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SprintX (SPX) ICO Review – ICO Token News

One of the biggest difficulties for start-ups is funds’ accessibility. Lack of proper funding will prevent good initiatives, a talented team of people, and excellent methodologies from ever reaching their true potential.

The SprintX platform aims to support small or big business initiatives with the primary aim of promoting the massive adoption of cryptocurrency through its user-friendly SwitchX exchange platform.

SprintX Analysis

What is SprintX all about?

It is a user-friendly platform build on Ethereum blockchain technology for start-ups to develop new business ideas. With the support of SwitchX as a multifunctional exchange with debit card access, this platform will open up the potential of the cryptocurrency market.


Some of the SprintX characteristics are:

  • Hot and cold wallets.
  • Adaptability to forks.
  • Assimilation to Airdrop.
  • Debit card service.
  • SwitchX exchange.

What does SprintX aim to be?

This platform works under three essential pillars, which are development, integration, and conversion.

  1. Development

Smart contracts are created on Ethereum blockchain technology using the innovative business idea of the start-up. Tokens will be created and its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be launched using ICO maker solution of this project.

  1. Integration

The tokens for the ICO will be automatically integrated to the SwitchX exchange. Moreover, the value of the tokens will be created automatically on the exchange platform.

  1. Conversion

Multi-cryptocurrency wallet will be generated by the core development team associated with this project. The wallet will be integrated with the associated banks of the start-ups. Business will be given the virtual debit card to convert their stored cryptocurrencies into other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

What problems is SprintX solving?

Many start-ups around the world are unable to move forward from their development stages and their conceptual stages due to strict regulations from financial institutes and banks. The majority of start-ups fail due to not having the necessary funds to carry out their projects.

Initial coin offerings or ICOs have helped a large number of people around the globe to carry out and execute their forward-thinking and ambitious start-up venture ideas. Businesses can get access to initial funding through different types of cryptocurrencies.


The SprintX platform guides start-ups and business professionals step by step, with proper knowledge and the technical tools needed in the procedures of creating and launching an ICO.

Why is SprintX a good project?

This platform is an ICO generator that will work in conjunction with SwitchX in a multifunctional way.

Some of the benefits of this project include:

  1. Availability of banking entities for the conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat currency

The banking entities of this user-friendly platform will provide the essential and necessary permits so users can use their cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTE) and easily convert them into fiat currency (Euro and Dollars) by using a debit card.

  1. Automatic integration to an Exchange

The investor will have the benefit of incorporating tokens to the SwitchX Exchange by creating their ICO on their platform. It will save their business processes and facilitate their work.

  1. Generation of blockchain and smart contracts

Start-ups will have the opportunity to generate their own executable smart contracts by themselves without intermediaries between the parties using advanced Ethereum blockchain technology.

How is SprintX different and better than other ICO tokens?

Problems associated with the majority of ICO tokens

The majority of ICO tokens such as Guardium, CryptoLoans, BunnyToken, BitCAD, Zupply are launched without integration to any cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, ICO tokens don’t have the ability to automatically generate smart contracts on blockchain technology based on the business idea of start-up businesses around the world. The core development team associated with different projects don’t provide expert advice in the area of digital strategy. They will provide generalized advice on different digitalization strategies. Popular token providers provide buyers with no access to the hot and cold wallet.

Solutions provided by SprintX

  • The platform will accommodate the development of new ICOs.
  • Tokens will be automatically integrated to SwitchX Exchange using SprintX.
  • It will help users to participate in the launch and promotion of each ICO.
  • With this platform, users will get complete access for using cold and hot wallets built for storage and trading different cryptocurrency in a user-friendly manner.
  • Blockchain and smart contracts can easily be created by entrepreneurs and start-ups around the world using this platform.
  • Personal advice will be provided by experienced and dexterous professionals and experts to the users for the systematic development and expansion of their business idea.
  • Users to receive complete access to different well-planned and executed digital strategies.


Token sale

  • This platform will create a smart contract to enable the ICO.
  • The main objective of the ICO sale will be to collect sufficient funds so that this platform can involve properly, benefit the owner of it, and meet the objectives.
  • The total tokens generated by this platform will be 3,250,000,000 SPX.

ICO sale

  • The main ICO sale will be launched from March 12, 2018 and will end on March 31, 2018.
  • The SPX tokens can be purchased by using ETH just like other popular ICO tokens such as Cibus, Amon, Aktie Social, Alttex, THEFANDOME.
  • All the unsold SPX tokens will be burned at the end of the ICO sale.

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How to participate in the ICO sale?

Interested investors can register themselves on the official website of SPX tokens in order to participate in the ICO sale.

Distribution of tokens

  • 60% of the total SPX tokens will be released during the ICO sale for general investors to purchase.
  • 14% of the tokens will be allocated as a reserve.
  • 10% of the SPX tokens will be allocated for legal expenses and advisors.
  • 1% of the SPX tokens will be allocated for bounty rewards.
  • 15% of the tokens will be allocated to the team and management.

Usage of funds

  • 1% funds will be given to the advisors associated with this project.
  • 20% funds will be used for legal and economic development of this project.
  • 3% funds will be used for the development of the auxiliary modes of this project.
  • 60% of the funds will be used for capitalization of this project for cryptocurrency and fiat currencies.
  • 5% of the funds will be invested in real estate property.
  • 10% of the funds will be given to the environment developers.
  • 1% of the funds will be used for economic development of SprintX platform.

The team behind SprintX

The key members associated with this project include

  • Yagub Rahimov, CEO, Co-founder.
  • Steve Good, Digital strategist.
  • Joaquín López Lérida, Development advisor.

Summarizing SprintX

This platform is developed for the development of new business ideas that will open up the potential market for cryptocurrencies and its multiple functions. It will accommodate the development of new ICOs. It will automatically incorporate the tokens of these initial coin offerings to the SwitchX exchange.

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