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Rate Date (RDT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Rate Date (RDT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Rate Date is an online dating website that aims to simplify the communication and acquaintance of people online. One of the primary goals of this dating website is to unite lonely individuals in the high-tech age.

Rate Date (RDT) Analysis

What is Rate Date (RDT) all about?

At Rate Date, individuals will find and communicate with like-minded dating partners and have the opportunity to create and take part in video date auctions as well. Bidding for a date adds an element of excitement in the process of acquaintance and guarantees interest in dating communication.

Rate Date

How will it work?

The key idea of this online dating website is to hold online video date auctions. Profiles on an auction can be placed by any registered users on this website as a Dater. Any registered user can make bets at other auctions as a Rater.

After the video date has taken place, the dater will get access to the funds from the winning bet (in the case of an absence of complaints from either of the parties).

Commission, which can amount to 20% of the winning bet, is charged by Rate Date for every successful deal. All the funds received from the online auction can be used by the participants within the service and they can also withdraw them to their online wallet.

Benefits of using Rate Date dating site

This dating site provides a wide assortment of dating opportunities to participants that include:

  • Simplifying the process of video dating. The unique plugins (datenet) will provide interesting topics for the participants.
  • Making a dating video.
  • Via private chat, participants will be able to enjoy unlimited communications with interesting users on the site.
  • Taking part in a wide range of online games that suit the taste of the participants.
  • Participants will get an excellent opportunity to take part in the online video date auction as a Dater and a Rater.
  • The participants will be able to register free of cost through simple procedures using their social networks or email.
  • The participants will be able to enjoy free message exchange on this website. The messaging platform has an option of adding anyone to blacklist.
  • Complaints about the behaviour of participants can be made using the messaging application.
  • The website will have options for premium accounts that give the participant additional dating opportunities.
  • The participants will get VIP level bonuses in the case of an active premium account.

What are the problems that Rate Date seeks to solve?

The team associated with this project have highlighted key problems and possible solutions for online communication after carrying out a detailed analysis of some of the popular online dating websites and social networks.

Fake personalities

The users’ right to protection and non-disclosure of personal information are respected by Rate Date. At the same time, a complete identity authentication of individuals is required when they register.

The complete identity authentication will help to protect participants of this dating website as well as effectively settle issues in case of doubtful situations.


The team associated with this project plans to continue the implementation of unique and new functions on the website. They plan to organize competitions and charity events by famous public figures in the format of online video date auctions.


A unique plug-promoter “datenet” of this dating website will solve the communication problems at the initial stage of their acquaintance with other users.

Difficulties in communication

A video date option provided by this online dating site is an ideal option to solve the problem of difficulties in communication among two individuals. It is an excellent opportunity for participants to avoid unpleasant consequences that may occur during offline dates.

What does Rate Date (RDT) aim to be?

Nearly 70% of internet users around the world have used an online dating website to meet like-minded dating partners.

Considering these statistics and data, Rate Date plans to attract more than 5,000,000 users in the next three years.

Why is Rate Date (RDT) good project?

1 – This online dating site will be developed and created on the basis of ruby on rails web-application framework that makes it possible for the developers of this project to create scalable applications within a very short period of time.

2 – The development team of this project has chosen nginx as the web server, providing the site with additional resistance to substantial traffic.

3 – The application server Phusion Passenger is used in this project to ensure excellent results of productivity, speed, and consistency of operation.

Rate Date (RDT) Token Price and Token Sale

The RDT token

Rate Date will be issuing RDT tokens for sale in order to raise the investment required to launch this project. RDT tokens are a unit of payment for services on this online dating website. The token holder will have the right to purchase a wide range of services and can take part in the online video auctions using RDT tokens. Just like other popular ICO tokens such as SERENITY, Dether, CoinLion, CoinStarter, InsurePal, BunnyToken, Serenity, Lendoit ,  the RDT tokens can also be traded on exchange platforms. The price of RDT tokens is set at USD0.60.


About the ICOs

The number of RDT tokens for sale during the ICO will be limited to 50,000,000 RDT. Through the ICO sale, the company aims to earn an investment of 5000 Ethereum (ETH) coins. The ICO sale will start on February 12, 2018, and will end on March 28, 2018.

Allocation of RDT tokens

  • 74% of all tokens will be distributed through the ICO sale.
  • 15% of the total RDT tokens will be reserved for the team and advisors.
  • 5% of the total tokens will be allocated as bounty rewards to anyone who finds bugs in the project.
  • 6% of the RDT tokens will be allocated as reserve funds.

The structure of the ICO sale for most of the popular tokens such as, Opporty, Jibrel Network, Hade, Inspeer are fixed. But it is not the case for RDT tokens. The structure of the fund allocation is subject to variation depending on the number of investments.

Summarizing Rate Date (RDT)

The perfect option for Rate Date to attract investments and raise funds is to carry out an ICO sale. Funds collected through the token sales will be used for the creation of the internal payment unit of the resource, which is based on the blockchain technology.

A successful ICO result will grant customers an opportunity to systematically evaluate all the benefits and opportunities such as online video date auctions in a short period of time.


  • Katerina Usatenko
    Katerina Usatenko
    Katerina Usatenko
    Founder, CEO
  • Mikhail Kruglichenko
    Mikhail Kruglichenko
    Mikhail Kruglichenko
    Strategic Planning Manager
  • Dmitry Nadsadin
    Dmitry Nadsadin
    Dmitry Nadsadin
    Project Manager, Developer
  • Denis Goroshko
    Denis Goroshko
    Denis Goroshko
    Web-Designer, Illustrator
  • Katerina Voronkina
    Katerina Voronkina
    Katerina Voronkina
    Designer, Illustrator
  • Roman Liashko
    Roman Liashko
    Roman Liashko
    (Investor and specialist in business development) - Experience in formation and developing companies from Startup to IPO with a capitalization of $ 364m. Participated in the development one of the most successful in the EU Social Trading Network (
  • Igor Livant
    Igor Livant
    Igor Livant
    (VP for Investments, Telf AG) - Igor’s career spans over 17 years in financial services and consulting. He has worked as an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, Troika Dialog, and Aton; Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, ran his own consulting firm and now works as VP for Investments at TELF AG, a commodity trading firm.


  • 1
    Prototyping of website
  • 2
    Pre Sale
  • 3
  • 4
    Beta version of website
  • 5
    RDT Unfreezing
  • 6
    Launch of the online video date auction
  • 7
    Launch of the mobile application

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