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SandbIock (SAT) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Customer satisfaction has huge importance right now. A business that’s taking good care of its customers and making them satisfied will definitely rise to fabulous heights in the coming time. In plain words, customer satisfaction is a very useful marketing KPI that measures exactly how a company’s services or products have performed. Plus, a well-managed customer satisfaction program will lead to improved brand loyalty.

However, the main pain point is when a business can’t measure the exact satisfaction level of its customers through its existing tools. For instance, after buying the products/services, some customers won’t be interested in giving free feedback; likewise, there’ll be a few customers who may not have had the best experience with your business and who’ll end up dropping negative comments. What if there’s a way to gather valuable customer feedback in the most frictionless way—without offending the customers? Well, that’s exactly what SandbIock is delivering.

SandbIock analysis 

The existing customer-loyalty landscape is in a total mess. In today’s commercial ecosystem, these programs are deployed differently by different companies. And the worst part is that many businesses offer absolutely useless rewards to the customers—so, considering everything, the situation of the existing loyalty programs is nowhere peachy. That’s what Sandblock has found, and that’s why this platform is being built. Sandblock will offer a completely decentralized protocol that connects customers with different brands using the power of smart contracts.


The best part is that this platform is rolling out its own mobile application in the alpha version, which has already hit the market. This app has a well-built dashboard and a complete analytics platform that’ll let businesses analyze the satisfaction level of a customer as efficiently as possible.

Also, every business that’s using this platform will be able to create its native branded tokens; these business tokens will be built on top of Sandblock’s token, SAT. The business can dole out these tokens as a reward to its customers who’ve displayed loyalty or given positive feedback or participated in some contests or games.

By being part of this network, a business will gain access to nearly tons of analytics about all its customers who’re connected to its merchants. Also, the branded tokens will be tradable with one another at a one-to-one ratio. Plus, these business-specific branded tokens can be traded for SAT tokens too—however, such an exchange will lead to a 50-percent loss in the token’s underlying value. So, after analyzing the project, we believe that this platform and its underlying tokens can deliver the promised returns in the coming time. The same thing, however, can’t be said for every other project present on the ICO list. 

SandbIock innovation

Innovation is the chief driving force behind every other crypto project including Cibus, THEKEYTrustaBit, MedTokens, Play2LiveApollo, or AQwire. Well, the same thing can be said for Sandblock. The platform’s protocol has followed every principle to become innovative in every sense of the word. So, in this section, we’re listing a couple of highlights that are unique to this crypto project.

SandbIock is an ecosystem that’ll let customer-reward programs deliver results

This network is engineered to solve a business’s pain points related to faulty or ineffective reward programs. Apart from being based on a blockchain, the platform has its own native crypto token—SAT. This token will allow the merchants to create and implement their respective branded tokens. Through these tokens, a business can create its own loyalty programs and vouchers for redefining the relationship between itself and its customers. 

Sandblock working

The benefits that the SandbIock ecosystem will deliver to its customers 

The customers of the platform will have access to its mobile app. The app will enable anyone to enjoy the true power of a blockchain and the network’s native cryptocurrency. Through this app, the customer will simply redeem or earn branded tokens from their merchants; once earned or redeemed from the merchants, the customers can barter these tokens using the in-app marketplace whenever they wish. Furthermore, the customers can engage with their favorite brands through different contents and games—or the customers can even participate in the surveys present within the application. 

What’s there in store for the merchants who’re using SandbIock ?

Through this platform, the merchants can enjoy access to a great amount of anonymized data that’s related to its customers’ behavior. By using this data, a business will have the ability to better understand its clients and improve its services/products. Further, these insights are very crucial for quickly picking smarter co-branding strategies. 

SandbIock ICO

The platform will have its own native crypto token that’s known as SAT or Satisfaction Token. The tokens will be developed using the Ethereum’s blockchain (similar to other tokens such as ODEM, Requitix, Shping, TV-TWO, Signals, Gamblica, LocalCoinSwap, and they’ll be sold during two phases—pre-sale and crowdsale. All the funds raised during the crowdsale will eventually be used for developing the platform. 

Sandblock satisfaction token

SandbIock ICO details 

  • Ticker: SAT
  • Pre–ICO price: 1 ETH coin = 3,750 SAT tokens
  • Crowdsale price: 1 ETH coin = 3,000 SAT tokens
  • Bonus: Available
  • Bounty: Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepted currency: ETH coins, BTC coins, and Fiat currency
  • Hard cap: USD 8,000,000
  • Country: France
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC
  • Restricted areas: USA, Canada, and China 

SandbIock team

Like every successful crypto project such as ABYSS and Perkscoin, SandbIock is built by a team of experienced people. The core team behind the project comprises blockchain people, finance specialists, marketing execs, and business developers. These people are working together to create a platform that’ll change the way client satisfaction and customer loyalty are recorded and analyzed. 

Summarizing SandbIock

Once everything is considered, the concept of the project is great as it has a huge market to address. Also, the project has its own application—and that’s seriously a plus in our opinion. Talking of the team, it includes some experienced names having an impressive track record in different sectors. Last but not least, the advisory group of the project is quite good as it can guide the Sandblock’s team whenever it has to make some tough decisions—especially once the ICO campaign ends. So the project looks promising, but we’ll still advise you to be a prudent investor and analyze the project’s website on your own and make final investment decision.

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