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SonoCoin (SNC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

SonoCoin (SNC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

There are a number of companies using decentralized blockchains to provide multiple applications and services to users. These products are equipped with outstanding features but they ultimately increase the costs for end-users, due to the lack of scalability such as anonymity, smart contracts, etc. SonoCoin is the first cryptocurrency that transacts through encrypted audio files to offer an excellent solution.

All about SonoCoin

SonoCoin (SNC) is an encrypted audio file which is digitally encrypted and operates on blockchain technology similar to CrowdWiz, Mirocana, Requitix, ODEM, Luckbox. The blockchain uses Proof-of-Stake protocol for verifying transactions. SNC token is an audio file with a sound interpretation of a code. It can be recorded and recognized by any device with the capability of reproducing sounds. The SonoCoin is compared with Bitcoin P2P value transfer but it has an improved and more user-friendly platform like Paypal. This contributes to reducing the end-user cost with a streamlined solution with a less complicated, lighter version of the protocol. Moreover, it is also beneficial for providing faster and quick transactions.


SonoCoin is moving forward with the aim of providing a fully accessible crypto-ecosystem featuring low transaction fees, that is easy to use and scalable, and has high adoption capabilities. They want to make SonoCoin the main currency for accomplishing all types of transactions with outstanding benefits. SNC works on a decentralized payment solutions that allows everyone to enjoy all transactions within the network.

SNC supports all channels of digital transfer which means you can transfer the SonoCoins through email services, messengers, social networks, and also through an audio signal. It uses strategies that prove beneficial in addressing cryptocurrency challenges that include geopolitical regulatory risks, complex transaction protocols, security, and extensive AML/KYC requirements.

The beta version of the project is already available in the market. Now, they will also create an e-wallet to store the SNC digital keys. Blockchain technology will be utilized for recording and viewing all transactions.

Features of SNC

  • It is a financial system functioned and owned by its network users.
  • Has a quick transaction confirmation time at less cost.
  • Has high-tech audio transmission capabilities.
  • Application supported by Windows, Android, and Linux.
  • Is ready to deploy on the latest mobile platform.

Benefits of SonoCoin

  • It allows SNC to be stored as a regular file.
  • It can be divided and combined anytime.
  • It is easy to transfer through all the common digital channels.
  • It protects your SNC with password.
  • It works on a decentralized network.
  • There is no need to create a wallet for storing SNC.
  • No registration and verification process is required.

Problems resolved by SonoCoin for different industries

Payment processing industry

1 – The transaction process in the payment processing industry is very complex and expensive.

2 –  Small business faces issues such as corporate registration, complex paper, KYC/AML procedure, etc. and are looking for another convenient and simple payment solution.

3 – Moreover, transaction fees are also very high i.e. 1.5% to 3%.

4 – SonoCoin aims to resolve the issues of payment processing by providing immediate access to the network while eliminating the formalities of AML/KYC requirements.

5 – In addition, the SonoCoin network will charge low fees of around 0.5% on total transactions.

Gaming industry

1 – The gaming industry is growing rapidly, which creates the requirement of standardized payment options.

2 – Many games are using their own currency, but fiat currencies are not sufficient to incorporate the currency conversion fees of the game.

3 – SonoCoin wants to be adopted by gaming industry as a primary digital currency.

4 – The adoption of one currency for all gaming platforms will eliminate the need for secondary conversion into fiat currencies.

5 – With SonoCoin, gamers can do in-app purchase without any need for verification requirements.

6 – It also reduces the risk of any type of fraud by providing a secure and anonymous payment solution for gamers.

Online gambling industry

1 – Since the inception of Bitcoin, it has been used as the primary cryptocurrency by the gambling industry for different purposes and investments.

2 – But, we can’t deny the complex and expensive transaction process of Bitcoin.

3 – Bitcoin transactions consume around one hour in order to complete the transaction, with a high cost of approx USD20.

4 – SonoCoin will resolve this problem by becoming an alternative option to Bitcoin in the online gambling industry and provide a less expensive and faster transaction option for users.

5 – The SNC transaction will consume the minimum time of 30 seconds for every transaction and charge lower fees for it.


Advertising industry

1 – With the aim of transforming the arena of the advertising industry, SNC is introducing ultrasonic frequency transfer coins via ads.

2 – SNC sounds can be played at frequencies which are not audible to humans which means that advertisers are not required to change their message for the consumer.

3 – After collecting the coins, customers can exchange the SNC to enjoy discounts on goods and services.

Pre-sale II

  • Amount available : 15 million coins
  • Price : USD1.50
  • Duration :-+ 80 days
  • Dates : 14.12. 2017 to early Q2, 2018
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP

Initial coin offering

  • Amount Available : 40 million coins
  • Price : USD2.00
  • Duration : 60 days
  • Dates : Beginning Q2 2018
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies : BTC, ETH, XRP

After three tiers of the coin sale, the unsold coins will remain in the management’s possession.

SNC Allocation

  • Pre-sale I : 15%
  • Pre-sale II : 15%
  • Initial coin offering : 40%
  • Research & development, management & stakeholders     : 15%

The team behind SonoCoin

This highly-educated and talented team of blockchain experts engaged in developing this advanced project of SonoCoin ecosystem, is led by:

  • Leonid Afanasyev, Founder


SNC is a digital currency that allows you to send value through audio signals. It is the first blockchain-enabled (similar to CoinLoin,  Fabric Token, BunnyToken, CryptF, BananCoin and InsurePal) audible cryptocurrency that enables you to send your digital file (currency or copyrighted file) securely all over the world.

The company wants to change the traditional transaction process by introducing a new network which offers outstanding benefits for easy accessibility, privacy, and affordability required by the customers. You can also contribute to the development of this advanced project by participating in its ICO token sale.

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