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Storiqa (STQ) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Storiqa ICO?

Storiqa is a marketplace that allows small-scale sellers to create their own online store for launching the products and pay for goods or services with STQ tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Storiqa History

Selling your goods, products, and services online through e-commerce store is a daunting task, although the e-commerce operations are growing rapidly around the world. It is still expensive for small-scale producers to set up e-commerce store, although online marketplaces have already caught on among the sellers around the world. The easy-to-use online platform created by Storiqa allows small-scale sellers to create their own e-commerce store to sell their goods with minimum transaction fee.

Storiqa platform analysis

The company aims to connect the sellers from different parts of the world and provide them with a unique online business store with all the necessary tools. The marketplace allows small-scale producers to sell their goods and services to the global market with minimum transaction fees and without any annoying bureaucratic routine, financial borders and intermediaries.

The opportunities presented by the use of blockchain technology, globalization, and decentralization in the marketplace created by Storiqa for small-scale sellers provide them competitive advantages over other business solutions that are already existing in the markets today.

What is Storiqa platform all about?

In order to pay the fee for the platform, the small-scale sellers don‘t need to have any STQ token or be expert in cryptocurrency. They can use their bank card for making the payment and automatically purchasing the token through the platform and pay their fee for the projects.

The problems resolved by Storiqa

They are working to develop a multi-currency wallet with the option for the buyers to pay with different cryptocurrency.

The wallet will allow the buyers to purchase goods from platform from different parts of the world. The transaction fee will be low for making the international transaction as there is no middleman involved in the transaction.

Storiqa makes use of cutting-edge blockchain technology for the development of an online marketplace for the sellers that allow the platform to be open, safe and as transparent as possible for both the parties involved in transactions. The use of blockchain technology reduces the transaction cost and allows for the simplification of the purchase process for the buyers.

Storiqa technology

The e-commerce platform allows selling and purchasing of goods with cryptocurrencies. It will be an ideal platform for small scale sellers to sell their goods to buyers around the world with no financial borders, fake reviews or extra fees.

Sellers will be able to monetize their reviews through Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, WeChat, etc. with highly innovative blockchain affiliate marketing.

When small businesses have access to global market through this platform, it will help them to increase their sales significantly.

How Storiqa is different and better than competitors?

The fee for the project will be 10 times lower than the services offered by the competitors at the launch of its marketplace for small-scale sellers. In addition, the fee for the project for small sellers will always remain low as it is just nominal. This nominal fee will further decrease with the increase in the STQ token rate.

STQ Tokens & ICO Crowd Sale

STQ tokens are issued for external as well as internal payments of the online marketplace of Storiqa. The tokens are integrated deeply into the system for ensuring maximum trade flow. The value of STQ tokens will increase when the number of agents using the Storiqa will grow.


The need to pay necessary fees and bonuses to those agents who pay with STQ will increase the demand for these tokens. On one hand, it has a positive influence on the market value of the token and at the same time, it will give STQ first purchasers an excellent opportunity to leave the project. As the sellers of the token will be the first purchasers, hence the rise in demand of STQ will have a positive influence on market quotes. Supply of the STQ token will only be possible for the first purchasers of this token.

Rates charged to small-scale sellers

Three basic rate plans are offered by Storiqa to the sellers for using its marketplace platform. Each of these plans offer different benefits to the sellers.

Basic rate plan

All the sellers will be working at the basic rate of 1 STQ per item for 24 hours after the project is launched. It will include all the basic functions of any e-commerce. The company will offer its members an easy to use online shop with a catalogue, 24/7 customer support system, hosting system and discount system for the seller to sell their products to the buyers from different places around the world.

ECommerce rate plan

The company is also planning to provide e-commerce store to the small-scale sellers for STQ per 1 item per 24h. It will also provide them access to online card payments.

Premium rate plan

The sellers will get access to the convenient communication tools such as mailout, callback function and voice over IP when they purchase the premium rate plan. In addition, they will also get promotion instruments such as enabling advertising goods when they purchase the premium rate plan.

Why STQ token is a good project?

Good placement fee – The tokens will be used by the sellers to pay their goods placement fee.  They need not be experts in cryptocurrency in order to make the payment. They will make the payment through their bank cards or any other payment services, and the platform will automatically purchase the token with the money transferred by the sellers and will pay the fee with the STQ tokens.

Promotion services – A wide range of services such as prioritizing in search results, appearance on the main page, and rating systems, will be offered to the online shops by Storiqa. It will allow the sellers to attract new buyers for their products and services on the global e-commerce platform. All the services will only be paid through STQ token.

Making payments for external stores – Investors will be able to make use of the STQ tokens payment system to make payment on other external stores.

Making purchases – The buyers will get a bigger cash back and better deals when they purchase goods or services through the Storiqa platforms by using STQ tokens. All the transactions made by the buyers will be carried out using blockchain technology. The buyers will get additional protection of their transactions due to Storiqa warranty and the smart-contract.

Transactions made by the members – Storiqa will create an integrated free-exchange where the members will be able to get their services of location to make the promotion of goods in the international market. The company will prepare item description at a fixed price. Storiqa will make promotional videos and photos of their members for a nominal fee.

Members will have to make the payment through STQ tokens and no fee will be charged. The will lose the opportunity to resolve any potential dispute in price as well as a quality guarantee if the payment by the members is made outside the platform.

Rewards and referral programs – The members will be able to earn additional STQ tokens by effectively taking part in rewards and referral program. In addition, they will have the opportunity to earn additional token by getting awards for CPA deals and offers.

STQ token sale

The sales of the token ticker will be in form of STQ and it will start from 28th of November 2017 and will end at 13th of February 2018. Total supply of the token ticker will not be more than Hard Cap. The first price of the token will be $0.003. The sale of the token will end when the Hard Cap of $25,000,000 is reached.

The tokens can be easily sold or bought by the investors on different cryptocurrency exchange markets upon finishing the token sale campaign. With the increase in the platform use, the number of cryptocurrency exchange listing markets will grow. In addition, the user’s demand from different countries of the world will also grow the number of exchange market from where the tokens will be easily purchased or sold in the future.

The experienced and qualified team of Storiqa are planning to effectively introduce STQ tokens for more than twelve international exchange markets for cryptocurrency, which will make it possible for the investors to exchange their STQ tokens for any fluid cryptocurrency in form of EHT and BTC.

Distribution of the fund collected through the token sale

The process of token sale will be Escrow-controlled in order to bring the STQ value interest of the token holders and the team of Storiqa together. The distribution details are provided below:

  • 60% of the funds generated through the platform is to be distributed through the token sale.
  • 15% of the funds raised will be reserved for the partners and the team of Storiqa. Each partner and team will get 3% of the raised money and the funds will be unlocked as the project reaches the token capitalization of $100M, $250M, $500M and $1000M.
  • 2% of the funds will be distributed to the advisory board.
  • 3% of the raised funds are to distributed as bounty rewards.
  • 10% is reserved for early STQ first purchaser.
  • 10% of the profit will be used for the development of the platform. The first part of it will be released after 9 month period for launch of the global platform on the Asian market. Second part will be released after 9 months after the platform is introduced to the North American market.

Further centralized token distribution will be done after the token sale runs all. It will be done at the expense of the funds collected with the fee payments of the sellers. The price of the token will be determined as per the market quotes. The company will also take into account that the additional sale of the token will create oversupply which will decrease the risk in the market quotes. In order to protect the rights of the STQ FIRST purchasers, the distribution of tokens will be done to eliminate the risk by distributing them over a longer period of time.

How to become STQ First Purchasers?

You need to purchase token by making an EHT transaction to the smart contract address provided by Storiqa to become the STQ First Purchasers. The company only accept the EHT transactions which are made from wallets. Do not make any transactions using cryptocurrency exchange accounts or ERC20-incompatible wallets. It may lead you to lose the control over your tokens which you may have otherwise gained by becoming STQ First Purchasers.

Bonus System for Token Sale

Investors purchasing tokens for $100, 000 but less than $150,000 will receive additional 2% of the token value.

Similarly, investors will receive 5% more of the token when they make purchase of $150, 000 but less than $200,000.

Additional bonus of 8% STQ token is provided to the buyers when they make an investment of $200,000 but less than $300,000.

Those making investment of $300,000 but less than $1,000,000 will receive 10% bonus tokens.

15% bonus token will be provided to the investors when they purchase STQ tokens for $1, 000,000 but less than $1, 500,000.

Bonus of 20% token will be provided to the buyers when they make a purchase of $1, 500,000 or more.

Team behind the project

Ruslan Tugushev is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-owner of the project. He is owner of which is an investment platform with more than 1500 investors and investment potential of $800 million.

Evgeny Gavrilin is the co-founder of this project along with Ruslan Tugushev. He is founder of more than ten companies. He co-founded Boomstarter platform which has helped in raising funds for more than 1548 projects worldwide.

Nadiya Cherkasova is early investor and project consultant of the project.

The advisory board of the platform consists of Paddy Tan, Austin Kimm and Sergei Fedorinov.

Summarizing Storiqa platform

The major goal of the ICO is to effectively raise funds to develop and promote the Storiqa platform and to increase the adoption of STQ token for making transactions on different e-commerce platforms across the world. The distribution of the token is carried out through a smart contract, which allows the investors to use the platform anywhere around the world. Storiqa will execute its project on different levels depending on the raised money through the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

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