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REMME (REM) ICO Review – ICO Token News

REMME (REM) ICO Review – ICO Token News

REMME will be replacing the usual password logins with a distributed authentication process by using the power of blockchain technology. The essential data of a company will be protected against hacks, breaches, and cyber-attacks by using the revolutionary software.

REMME (REM) Analysis

What is REMME (REM) all about?

REMME similar to Upline, Dimensions Network, SERENITY, Fintechbit, XWIN CryptoBet, Asteroid, CRYCASH, ABT, is a platform that is designed by using cutting-edge blockchain technology for securing access to digital identities. Public key infrastructure (PKI) combined with a set of decentralized application (Dapps) are developed on the blockchain are used in this platform to provide the users with password-free and secure access to virtually anything.

Remme1Benefits of using REMME

  1. Password-less and secure logins

The user generates a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for each device instead of a password. It is extremely difficult for hackers to use fake certificates as the certificate data is effectively managed on the blockchain.

  1. Fair pricing

There is no need for businesses to invest millions of US dollars in cutting-edge and sophisticated software or hardware with REM. The services of this platform can be availed at affordable pricing. SSL technology is supported by almost every modern-day device from a car to the laptop of the user.

  1. Stability of decentralized systems

It uses highly secure blockchain technology for creating a distributed certificate management system with no single point of failure.

What are problems that REMME seek to resolve?

One of the primary means of accessing different network and local resources is through a password. It is a method of securing and identifying users and resources.  Hackers can gain access to all the data of account holders in the event of a password being stolen. Thus, passwords cannot serve as a sufficient method for protecting the important data of the users. In addition, the use of traditional passwords will not guarantee the security of the user sessions.

REM software provides highly secure storage for a password. This platform makes use of two-factor authentication (2FA) system in order to protect the login of the users more effectively than a single password. One-time password, hardware tokens, SSL/TLS certificate and other highly secure and effective authorization methods are used by this software to ensure secure access of users into their accounts.


The team associated with this project wants to solve problems like:

  • Issuance of “hidden” certificate that effectively tries to redirect connection by intercepting them
  • Fake or unauthorized certificate issuance
  • Certification authority (CA) keys been compromised
  • Needing to trust the centralized CA

What REMME (REM) aim to be?

REMME aims to create a future with password authentication by using state-of-the-art technology. The problems associated with the centralized PKI systems by this platform. REM makes use of Blockchain protocol that is used for certification revocation management and certification authentication functions.

1: Certificate Revocation Management

Each SSL certificate is precisely bound with an output of a blockchain transaction. When the output is spent by the user, the SSL certificate is considered invalid.

2: Certification Authentication

Each SSL certificate stores a digital signature of a string, which is signed by the holder of the certificate. The digital signature is defined by the Bitcoin address of the certificate holders and the REMME standards.  The SSL certificate data can be used for forming a string and validating the digital signature. For providing more secure authentication, this platform uses the existing functions of Bitcoin protocol.

Why is REMME (REM) good project?

More than 70% of confirmed data breaches around the world involve stolen, default or weak password. It is estimated that more than $400 billion is lost annually due to cybercrimes and digital thefts around the world.

This platform prevents server and password breaches by utilizing SSL protocol. In addition, REMME will protect the entire channel from cyber-attack. All the operations within the ecosystem will be powered by the REM tokens.

REMME (REM) Token Price and Token Sale

REM tokens

Within the REMME ecosystem, the REM tokens are used for all the internal operations, including the following:

  • Pay fees for cross-blockchain transfer of tokens
  • To establish a node
  • In order to initialize a certificate creation process where a fixed number of REM tokens will get blocked for the purpose of revocation transactions
  • To pay fees to transfer REMME tokens between different users on the blockchain


Pre token sale

REM tokens available in this platform are one billion. The token pre-sale has a hard cap of Three million US dollars and a soft cap of $480,000.  The pre-sales of token were started from December 4rd to December 25th. After the pre-sale of the tokens was over, the company was able to raise $1,800,000.


The main public sale of the tokens will start from February 13th, 2018.  It has a hard cap of 20 million US dollars, which include the pre-sale of the tokens. Like every other ICO token—such as Perkscoin, Bananacoin, Dragon, ViMarket, CoinStarter, CryptF, CoinMetro, Storiqa, REM tokens are also built on Ethereum blockchain and are set at a rate of 1REM=$0.04 US dollars.

Distribution of token

Of the total supply of the REM tokens, 50% of tokens are available for sale during the initial coin offering and pre-sale. The remaining 50% of the REM tokens are distributed as mentioned below.

  • 20% of the tokens going to the team and founders.
  • Partners and advisors get 20% of the tokens.
  • 10% of the total tokens will be kept as reserve funds.

Team behind REMME (REM)

Alex Momot is the founder and CEO of REMME project. Other important members of this project consist of the following:

  • Roman Karvachenko (CTO)
  • Kate Pospelova (co-founder and CMO)
  • Jan Keil (CBDO)

Summarizing REMME (REM)

REMME wants to create secure future for business enterprises around the world. The platform will prevent phishing, password and server breach. In addition, it will protect the entire channel from cyber-attack by utilizing one-time password and SSL/TLS protocol. This platform has its Ethereum based cryptocurrency known as REM token. This ICO token systematically powers all the internal operations within the REMME ecosystem that includes rewarding of nodes, revocation and certificate generation, which will safeguard the entire network.

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