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StarLight (SLC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Conventional payments come with a lot of restrictions and risks—and in the case of international transactions, the related risks and restrictions reach a whole new level. Plus, regular payment gateways are known for high transaction fees and slow processes. In addition, the security of traditional payment ecosystems is completely broken.

Now there is a solution to the problems of the run-of-the-mill payment gateway. This solution is found in a decentralized payment gateway, called the StarLight platform. Thanks to its decentralized nature, the StarLight platform accepts a range of cryptocurrencies. As it is working on hardcore decentralization concepts, this payment ecosystem is less vulnerable to hacks or malicious attacks.

So, is it safe to invest in StarLight’s ICO? Let’s find out.

StarLight analysis 

Most people have known the problems and tardiness which come with a conventional payment gateway. The StarLight platform aims to resolve all these issues for good. This payment ecosystem accepts a wide array of payments—even cryptocoins. Now, that’s definitely something which isn’t found in any other traditional payment gateway.


StarLight is an end-to-end decentralized payment gateway that’ll simplify money transfers regardless of the distance between the sender and receiver. The platform is powered by a blockchain, so the payments made through this network are secure and transparent in every way. In addition, the network plans to offer some real-time payment-centric solutions to customers and merchants.

In the future, the core development team behind this platform plans to introduce some cutting-edge blockchain-based innovations within the ecosystem and the project will therefore evolve with the evolution of the blockchain technology.

These factors make StarLight a one-of-a-kind payment gateway that’ll be transparent, secure, and stable.

StarLight innovation 

Like every other ICO project such as Celsius, SkyChain, Altair, BunnyToken, ABYSS, EQUI, Fiancia, StarLight is innovative. Plus, since this crypto project is in its early stages, it has a lot of space to grow. Cryptocurrencies are evolving at an unpredicted pace, and StarLight is here to reap the benefits.

Here are some of the innovative features of this platform.

Cross-border payments becomes seamless

  1. The problem with traditional payment gateways is that they are frustratingly slow when it comes to processing cross-border transactions.
  2. International payments with StarLight are seamless and quick.
  3. The people using this platform will quickly send and receive money; the solution is apt for all those who have to consistently transfer money online.
  4. The receivers will get the money on a StarLight wallet and taking out the funds from this wallet is easily done.

Starlight program

Revolutionary P2P payment service 

  1. With StarLight, you get a P2P payment service that’s fast, free, and quite simple.
  2. If you fear that transferring money will make you pay hefty exchange rates in a fiat currency, then use the platform’s native token—StarLight Coin (SLC).
  3. The token makes payment transfers simple, fast, and cost-effective. 

Change the way e-commerce processes payments

  1. The e-retail landscape is evolving and expanding in new and exciting ways.
  2. The most significant part of the online-retail world is the way it processes transactions in bulk.
  3. As an e-commerce player makes so many transactions daily, the speed of processing payments can become too slow.
  4. That’s where StarLight comes in.
  5. The platform is based on the blockchain tech, which improves the efficiency of these transactions by a wide margin.

A regular lending platform improves the returns 

  1. The team behind this revolutionary payment gateway is working on a robust lending platform.
  2. Once the platform successfully rolls out, the ecosystem will generate a fixed interest for the entire StarLight community.
  3. The lending platform will come in two versions—vol. 1 and vol. 2. The first volume will be available for a select few who’ve participated in the ICO sale; while the second volume will be available for everyone. 

The StarLight analyst bot is coming 

  1. By working on the inputs coming from data analysts and professional traders, the project’s core development has prepared an analyst bot.
  2. The bot has one aim—make trading better and more lucrative for the traders.
  3. Unlike other trading bots, this one doesn’t make automatic trades on the exchanges; instead, it analyzes different cryptocoin markets every month, week, day, or hour.
  4. Based on these analyses, the bot suggests the trader which trade move will be most beneficial.

Starlight ICO sale

StarLight ICO sale

StarLight Coin is a hi-tech peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, and it forms the backbone of the StarLight platform. This cryptocoin is engineered to execute fast, secured transactions using the advanced blockchain technology that ensures the seamless transfer of ownership. With the help of StarLight coins, the platform will enable its users to use six top cryptocurrencies that include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, and Bitcoin Cash.

Introducing the Buy with Confidence program 

Today, the ICO list is packed with fly-by-night operators—so there’s an obvious need to provide an ecosystem where investing in ICOs is actually safe. StarLight has built such a program, called Buy with Confidence. It promises to give sinvestors a 100 % refund on the investments should the team fail to deliver the services and development it has promised.

Other StarLight ICO details 

  • Ticker : SLC.
  • ICO sale : From March 7, 2018, to April 7, 2018.
  • Total Coin Supply : 18,000,000 SLC tokens.
  • Country : United Arab Emirates.

StarLight team

Just like other leading ICO projects such as Guardium, CryptoLoans, Ternio, BitCAD, Zupply, Qurrex, BEtrium, StarLight is also a product of a hard-working team. The team members working on this ICO project all have blockchain and financial expertise—something that’s a must to develop a cutting-edge payment gateway for the future.

Summarizing StarLight

After studying the fine details, this project looks good on paper and is likely to give you some solid returns in the future. So, if this project is what you’re looking forward to, then join the sale.

If you want to invest, check out the Starlight webpage.

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