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Shping (SHPING) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Analysis and overview

Shping has been designed to facilitate the consumers of our modern age with a strong database for products, so they can make informed decisions for their future purchases, in any corner of the world. This makes the information and background check of any particular product more transparent and trustworthy. This project is not only for you and I as end-consumers, but for businesses as well.

To use the facility, one just has to scan the barcode of the product and thus extract every bit of its data, right from production, to ingredients to market share and benefits, including price. Whether the product holds certification or not, is also accessible.

What does Shping aim to be?

As the time passes, the market is witnessing an immense interest in online shopping and online business. Today, trillions of products are consumed online every day, out of which some turned out to be NOT what was expected or shown. As shopping is instinctive, it helps create zillions of dollars for millions of businesses. This is why, Shping sets out to make it more comfortable, more trustworthy, informed, faster, and with more value for money. It has taken it to the next level by innovating brand protection and shopper marketing domains to bolster the mode-to-buy throughout the journey of a product.

How does it work?

Shping is similar to an App on your Google Playstore or Apple Store, but with something different in nature and by characteristics. This app surely is not for mass use. It has been designed to be industry-specific, for example to help the consumer-community get an insight on the product, its authenticity, and other relevant information shared by the company or brand. The app is also designed to streamline all your other searches related to checking a company’s authenticity, product recall status, and reviews shared by authentic users of the product.

Why is Shpng a better option than others on the market?

  • Shping has been programmed in a way so it can become a self-service.
  • It will work as a shopper market system.
  • By enabling the consumer-community to shop smart, it is actually transforming the entire e-commerce system by incentivizing the process of data input.
  • Shping aims to encourage more and more to join the innovation by incentivizing their every step.
  • So, they invite consumers, retailers, brands, and other associated institutions to become a member and give their genuine input to secure, smarten, and expedite the way consumers shop.

How does it work?

Similar to other ICO tokens such as Tradove, Dencity, BunnyToken, Globitex, Shping has developed their individual crypto tokens to fuel the system. They create and offer Shping coins for joining and incentivizing the whole process rather than demanding any fiat currency or security.

The aims of Shping include:

  • Create the world’s most trusted and largest database for products on the blockchain.
  • The platform also allows auditability and tracking of the supply chain for users.
  • Incentivize the users and empower them with speed and convenience in regards to evaluating the quality, aptness, and legitimacy of the product.
  • Enable retailers, consumers, brands, and other associated institutions to get incentivized while giving input about their experiences with products or by simply using the platform’s facility.

Shping ICO dates and details

  • Token : SHPING
  • Price : 1 SHPING = USD0.01
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Accepts : BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, DASH, ZEC, Fiat
  • Country : Australia


These Shping coins are primary to the entire incentive mechanism. User rewards are set and offered by retailers and brands, who already possess Shping Coins.

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