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ShopIn (SHPN) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Shopin onsite retailer demo

This is “Shopin onsite retailer demo” by Divakar Rayapaty on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Online shopping has been around for a number of years now. In terms of ecommerce, the following names come to mind – Alibaba, eBay and Amazon. However, the current retail structure in the world marketplace is not sustainable, emphasizing the need for an alternative. The depersonalization of shopping markets worldwide is turning out to be a matter of concern as its distribution model is no longer satisfying the end-market and consumers can clearly see that major corporations’ claws who are manipulating the distribution.


  • 73% of consumers choose to do business with retailers, who give preference to the personal data of consumers and make shopping more customized.
  • 88% of consumers want retailers to come up with more personalization when it comes to meeting one’s requirements and needs.

What solutions is ShopIn offering?

  1. This is a technological revolution in the area of ecommerce as the creators have made it an absolute ‘platform’ enabled with blockchain technology (Similar to other tokens such as ODEM, Requitix, BunnyToken, TV-TWO, Signals, Gamblica, LocalCoinSwap).
  2. ShopIn is a decentralized technological support to all those online retailers, who can now be more customized in their customer service.
  3. It has been programmed to utilize global shopping profiles and generate its own virtual coins (cryptocurrency), which will be specifically designed to aide ecommerce and online retail purposes.

Using this platform, online retailers can benefit in the following ways:

Profile accessibility

  1. Using the ShopIn system, ecommerce owners can be aware of the exact wants and needs of their prospective consumers by accessing the ShopIn profiles of the consumers.
  2. ShopIn will serve as a single point-of-contact for both online retailers and consumers.
  3. Both the parties will be required to enroll themselves in the ShopIn network and experience a democratized and personalized way of shopping.

GDPR Compliant

  • General Data Protection Regulation is designed to protect user data concerning EU member states.

How do consumers benefit from ShopIn? 

Product recommendations ‘personalized’

  • With the sign-up on the system, consumers receive customized product recommendations as result of the platform’s algorithms.

Shopin Vision

Privacy and security

  • Be it consumer or retailer, both parties have full control over their profiles and personal data.


  1. Consumers have an activity tracker module implemented on the platform, which further allows them to have a virtual eye on the people who are accessing their profile and reading their data.
  2. In addition, consumers will enjoy the power to limit access from groups or communities; they don’t think bringing any profit in the process, eventually contributing to the customization of shopping experience.

Convenient exploration

  1. Joining the platform, consumers can share their purchase history with a diverse range of retailers, making it convenient for them to find products that fit their choices.
  2. In addition to this, consumers may include certain standards of their own, so they experience only specific results.

Single point-of-access

  • ShopIn is a one stop access, facilitating users with a ‘one-click checkout,’ which allows users to maintain control over purchases from one single control point.


  • An underrated feature of this platform is it that users may share their profiles.
  • Their friends and relatives can therefore do their shopping via them and experience personalized treatment.

The team behind ShopIn

  • Eran Eyal, Founder, Chief Executive Officer: He was a founder of four leading digital ventures including, CateredFit, vaultML and WinIt. Moreover, Eran also won an United Nations World Summit Award for his functional contribution to innovation.

Shopin ICO Sale

ShopIn ICO Token Sale

The platform employs its own virtual currency for the running and managing of the incentives collected for or offered by e-commerce owners. This native currency is essential to the operations of the platform.

Whether it is data transaction of asset transaction, everything is symbolized by its native cryptocurrency or crypto token.

Simialr to other tokens such as Cibus, THEKEYTrustaBit, MedTokens, Play2LiveApollo, AQwire,  ShopIn is making 1.5 billion tokens available for their main ICO, and approximately 33% of the sales will be kept aside to be used in incentive programs that will be offered by the company.

Since the pre-token sale is about to start, here’s the detail of the phase

  • The hard capitalization will be of USD5M.
  • Investors will receive a 40% bonus on each of their purchases.
  • Guarantees beyond USD5 million will receive a 66% bonus.

ShopIn ICO Dates and Details

  • Token: SHPN
  • Price: 1 TKN = USD0.10 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • Country: USA
  • Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist and KYC
  • Restricted areas: USA


As the Internet seems to all but taken over the shopping market, why not customize your experience in a better way? What if you received online product recommendations for only what you need, want and can afford? The experience wouldn’t just have gotten better, but things would have gotten advanced.

ShopIn will serve as single point of contact for consumers and retailers to search for products online and be served exactly the way you both want. Quick, smart, more secure and personalized!

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  • 1
    Team Forms With Eran & Divakar
    Solving a Retail Problem: Creating a Universal Shopper Profile to Improve Conversions
  • 2
    Ingestion Engine: Retailer Integration
    Shopper Onboarding: UI/UX Alpha V0.1
  • 3
    Ingestion Engine: Launches V1.0
    Standardization of Product Catalog Data V1.0
  • 4
    White Paper Published: Addition of Blockchain & Crypto Incentives
    Ingestion Engine: Product Search Tool Built
    Shopper Onboarding: App for Women Developed
  • 5
    Shopin Formed & Incorporated
    Team Formed: Eran, Divakar, Jeremy, Vlad, Alexey, Abhi
    Token Generation Presale Commences
    Token Sale Website Launch V1.0
  • 6
    Shopper Onboarding: UI/UX Alpha V0.2
  • 7
    Team: 8 FTE Hired: 50% Located in Brooklyn NY, HQ
    Branding: New Logo Unveiled
    Events: Ethereum DEVCon 3, Cancun
    Fundraising Roadshows: Singapore, Dubai, Switzerland, UK
    Awards: d10e ICO pitch, voted #5 Top ICO
  • 8
    Recommendation Engine: Training A.I. Models
    Shopper Onboarding: Wire Frame For Alpha V0.2
    Testing: Reached 1MM+ Transaction Per Second Test With 96 Nodes w/iExec
    Fundraising Roadshow: Switzerland
  • 9
    Product Development: Shopin Profile
    Token Sale Website Launch V2.0
    Shopin Website Relaunch
    Events: NRF Big Show, NYC, NABTC Miami
    Fundraising Roadshow: Hong Kong, South Korea
  • 10
    Product Development: Men’s & Women’s Onboarding Alpha V0.2
    Recommendation Engine: Testing A.I. Models
    Fundraising Roadshow: Japan, China, Singapore
  • 11
    Public Token Generation Event Commences
    Implementation: BigChainDB
    Integration: CommerceCloud
    Shopper Profile: Visual Onboarding
  • 12
    Product Development: Onboarding App Alpha V.02 Completed
    Mobile Native Apps: UI/UX Commences
  • 13
    Product Development: Android & iOS App
    Recommendation Engine: Retailer Testing
    Shopin Profile Ethereum Integration
    Shopin Profile 1.2: Friends & Family Sending & Receiving Tokens Integration

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