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Quasar (QSR) ICO Token Review – ICO Token News

What is a Quasar Token?

Quasar Token (QSR) is the token offered by Zera Game developers. It is the first Crypto token which supports MMO. This is a new era game studio that gives opportunity to the investors to participate in this project in different ways that include financial support, advertising and direct assistance in game development. You can receive QSR token for all kinds of activities.

Team at Work

Quasar is backed by a team of the likeminded and talented professionals that includes the experts like Network Engineers, Character Artists, World Environment Artists, Animators, AI Developers, Sound Supervisors and many more.  The team includes the below key functionaries.

  • Atanas Wouters (CEO/Game Designer)
  • Stojan Dubois (FX Artist/World Environment, Artists/Concept artist)
  • Rene Denis (Community Specialist/Advertisement and Marketing)
  • Arsène Beckers (Software Engineer, UI/Front-end Developer)
  • Stanislas Wuyts (Graphic/Video/UI Designer/3d Modeler)


Role of Quasar Token in Zera Game

Zera is the first game being developed by using the advanced technology of Artificial Intelligence. It is designed with the aim of creating survival shooter game which includes various levels of hardcore game modes and provides opportunity to the players to reach the next steps for survival. The professionally designed e-sports areas are to be launched soon.  Here are the key features of this game.

1 – The Zera project is a survival MMORPG shooter which contains Player versus Environment (dungeon zones), Free Play Open World, Player versus Player (e-Sports).

2 – Quasar holders can easily participate for this game development through different ways that include financial support, advertising and direct assistance. After its release, it will further boost its development and receive profit from any gaming transaction.

3 – The largest token holders of Quasar will be selected to enter in the team of Board of Directors. The board has to ensure transparency of the project’s operations.

Why Quasar Developed Zera Game?

The Zera game is designed for the people where they can enjoy different aspects of the game play and switch to another without any loss in the gaming experience. Secondly, they want to bring the game into ground of e-sports, beside pve and open world. The have added pvp aspects in the game that makes it more interesting for the players.

Introduction to ZERA Game

ZERA project is a survival MMORPG shooter game that comprises of Free play open world, “players, esports and dungeon zones.  The game takes place on archipelago island where people are not able to communicate with outside world due to some unknown circumstances. On the other hand, governments of the countries notice the changes that come in the radiation background in the Zone. Therefore, international organizations plan to send troops to the island to collect the data.  Marauders and treasure seekers are also headed there as well. Vologodonsk is the city prototype.

ZERA offers the first studio that encourages the editing and development of game directly through the players. Any participant of the community can share their suggestions on model/ game mechanic or any game improvement. The game developer has introduced this to encourage the involvement of community in game development. The game changes will be represented in front of the community and decision will be taken on the basis of open voting.

Key features of the ZERA game


The game is designed on the engine that offer high class (AAA)- Unreal Engine.  By using it, the game studio will go beyond the limited capabilities and full set of tools to design attractive visual aspects of the game.


In the game, players get great opportunities to customize their character.  You are allowed to pick the appearance, equipment and accessories.  The developers try to create maximum connection between the player and his Avatar.


The Zera developers understand the importance of performance in the competitive aspect of the game.  Therefore, they have optimized the game in every stage by putting lot of effort and the sue of Unreal Engine.  They will offer the game with high performance and optimization.

What Makes Zera Different?

Quasar is the first company which has used Artificial intelligence for developing the game. This new cutting edge technology comprises the outstanding capabilities than any human being. By using AI, the developers provide balancing aspects to the game, mechanics, and models, based on the collected data. The game provides wide customization options like UI, weapons items, vehicles, character weapons, etc.  Moreover, environment zone also changes, such as custom houses edited by players which will be added later. The game has dynamic living world with its own history. It is very easy to play and provided delighting experience to the players. 

Overpowering the Challenges of Crypto Market Trading

Converting fiat currency into virtual currency or other crypto currencies like Litecoin and Ethereum is one of the key obstacles that come in the way of those individuals who wish to enter in the realm of crypto markets. The process of buying bitcoin online from website and sending it to exchange, figuring out its price change and other crypto currency rates is little tedious and needs some degree of technical knowledge also. The investors who are new to the process find it very risky and frustrating. If you want to participate in Quasar ICO with BTC funds then you must fill the form available at their website, otherwise they will not able to send you the QSR.

Benefits of Using ICO Format and Blockchain

There are several benefits of using ICO format in blockchain. These include:

  • Helps in attracting the investors’ attention.
  • Provides transparency of using funds so that investors can verify how they are being spent after the ICO.
  • Provides early access to a token having the potential for quick capital growth.
  • Not registered or regulated by any government organization.
  • Innovative way of deploying capital that provides a hedge against economic and political shocks.
  • Provides an alternative asset which is not based on Fiat currency 

Quasar Token Sale

The Quasar Tokens represent the company’s shares and provide the owners’ rights to receive a part of profit in the form of dividends. Shareholders are also invited to participate in this project. However, QSR tokens are not only designed for Zera game because they will also be used in subsequent projects. All financial statements will be easily available to token holders. The unused token will be burned.


Here is the breakdown of how the funds will be used:

  • 20% of profit will go for buyback the tokens from the market which will later be burned.
  • 60% of profit is for direct dividend got through smart contract.
  • 20% of profit is for the project development.

A token works like a company share but it can be used for the purpose of payment in the project (copy of the game, services, game store) and also gives access to unique content of the game like special transport such as Unique Camouflage and Little Bird.

Token Information

Here are the key statistics related to QSR.

  • The Quasar Token is represented by the symbol: QSR
  • The type of Token is ERC20
  • Total supply of QSR is 10.000.000
  • Maximum Circulation supply:- 5.000.000
  • ICO allocation- 4,000,000
  • 1ETH = 600QSR.
  • 1BTC=15.000QSR
  • 1QSR=0.50cents

How the Tokens will be allocated?

Have a look on the allocation of QSR token:-

  • 40% for Token sale contribution
  • 20% for the team and early investors
  • 5% for Bounty, early supporters
  • 15% for marketing & PR
  • 10% for talent development and recruiting
  • 10% as reserved fund

ICO Bonus

Here is the bonus structure and its distribution:

  • Pre-ICO = 10%      –             November 10-17
  • First week = 8%       –            November 17-24
  • Second week =5% –         November 24-december 1
  • Third week= 3%        –           December-December 7
  • Fourth week=No Bonus – December 7- December 1

How to Contribute in the ICO?

If you want to participate in the ICO then don’t send funds through any exchange or multi-sig wallet otherwise you will lose your funds. Moreover, don’t send you fund before the commencement of Token sale. Set the Gas Limit to 200,000. The QSR will be sent to your wallet from which the ETH arrived. If in case you want to participate in the ICO with BTC funds then you must complete the sending form available on their official website.

Roadmap for Future Plan

The Quasar has presented its roadmap for the project. Here it is.

  • 11/2017 – Project Announcement
  • 11/2017- QSR ICO starts in 5 stages
  • 11/2017- QSR tokens draw for bounties, supporters
  • 12/2017- QSR Token publishing on exchange
  • 12/2017- Closed Beta Test For interested token holders (NDA Beta test)
  • 01/02/2018- Open Beta, Start of Pre-Orders
  • 03/2018- Game release on Steam, and physical copies

What is the Current Stage of Quasar Zera Game Project?

The developers are still working on the project and Alpha stage has successfully been completed. Now, they are preparing for public alpha and planning to switch to beta version. The major aspects of the games are finished. The available content is being tested and reviewed and servers are being debugged.

What will happen in case ICO Goals are Not Met?

However, purchasing is beneficial deal but it also involves some degree of risks. The token value may get fluctuated due to various reasons. It is possible that its value decreases because of non-QSR related events occurring in the crypto currency markets. The company will burn all the unused tokens and project will continue to work on its roadmap.  So, they can continuously work on their project even if ICO completely fails.

How the profit will be realized?

The project will earn revenue through:

  • Game copies sold on digital distribution websites
  • Items and services in the game store
  • Steam market of the game
  • Market won’t be able to bring imbalance to the game, and it will not affect the gameplay.

In the first year, the company is hoping that they will sell 50,000 (average selling of 7 $) services and items, and 5, 00,000 copies of the game (average selling of $ 12) in the stores.

How it is Made Possible?

When it comes to providing authentic information, most of the ICO providers are not transparent with their investors.  The companies ignore the essential basic information associated with the projects like rights of the token holder, risks of the project, etc. Without all these important information, it is impossible for the investors to assess the true value of the ICO. The lack of transparency creates one of the major obstacles in efficient pricing of the tokens.

At Quasar, the company believes in their project transparency and decision making.  Token holders having largest tokens will be selected to become a part of the Board of Directors. The project decision will be done on the basis of majority of vote. It includes 5 token holders (directors), 5 participants and 1 vote will be taken in the form of smart contract for voting (through shareholders).


The Quasar Token (QSR) has been launched by the Zera game developers with the aim of providing the opportunity to the investors to participate in their innovative project. There are different ways through which investors can take part in it that includes financial support, adverting or direct assistance in the development of the game.  To do all these activities they can get QSR token which is used for presenting the company shares, and fix the owner’s rights to get their profit in the form of dividends.

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