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SHIFT.Cash: Analysis and Overview

Have you heard of FinTech, Financial Technology? The global market is getting influenced by Financial Technologies and its traits. The key purpose of FinTech trends is to advance the global financial industry and SHIFT.Cash is one of its indispensable part. The creators of SHIFT.Cash project claim to be working for the sake of investors’, creditors’ and borrowers’ optimal profit. Their efforts are to increase the revenue potential, breaking the geographical barriers.

shirftcashWhat does it aim to be?

The basic goal of SHIFT.Cash is to democratize the loaning process via blockchain technology and asset tokenization. SHIFT.Cash has been working on this system for quite a time now and done some brilliant extensive research on how to make loaning system more secured, cost-effective and most importantly fast.

The developers and managers of the project usually connect the low-risk lending market with crypto-market in order to create opportunity for resolving all sorts of monetary issues especially for a billion automobile owners. SHIFT.Cash is to eliminate all the hindrances that virtually stop people from accessing world financial system. They are moreover trying to unite all low-risk credit organizations from all around the world onto a decentralized, more secured, cost-effective and fast online banking system.

How’s it a different project than other solutions?

SHIFT.Cash‘s blockchain-enabled platform has been designed and programmed in a way so it can estimate the risks precisely and also ensure that your investment in a volatile crypto-market remains protected by property. This project is absolutely going to be a democratized and decentralized system, which will issue and process loans secured by automobile titles, fueled by crypto-tokens of collateral on blockchain. SHIFT.Cash is working towards facilitating investors of the market to maximize their sum gains from the loan interests with SHIFT.Cash. And, also advance the borrowers’ side when it comes to receiving money. They say, today all these can be possible without facing any sort of geographical barriers. This platform is claimed to be the safest in the whole world. Their loans are secured by real and authenticated property and transactions are highly encrypted by Blockchain technology.

How’s it a good project to invest in? Technical detailing!

The market has never seen something as magical as collateral based credit platform, but with the emergence of SHIFT.Cash, the industry has received something really valuable and something that left a technological milestone. There’s a high need for geographical barriers and other loan issuance problems to be removed – this blockchain-enabled project is concentrated around not only eliminating these issues, but also secure the process by vehicle titles. For this procedure to run on Blockchain, there is no fear of fraudulence neither loss or theft.

The project managers use a tool that unites all the borrowers holding collateral with their respective investors across the globe to ensure seamlessness, transparency and speed of the assets’ movement on the blockchain.

SHIFT.Cash: A bane or Boon

Much has been analyzed and discussed about this project’s pros and cons, however we are still somewhere completely vague about the idea of investing in its ICO. Well, before we step deep into the matter, here is to your surprise – SHIFT.Cash has come LIVE with its first token sale and looking at its technological development, innovations and potential to succeed in what’s predecided – one thing is sure that it’s boon to be part of SHIFT.Cash. On this blockchain-enabled platform, investors are allowed an opportunity to make precise investment for which there’ll be collateral and they can also automatically regulate it to a lesser or greater level.

shirft cashConclusion with SHIFT.Cash ICO details

Now that we have known about what it is and how it works, let’s have a quick look at when and how its ICO going on currently.

Below are the dates and details of its pre-ICO and ICO:

  • Token: SCASH
  • Price in ICO: 1 SCASH = 1 USD
  • Country: Austria
  • preICO: start15 Dec 2017
  • preICO end: 16 Dec 2017
  • ICO start: 5 Feb 2018
  • ICO end: 31 Mar 2018


SHIFTCash is not the first to enter decentralized lending business as its rivals are many for eg. BunnyToken, Lendoit , aktiesocial and many more. Competition will not be easy but let’s hope all the best for their project. It still has its own features.

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