once the ICO is over, funds are to be released by the company’s governance team on the basis of an annual budget.

A professional/experienced team leading the process: The platform founder/CEO Sarva G Mada is a top-notch blockchain expert, skilled in the financial technology space as he has worked with Barclays Investment Bank and JP Morgan. The COO, Smita M. Seetaramhe, has mastered her skills while working with Thomson Reuters and Nike in its developmental sector. The strength of this team lies in the truth that not only are their team members enjoying exposure to blockchain technology and businesses having to deal with renowned MNCs, they also have the adequate academic and research background.

A marketplace that is the future: Pocketinns is forming a marketplace and they see their creation as the future. This blockchain enabled platform will surely extend into the future. In a nutshell, this is going to be an umbrella mechanism to make business easy, quick and safe. In the near future, the creators are eyeing becoming capable of extending their technology products and services to provide more such as travel, rides, legal services, finance, food/grocery delivery, and the like. All these opportunities are either to be developed in-platform or by engaging efficient partners in the verticals.

The most scintillating reason why Pocketinns and its ICO are here: ICOs have drastically transformed the way marketplaces used to invest. Unfortunately, in this newly emerged industry fraudulent players have easily leveraged it, negatively impacting its reputation. This revolutionary method to secure and ease commercial transactions is the main goal behind the creation of such a platform. The peer-2-peer blockchain technology and tokenization of assets hold the key to facilitating true peer-2-peer cryptocurrency economies. This is the main idea behind the creation of a project such as Pocketinns. Maybe this is why, their ICO is going to taste different and provide different results.

What keeps them busy currently

They are holding an Initial Token Offering (ITO): Pocketinns intends to underline the investor-friendly characteristic of their ITO. Their tokens, i.e. PINNS are going to hold some real value for the transaction matter within their own ecosystem. PINNS are designed to empower their community-driven cryptocurrency market and also ensure that their investors are able to buy and sell on a completely decentralized model.

Allowing users to determine their cost: One cryptocoin equals 0.01 ETH. The team has planned a Dutch Auction, to be held between 15 and 31 January, with a reduced price in order to attract more and more investors. This is going to be a complete market-based approach, assuring that ICO investors pay the exact amount for the tokens PINNS.

There is no pre-sale or bonus offers: Pump and dump strategy has always contributed to the loss of honest and genuine investors in the long run. Remember the Wolf of Wall Street? The creators of Pocketinns must not have wanted this for their ITOs and ICOs. In order to prove that they genuinely value and respect their investors and community, they are dropping pre-sale and bonus offerings from their ICO. They believe that bonuses do nothing except encourage selling off the token quickly.

The platform is fully compliant: Pockeinns is SEC self-regulated. They are also AML/KYC acquiescent. They are targeting their investors to be aware of where their hard-earned money is being put post investment. This is why the creators are going the extra mile to make sure there is no shady activity, because everything is decentralized.

They take pride in their team capacity: They have an amazing team and group of advisors, hailing from top notch companies in the world such as Barclays and Google. These people are not only experienced in the field, but also have strong academic backgrounds. Pocketinns has also been a sponsor of the Blockchain Expo North America 2017.

Milestones of their upcoming ICO

By the 1st quarter of 2018:

1 – Implementation and evolution of Pocketinns 1.0 on the blockchain ecosystem.

2 – Once the ITO is completed, the investors will be issued PINNS tokens within two weeks.

By the 2nd quarter of 2018:

1 – To have PINNS listed and registered on the various cryptocurrency exchanges as required by the compliance standards designed by the exchanges.

2 – Raise a team of sales and marketing and media communication.

By the 3rd quarter of the 2018:

1 – Implement PINNS tokens as a professional community ecosystem before the end of 2018.

2 – Form a model for a travel marketplace to further scale up their goals (with completion by 2022).

By the 4th quarter of 2018:

1 – Pocketinns currently provides an inventory of over 50,000 properties in Europe, but they have an aim to increase it to 4 million by the end of the 4th quarter of this year.

2 – Developing a full-fledged decentralized and democratized data storage feature for their proprietary tokens (PINNS) holders or community members.


Pocketinns ICO details

  • Status =  ONGOING
  • Symbol = PINNS
  • Start Date January 15, 2018
  • End Date = January 31, 2018
  • Platform = Ethereum
  • Total Supply = 150,000,000
  • Country = USA
  • Payment Types = ETH

The efficieny Distribution Model

  • 40% Community Mining
  • 20% Initial Token Offering (Dutch Auction)
  • 10% Founders
  • 18% All Partners including consultants, legal, developers, advisors
  • 12% Other


Like many other tokens such as Bananacoin (BCO), CryptF, Upline (UPL), this project is also enabled with decentralized blockchain technology for allowing both the sellers’ and consumers’ markets to experience a safe, valuable and reliable transaction method. Pocketinns is an absolute revolutionary digital marketplace ecosystem focusing more to maintain a true democratized network.

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