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Scrinium (SCR) ICO Review- ICO Token News

 Scrinium (SCR) ICO Review- ICO Token News

Scrinium Overview

Trade in distinct markets is complex and it might take you several years to build up your knowledge in to order to pursue a fruitful career. However, investors want to develop their assets in the here and now, which is to say, without having to wait.

‘Copy’ or ‘mirror’ trading partly resolves the confusion, but it becomes harder to differentiate between the true specialists and the new traders, which increases the safekeeping and obligation concerns.

“What then is the solution?” you might ask. Well, Scrinium seems to be the solution.


Founded on the analysis of the performance of numerous traders around the globe, Scrinium picks out the most appropriate and dependable traders and spontaneously creates an investment assortment which fits every individual private investor. All that is required of the investor is to handpick profit as well as risk levels. The portfolio is then spontaneously created and the investor starts receiving paybacks straightaway.

All about Scrinium

What is Scrinium?

Every day, transactions take place all across the world –  we purchase food or chat on the telephone or even receive payments for our jobs. In addition, we also invest. From paying children’s tuition fees to buying houses, all with the desire of investing for the future and the future of our family. Our modern lives are based on trading and investing.

With Scrinium’s matchless state-of-the-art blockchain technology, trading, and investing are going to change from its archetypal methods. Scrinium permits you to have the opportunity to be present at the commencement of this radical blockchain-based decentralized portfolio investment technology in order to benefit from profits from the primary offering. Scrinium remodels a portfolio venture in a manner which is absolutely advantageous for all participants in the market. Like leading ICO projects such as  LH Token, WePower, MedTokens, Fabric Token, Joinwell, NAGA, ILCOIN, Scrinium is also leading  in the marketplace.  All these parties involved in the market obtain significant profits by using Scrinium.

Problems/Hindrance & Solution:

Problem: Since the early stock exchanges came into being, trading has greatly progressed. Irrespective of either the markets or trading apparatuses, earlier; you would require several years of gaining knowledge to turn out to be a specialized trader. As traders gathered more and more understanding, it became difficult for investors, to get acquainted with proficient traders across the earth.

Solution: What exactly then, is the problem? And how can Scrinium help? Well, the Investment funds and other types of similar companies sought after specialized traders to employ them, which offered comparatively stumpy returns for the investors while they gained billions in secrecy. Lack of clarity brought a lot of them to catastrophe. Investors had to deal with the dread of fiasco. As a consequence, the market had to discover a solution which was social trading (also referred to as ‘mirror trading’). It gave the opportunity to survey or copy another trader’s trades without having to spend years in gaining knowledge on how to trade in numerous markets. A number of efficacious social trading podiums were created and investors could now select whom to follow, basing their choice on a particular trader’s presentation and results.

Regrettably, the past presentation did not ensure great future results.


A painful situation arose immediately i.e. how to differentiate between an authentic, practiced trader from a newcomer? Keeping in mind that hard-earned money was at stake, a wrong choice now would result in losses. A solution was therefore required.

Scrinium’s new innovation 

With the institution of blockchain technology, Scrinium offers an answer to the problem being faced.

1 – It uses a refined yet translucent procedure to analyze the performance of a trader and then mechanically generate an assortment of dissimilar traders all across the globe, for an investor.

2 – From then on, all the investor has to do is to make decisions pertaining to the effectiveness and risk levels he or she is prepared to agree to take.

3 – Based on either the effectiveness or the risk ratio, Scrinium automatically picks the finest and the most suitable traders to generate an investment portfolio.

4 – Then, the investor begins the acquisition of profit straightaway.

Thus, Scrinium is not dependent on the markets, the exchanges, or even the brokers that a particular trader works with. It is unconditionally autonomous and clear for all participants.

What gives Scrinium an edge over the others?

Scrinium has an edge over others because of the following points:

  • The blockchain transactions have become fast.
  • Transactions are clear because of the technologies that are used.
  • A mechanically produced portfolio from the most cost-effective traders around the globe.
  • Any moneymaking trader from anywhere over the globe can be monitored irrespective of the dais they trade on.

Scrinium Details

Token type                                                            :  ERC20

The determination of enticing investments    :  Development and launch of the platform.

Accepted payments                                            : Ethereum

Total Supply                                                          : 180 000 000

1 SCR price                                                            : 0.000333 ETH

Token available for purchase                            : 140 400 000

Token distribution date                                      : 24.11.2017


Advantages of Scrinium 

What gives Scrinium an edge over other ICOs lies on the following:

  • The crypto currency is grounded on logical data
  • The ICO has an industrial partner which helps in trade-analytics.

Scrinium road map

The future plan of Scrinium is as follows:

  • February 2018: ICO to be presented.
  • March 2018: integration of blockchain agreements.
  • April 2018: listing of digital asset exchanges.
  • May 2018: liquidity connect and public release of prototype.
  • June 2018: keen portfolio compilation.
  • July 2018: testing.
  • September 2018: release of product.
  • October 2018: prolonged number of providers of Liquidity. 

Scrinium team

The team is comprised of a variety of people from different fields, ranging from software developers to digital marketing specialists; from database engineers to graphic designers to UX designers; from legal specialists to Fintech specialists and etc. All of them work every day to provide the best ground-breaking investment product. The team comprises of 10 Advisors and 3 partners.


Scrinium spontaneously picks the premium and the most appropriate traders to produce an investment range and thus enabling the investor to earn profit without delay. Unlike Scrinium,  there are many other companies also launching their ICO like XWIN CryptoBet, CRYCASH, Perkscoin, THETA, Lendoit and many more.

Keeping all of the above points in mind, it may be said that, Scrinium offers significant development in the Stock Market and will undoubtedly change the physical structure of the blockchain market.

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