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Qurrex (QRX) ICO Review – ICO Token News

As a fact, the crypto economy is expanding because of the evolution of crypto exchanges. However, the crypto exchanges are becoming more centralized with time. Today, when traders pick a crypto exchange, they focus on its transparency, its security, and, most importantly, its liquidity. The liquidity of any crypto exchange chiefly depends on its ability to do marginal trading, transfer money, and provide a friendly GUI. Right now, you’ll find a number of niche products available in the crypto market; every project does well at addressing any specific concern.

Still, there isn’t any robust, end-to-end solution that’ll tackle all the crypto market challenges head-on. Plus, the market will reach the next level of maturity by including institutional investors. That’s exactly what Qurrex aims to do. This is the first hybrid crypto exchange that’ll integrate the industrial infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with the might of a decentralized network. In short, this exchange will cater to the needs of a wide array of users ranging from first-time investors to institutional traders and big brokers.


Qurrex analysis

The Qurrex ecosystem is a trading platform that’ll perform different functions—it’ll be a centralized node whose effectiveness can be compared with cutting-edge, modern exchanges; it’ll include client functionality that’ll meet the demands of the users of different stock exchanges and even FX brokers; moreover, it’ll be a complete blockchain network that’ll eliminate middlemen, provide enhanced security, and give the users aggregated liquidity coming from different network nodes.

All in all, Qurrex is successfully setting the most rigorous industry standards in the whole crypto-economy landscape. This ecosystem plans to be the first-ever universal crypto exchange that’ll be based on the most high-performance architecture that’s taken from prominent global trading portals. 

Additionally, this project will become a key factor in developing the crypto economy as a whole. That’s because the project will not only satisfy the needs of all the existing exchange users but also streamline new participants that aren’t represented in the crypto world. 

Qurrex innovation 

Innovation always impresses everyone. Presently, the ICO list is dominated by the most innovative projects such as ODEM, Requitix, BunnyToken, TV-TWO, Signals. Even Qurrex is innovative in every sense of the word, and here are a few highlights of this crypto project.

High liquidity 

For stimulating investment and attracting capital, this ecosystem will be providing impressive high liquidity. (The high liquidity of the platform can also be credited to an end-to-end cooperation with chief liquidity providers.) The best part is that a major portion of the platform’s liquidity will be achieved by the adequate fund present within the ecosystem. The development team will follow best practices when it comes to rolling out fresh investment tools for gaining additional liquidity. 

Qurrex token

Highly functional APIs 

The ecosystem’s GUI will have algorithm-enabled trading capabilities that’ll be natively embedded. The investors of the portal will easily auto-copy all the trading signals. Plus, there’s already a range of analytics tools that’ll help users get substantial insights into the charting process. Put simply, when it comes to experiencing highly functional APIs, this crypto exchange is the right destination. 

Incredible speed and transparency 

Every native API, which will be deployed on this platform, should have high speed. To make sure that its APIs have the needed speed, the ecosystem has REST and WebSocket in place. These tools within the API will help the investors make split-second decisions—the platform is engineered to carry out 70.000 transactions per second. Also, apart from speed, the platform will be known for transparency. For example, this cryptocurrency exchange will disclose every single piece of information in full and in detail. Overall, this exchange will provide regular, convenient disclosures of a user’s financial account. This feature contributes to making the platform extremely transparent. 

The best functional capabilities 

The platform has unique features for letting institutional stock exchange players enter the growing crypto economy. Here’s a list of the ecosystem’s features.

  • The presence of high-performance, secure hybrid architecture that’ll be supported by regular tech audits.
  • The ecosystem has a broad functionality that’ll satisfy the demands of the users at any level.
  • The platform will ensure maximum user transparency; this will be done by carrying out independent audits, publishing financial accounts, and formalizing all the processes.
  • The network has robust payment gateways for not only depositing but also withdrawing fiat money.
  • The interface can be customized with the help of APIs.
  • Social investing and trading become possible within the platform’s native marketplace.
  • The platform even has responsive multilingual user support that’s live 24 × 7. 

Qurrex ICO sale

For improving the investment’s value proposition, this ICO sale has a lot of bonuses and bounties. These incentives are apt for pushing early-bird investors for making a buying decision. Here are few ICO details that the investors should know before buying these tokens.

Qurrex Pre sale

Other ICO details

  • Token: Qurrex / QRX
  • Public pre-sale period: February 27 to March 7
  • Pre–ICO sale price: 800 QRX tokens = 1 ETH coin
  • Crowdsale period: March 19 to April 7
  • During the crowdsale, the price of the tokens remains the same as it was during the pre–ICO sale
  • Bonus: Available
  • Bounty: Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepted currency: Ether
  • Minimum investment: 30 ETH coins for pre-sale
  • Country: Afghanistan
  • Whitelist/KYC: Both
  • Restricted areas: USA, Syria, North Korea, Iran, and Cuba

Qurrex team

The platform is developed by a team of experienced professionals who belong to different industrial backdrops such as investment banking, exchange infrastructure development, and business generation. In short, the team has the experience and expertise to create a revolutionary exchange platform for the crypto world. 

Summarizing Qurrex 

To conclude, Qurrex is a hybrid solution that’ll streamline the entry of institutional investors in the crypto economy—it’s solving one real-world problem just like Cibus, Amon, Aktie Social, Alttex, THEFANDOME. It’s blending the centralized exchange solutions with the decentralized world of the blockchain. The team behind the platform is experienced in managing projects in the investment baking, fintech, and exchange spaces. So all this sounds reassuring, yet we’ll advise you to visit the website, see the team profile, and go through the project’s page before making a final investment decision.

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