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PodOne (QBE) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Today, contact center services are facing big challenges, including a high demand for labor with expensive recruiting, capital technology expenditures, lack of customer satisfaction, low satisfaction, etc. To overcome such issues, PodOne has come up with a decentralized contact center network that helps in reducing labor costs, optimizing staff time, and introducing a new standard of training by connecting employers and agents together.

All about PodOne

PodOne is providing a decentralized network that helps the contact center industry to resolve its major challenges. It is a decentralized contact center network based on blockchain technology similar to other ICO tokens such as ArmPack, THEKEYBunnyToken, MedTokens, Play2Live and helps businesses to connect. With this platform, businesses can enjoy the benefits of leasing human resources from the network to handle customer interactions.


PodOne  Prime Features

Idle time resource pool

  1. By utilizing PodOne, employers can auction the idle time of their employees to other businesses or individuals available on the network.
  2. In this way, an employer can lease out the idle time of its employee and accomplish the needs of additional human resources in the network.

Elastic staffing 

  1. The PodOne network provides a shared pool of human resources to resolve issues such as short-staffing during peak seasons.
  2. Contact centers can easily access this network to take the services of a representative whose idle time has been marked as available.

Work force management API

  1. The platform is designed by the award-winning developers of Fenero cloud-based contact center software, therefore, it has been integrated with key performance indicators on interaction traffic and usage pattern for users of Fenero.
  2. This will prove beneficial in offering automated volume forecasts and suggestions to choose the appropriate size of resources required to deliver quality customer services.

Different components of PodOne      


The PodOne network is powered by blockchain technology which makes it a secure and safe network for doing peer-to-peer transaction that cannot be changed or altered by anyone. This will allow the network to become a completely decentralized system and offer numerous benefits.

Podone features

Qubicle Token

The platform transactions are verified through blockchain using a crypto token called, Qubicle (QBE) that is used to make all payments among the different resources of the network. The ICO token is also utilized for rewarding customer service agents for their performance and delivering exceptional quality experiences to their customers. Members of the network use QBE tokens for the payment of different activities and transactions and they are also rewarded in the form of QBE for being the best performer of a network. The digital wallet is provided to each member for storing their QBE balance.

PodOne Wallet

The PodOne wallet works like a traditional bank account where users can store their Qubicle tokens. A wallet can be used for deposits, withdrawals, or making payments through Qubicle. These tokens are exchanged in fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, etc. or other cryptocurrencies like Ether or Bitcoin.

Benefits of PodOne for investors

  • The network uses Qubicle core utility token for doing every transaction on the platform.
  • Provides attractive discounted token prices.
  • Create built-in demand from existing employer customer base.
  • Designed by experienced developers of leading software provider.

Benefits of PodOne for industry

  • Resolves the issues of excess labor capacity and variable staffing.
  • Monetizes the downtime of staff.
  • Designed on blockchain technology.
  • Ensures the consistent quality of services by offering standardized training.
  • Improves the capabilities of contact center industry.
  • Meets growing demand of industry by introducing advanced technologies and cryptocurrency rewards and payment platform.

What problems is PodOne resolving?

The PodOne network is well designed to resolve two major problems of the contact center industry.

  1. Firstly, the industry is struggling with the issues of excess capacity (non-billable time) in the form of agents’ idle time. The contact center pays on an hourly basis to the employees, who are sitting idle while waiting for customer calls. The standard shift is 8 hours but the idle time (2 hours per working day) of employees is a great loss for the company.
  2. Another issue that PodOne network is focusing on resolving, is the insufficient staffing problem at the time of peak seasons. During peak season, it becomes difficult for contact center representatives to handle the increased volume of interaction. The increased sales will definitely increase the volume of calls as customers will call to resolve their various purchase-related issues.

This company understands the prime issues of the industry and efficiently resolves them by providing outstanding features including idle time resource pool, elastic staffing, etc.

Podone roadmap

ICO details

  • Ticker symbol : QBE.
  • Phase 1 start date : January 15, 2018 12:00 AM ET.
  • Phase 1 end date : February 15, 2018 12:00 AM ET.
  • Phase 2 start date : March 1, 2018 12:00 AM ET.
  • Phase 2 end date : March 31, 2018 12 AM ET.
  • Exchange rate phase 1 : 3000 QBE= 1ETH (100% bonus).
  • Exchange rate phase 2 : 15,00 QBE=1ETH.
  • Fixed supply cap  : 100,000,000 QBE.
  • Min/max sale goal  : 1,000 ETH/45,000 ETH.
  • Token type  : ERC20 Compliant.

Use of Proceeds

  • R&D and platform development: 50%
  • Marketing and sales staff: 20%
  • Operational expenses: 15%
  • Legal and accounting: 10%
  • Contingency: 5%

The team behind PodOne

Marlon Williams, Chief Executive Officer.


PodOne is seeking to resolve the biggest issues of the contact center business model by providing a decentralized network powered by blockchain technology similar to Guardium, CryptoLoans, Ternio, BitCAD, Zupply. The project will play a vital role in solving the industry’s concerns related to the idle hours of the employees creating massive budget concern, use of resources during peak business time, and unused time of the employee.

The project brings a decentralized crypto platform that uses blockchain and a sophisticated API to reduce the idle hours of employee and maximize their efficiency.

The company is hosting a public crowd sale for its project development. It is offering Qubicles in a sale to the Ethereum holder. The funds generated from the crowd sale will be utilized for recruiting software developers and executing the project’s vision. There are many companies such as dimension, etc. that have launched their ICOs to expand their projects growth and development. You can easily participate in PodOne ICO to contribute to this project’s expansion.

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