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RepuX (RPX) ICO Review – ICO Token News

RepuX (RPX) ICO Review – ICO Token News

All enterprises and companies have a massive amount of stored data but they have difficulty in using them in an efficient way to improve their business competencies. Most of the big companies can handle this problem but some small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are still facing the problem and can’t afford the cost of a more effective solution. It is necessary to be aware of marketing trends of ICOs before investing. ICO marketing guide is very helpful to get the clear idea for it, also ICO events organized by their respective companies provides a very good overview of market aspects.

In this situation, RepuX has proven to be a highly beneficial option for the SMEs. It brings an effective solution by creating a platform that allows them to monetize and trade corporate and user data between the different parties. The platform is using decentralized technologies like Ethereum, Sia, and  IPFS to develop a marketplace where data and information can be created in a transparent way without any intermediates.

All About RepuX

RepuX is a protocol level framework which is designed for exchanging and accepting different types of immutable data. This process will occur between the individuals’ collectors, corporate, users, and developers. The protocol will utilize various types of decentralized technologies such as Ethereum, Sia, InterPlanetary File System, EOS, etc. with a great capability of upgrading it to the higher blockchain. There are also other tokens which are based on blockchain technology such as WePower, Phoneum, Dether, MedTokens, REMME, Fabric Token, Luckbox.  It gives an opportunity to data producers to earn money from their data by eliminating the role of any mediators or intermediaries. The platform is well designed to store the details of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence on the aggregated large-scale data.

In short, RepuX is a marketplace that enables business (small or medium size) to sell data anonymously to developers. The RPX tokens are used for making transactions or various activities on the RepuX platform.

Objective and Goal of RepuX

1 – Focus on designing a high-end customized system through which data can be directly transferred to the developers, users, and collectors.

2 – Enable the users to get access to semi-permanent record in a mutual transaction by developing a secure infrastructure within the RepuX token transaction.

3 – Developers are striving to design a program which is easy to use and allow third-party developers to create multiple applications on the RepuX protocol.

4 – Create a protocol to maintain high speed and clarity of transactions.

5 – Integrate the RepuX protocol with blockchain technology.

Key accomplishments of The RepuX

  • Allow selling and purchasing of data from developers for both medium and small businesses.
  • By purchasing developed application from developers, enterprises can use it to take improved and beneficial business decisions.
  • Developers can use the transferred data for the training of machine learning algorithms.
  • Collaboration with three pilot companies including WorkHQ, FungyuCPA, and Dascom.

Uses of RepuX tokens

For selling and purchasing data

The ICO token holders are allowed to purchase and sell data on the RepuX Protocol. The data sellers will receive payments in the form of RPX tokens. The RPX tokens are also used for selling and purchasing raw data and value-added content. For this token, the ICO countdown has already begun.

Applying reputation

It doesn’t matter whether the transaction is related to data or not but it enables the protocol users to give recommendations to each other after each transaction. This feature is beneficial to know whether the counterparty is trustworthy or not. In case the of any type of dispute between two parties, then the users will have to clarify it by providing evidence for verification by the Oracle system.

To run on the Oracle network

The token holders are allowed to put their tokens voluntarily for voting on the Oracle system to approve the transaction and reputation rating done by Oracle. If token holders vote for correct judgment then they will be rewarded with a nominal fee of 0.5% in the form of tokens. This will motivate the token holders and boost reputations, and also helps in eliminating the chance of fraudulent transactions.

Create your own application on the top of the network

The token holders have the privilege of developing their own application on the top of the RPX protocol.  With the help of tokens, the application can be used to store a large amount of data for research, business, etc. Similarly, Influencer marketing is a powerful route to market for your ICO, where well known brand campaigns reach engaged audiences.

What problem is RepuX resolving?

The protocol is developed to address the major problems faced by the medium and small-scale enterprises. These enterprises have a huge amount of stored data but they are unable to use them for growing their business and decision making. But, with the introduction of the RPX protocol, a business can sell their data anonymously in exchange for RPX tokens. In addition, it is also beneficial for providing a safe and secure platform for the SME’s where they can upload their business statistics. Developers can access the data and create a necessary algorithm with an artificial intelligence system to provide a more efficient application to provide beneficial results for SMEs so that they can compete with large-scale companies. It also helps investors to know how to invest in ICOs.

The RPX protocol platform is designed with the aim of eliminating the SME’s issues by providing them with a high-end quality technological upgrade that allows them to upload their data safely and anonymously on the platform. In this way, developers can buy the data from a SME by paying with RPX tokens and use it to develop a new application services with the required customized programming to sell them back to the SME.

ICO Details

  • Presale   : November 17 2017 (2pm UTC) to  March 5 2018 (2pm UTC)
  • Token Sale : March 6 2018 (5pm UTC) to April 5 2018 (5pm UTC)
  • Total Supply : 500,000,000 RPX
  • Price : 1 RPX = USD0.20
  • Hard cap : USD33,100,000
  • Soft cap : USD1,000,000
  • Accepted Currencies : ETH, BTC, and Wire Transfer
  • Token Distribution Date : April 5 2018
  • Emission Rate : No new tokens will be created

ICO Ratings also plays a vital role as investors will get an overview and will be able to know about the best ICOs to invest.


Token distribution

  • Pre-sale : 20%
  • Sold during token sale : 30%
  • Rewards Pool : 10%
  • Sold on the Platform : 23%
  • Founding Team : 12%
  • Ambassadors : 3%
  • Token Sale Bounties : 2%


The company is backed by a talented group of doers who all have many years of experience in a different variety of industries. They also have good experience in the arena of Media FineTech, Engineering and Saas, and Big Data.


Quite  like other ICOs, such as  Thrive, CREDITS, BunnyToken, Requitix, the RepuX platform is also developed with the goal of helping small and medium sized enterprises to monetize their data by transferring it between different parties includes users, developers, and collectors in a safe and secure manner, by using tokens.


    20 years in IT in total.
    12 years background in programming. Lead departments of up to 100 people.
    Big Data enthusiast having in-depth knowledge of Business intelligence and Data Warehouse systems.
    10 years of experience in SaaS industry with marketing, sales and product development. 6 years of experience in e-commerce.
    5 years of frontend experience and 1 year of consulting for USA company. Course author for Packt Publishing about React, Vue and Angular. Top 3% StackOverflow contributor with 12 000 reputation.
    10 years of experience as a Software Engineer. PHP Coach. University Lecturer on Science and Technology. Blockchain, machine learning and old analogue synthesizers enthusiast.
    Senior User Interface Engineer with over 15 years of experience in Media and FinTech industries. Specializes in modern web technologies with focus on performance, user experience and code quality.
    Over 4 years of experience as Fullstack Engineer (JEE, PHP & JS). Contributed to number of projects including the biggest European digital currency exchange platform and Marketing Automation software.
    6 years of experience as a Senior Android Engineer in e-commerce industry. Worked with the usage of machine learning, image recognition, augmented reality, Bluetooth beacons & location solutions technologies for mobile app development.
    13 years of experience as DevOps, Architect, Coach, Programmer, Leader - an unqualified advocate of agile delivery of high quality code.
    (Software Developer) - Specializing in decentralized applications, development based on smart-contracts and stand-alone blockchains.


  • 1
    Operations silos - $400,000 Seed funding
  • 2
    Operations silos - On-board advisors from the industry
  • 3
    Operations silos - RepuX Foundation established
  • 4
    OP: Major distribution announcement via business partner
    TECH: Code audit
    OUT: Speaking at Blockchain Expo
  • 5
    TECH: RepuX Protocol Live
    OUT: Attending Blockshow Asia
  • 6
    Operations silos - Token sale
  • 7
    OP: Token sale audit
  • 8
    TECH: RepuX Protocol open for developers
  • 9
    TECH: RepuX Platform Allowing for Decentralised Enterprise Applications

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