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Signals (SGN) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The Signals platform allows you to develop trading algorithms according to crowd-sourced wisdom.

What is Signals?

Signals democratizes machine intelligence in the crypto trading industry with the introduction of its easy-to-use platform, which allows you to assemble your crypto trading strategies propelled by machine learning without the required programming skills. You can also use this platform to provide your strategy for copy-trading or finding other successful strategies and also easy to know how to invest in ICOs.

SignalDefining itself as a “marketplace of data science-powered signals for trading cryptocurrencies,” Signals exploits machine intelligence for human profits, and helps you to make faster and smarter trading decisions. The primary objective of Signals is to provide traders with a bounty of trading algorithms, from traditional technical analysis to machine learning methods.

So, whether you have computer programming skills or not, you can leverage the advantage of this platform to create your own algorithms without relying on others.

What problems is Signals solving?

  • Relying too heavily on gut feeling.
  • Lack of regulation, liquidity, and oversight.
  • Relying on emotions and cognitive bias.
  • Lack of emotional fortitude needed to adhere to a trading plan.

How does Signals work?

Signals allows you to develop algorithm-based trading strategies taking advantage of a visual builder already embedded in the platform. To use this visual builder, you are not required to have any machine-learning skills or computer programming knowledge. Just make your selection from various indicators, starting from traditional technical analysis to thorough learning or sentiment analysis dependent upon media monitoring.

You can blend these strategies together to bring about a trading model on the platform. Moreover, Signals allows you to use its platform in many different ways. For example; you can use it as a customer, you can create your trading models by purchasing trading algorithms and signals from the marketplace. Or if you are a programmer or data scientist, you can make use of it to offer your trading systems and data signals for sale on the marketplace.

Signals features and benefits

Signals’ key features and benefits that help it distinguish itself from other trading platforms are listed below:

  • Test and train your model without spending money.
  • Share and monetize your own trading strategy.
  • Decentralized supercomputer power.
  • Choose from a variety of indicators.
  • Sell indicators on the marketplace.
  • No programming skills required.
  • Access crowd-sourced wisdom.
  • Copy other strategies.
  • Signals community.

The team behind Signals

Developed by veterans of different industries, Signals has a team of highly intellectual and widely experienced people, including:

  • Pavel Nemec, CEO, Co-founder: An experienced algorithmic crypto trader.
  • Pavel Volek, CTO, Co-founder: A software architect and front-end developer.
  • Jan Budík, Algorithmic Trading Expert: Has a Ph.D. in algorithmic trading and 10 years of currency and commodity trading.

Signals SGN token

Abbreviated to SGN, the Signals token is built on Ethereum similar to Celsius, SkyChain, BunnyToken, Lendo, ABYSS. As it is an ERC20 standard token it is easy to store and transfer using the generic Ethereum wallet. You can use it to access all paid features available on the Signals platform.

  1. Signals intends to release a total supply of 150 million SGN tokens.
  2. 50% of total SGN tokens will be made available to obtain in two phases of the token sale, while 2 million SGN will be offered during the pre-sale with a 30% discount.
  3. The SGN token sale began in two phases, the presale and main sale.
  4. The presale started on November 22, 2017 at 14:00 UTC, and ran for 30 days, and successfully ended by achieving the set target.
  5. The main SGN token sale is scheduled to take place on February 26, 2018 but nothing has been said about its end date, probably continues until hard cap is reached.

Signal Token Sale

SGN token allocation

Similar to other ICO token such as Fabric, OnePay, Lympo, Shping, Joinwell, Signals fixed a soft cap of USD 2M and a hard cap of USD 24.5M that was successfully achieved during the first phase of ICO token sale.

  • 18% were held for a company reserve.
  • 50% were allocated for sale to public contributors.
  • 10% were reserved for advisors and partners.
  • 2% were allocated to a bounty program.
  • 20% were allocated to the community.


When you roam around the crypto space, you will find several platforms that do not require you to be technically savvy, and this is true of Signals. However, this platform leaves others behind by virtue of its amazing set of features.

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