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Streamity (STM) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The market of cryptocurrencies is evolving fast, and soon it’ll become one of the most promising investment hubs. Nevertheless, this evolution will be of no use if crypto investors don’t have the opportunity to convert fiat money into crypto coins, and vice versa, quickly and securely. There are so many cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, but their commissions are overpriced and their activities aren’t always legitimate. Moreover, most of these exchanges lack scalability and are often difficult to use.

Well, there’s a solution and it lies in Streamity.

This platform isn’t just a simple crypto exchange—instead, this project is creating its own high-performance cryptocurrency portal from scratch. The platform is engineered to comply with regulations and the different pieces of legislation to make sure that it’ll be head and shoulders above other crypto exchanges. So, by the look of it, the platform is definitely in a league of its own.

And that’s why we’ve decided to review Streamity and its upcoming ICO.

Streamity Intro

Streamity analysis

 The world of crypto trading today

We’ll first give you today’s crypto-trading scenario—cryptocoins have become a great way to transfer value. However, the hitch is that the lion’s share of crypto trading is actually happening on centralized exchanges. Bringing centralization into crypto trading has given rise to a number of regulatory bodies and these regulations end up attracting more and more users to the exchange markets.

As the stakes of trading on a crypto exchange are quite high, this form of speculation is a hotbed of bad actors. So Streamity is actually weeding out centralization, and the bad actors, from crypto trading. This platform is introducing a whole new level of security and decentralization to the world of crypto trading and is simplifying the crypto-trading space.

What is Streamity offering?

After carefully going through its white paper, we think of Streamity as a big multifunctional distributed exchange. This platform will provide standard features that are usually expected from a crypto exchange. The most interesting part of this project, however, is that its team is developing an absolutely decentralized platform to exchange cryptocoins for fiat currencies and the other way around.

Streamity’s decentralized nature will enable its users to interact and trade with each other without any third party. Essentially, the trade on this platform won’t involve any of the risk that’s usually found in traditionally centralized exchanges—and that’s unquestionably a big plus for all Streamity users and for the investors who’re planning to join the platform’s crowd sale.

The core development team behind this project is focusing on establishing a robust cryptocurrency exchange where trading is secure in every sense of the word. The exchange is designed to include a wide array of services that’ll streamline crypto trading so much so that there won’t be any intermediary required. Additionally, the platform will make sure that its users will benefit from all new major developments in the cryptocurrency space.

One of the biggest developments happening in Streamity is StreamDesk. This is an aggregator that’ll streamline the exchange of cryptocoins for traditional currencies. Plus, the dedicated development team working on StreamDesk will simplify crypto trading by leveraging smart contracts.

Other additional services of the project include building educational databases, creating investment resources, showing cryptocurrency news, and delivering crucial trading insights. This entire suite will provide the platform users with the best assistance regarding the accumulation and management of their crypto funds. Plus, this platform is divided into different sections that will provide a variety of digital services to produce separate revenue streams for its investors.

All in all, the project looks promising because its concept is quite innovative. The platform is robust and includes a set of services that aren’t limited to traditional crypto trading. (However, the focus of the platform remains on making crypto trading as secure and decentralized as possible.)

As the crypto market grows, the need for an end-to-end cryptocurrency platform will become more obvious. Furthermore, that platform needs to be decentralized, otherwise, it’ll end up abusing the rights of many traders. The final solution lies with Streamity. Because of its immense capability, this project is set to carve a niche for itself in the already burgeoning ICO list.

Streamity Features

Streamity innovation

If you take any well-built crypto project—such as Lympo (LYM), Current (CRNC), Aktie Social, KickCity, Mango Start Ups, BunnyToken, Vacuum Space Energy, Guardium—you will notice how much importance it gives to freshness. Well, the same applies to Streamity. The team behind this crypto project is using every ounce of its creativity to revolutionize the world of crypto trading.

Here are some of the top highlights that help this project stand out.

StreamDesk—a robust P2P crypto exchange

When we’re discussing the innovation of Streamity, we can’t possibly leave out StreamDesk. This is one big P2P platform where both the parties involved in a transaction are actually individuals. There isn’t any comparison between the conventional financial institutions such as stock exchanges or banks and StreamDesk, because StreamDesk allows fiat currencies to be transferred directly between the traders.

StreamDesk is leveraging blockchain technology, and that’s how the platform has achieved the highest levels of safety in crypto trading. Furthermore, by leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, the platform even follows some of the most favorable terms for carrying out transactions. Plus, the entire process is remote—and that provides a lot of time for its users.

Executing high-speed transactions regardless of the amount                                                                                  

  1. It is currently basically impossible to carry out transactions involving a small amount of cryptocurrency.
  2. On analyzing the existing crypto exchanges, you’ll find that nearly every service provider has set a minimum transaction amount. In most cases, this amount/limit is what obstructs many users from using the exchange services.
  3. For example, if users want to make small donations or buy movie tickets or play online games, then they won’t be able to make the transaction, because these things don’t involve huge amounts.
  4. That’s precisely what StreamDesk plans to change by allowing its users to make small-sized transactions as securely and quickly as possible.

Securing transactions through smart contracts

  1. This platform is designed to avoid any scenario where the exchange becomes inactive for a number of hours because the system’s security was compromised by a hacker.
  2. Furthermore, such hacks even lead to the loss of customer deposits and other crucial trading data.
  3. In order to be a foolproof system, the platform deploys well-written smart contracts that are executed with a number of encryption algorithms and verification systems.
  4. In short, every single smart contract is written to secure all the transactions.
  5. In StreamDesk, any user who wants to buy a cryptocoin will have to provide a sales order.
  6. After raising a sales order, the user will have to lock the transaction inside a smart contract until the payment system confirms receiving the traditional currency.
  7. Everything related to making or receiving payments on this blockchain is quite straightforward.

Streamlining the interaction between fiat currencies and cryptocoins                                           

  1. For any crypto exchange, the interaction between a fiat currency and a cryptocoin should be quite simple, fast, and secure.
  2. The team behind Streamity’s StreamDesk understands the importance of these aspects, and as a result, StreamDesk will streamline the interaction between cryptocoins and traditional currencies in the best possible way.
  3. Plus, with this platform, the user will allow the conversion of the currencies at a low cost—yes, the commission charge, as per the project’s white paper, isn’t very high.
  4. It doesn’t matter whether the investor has Euro or USD or BTC, she/he can simply buy any cryptocoin from this exchange (once it’s up and running).

Streamity Advantages

Following KYC procedures by the book

In order to remain profitable for a long period of time, any business needs to follow some simple rules. These rules will let the business get to know its customers, and they’re basically known as KYC, or know your customer. Streamity is following its KYC policy to make sure that illegal funds are not being circulated through the exchange and that suspicious transactions are not carried out within it.

As the security of all the transactions remains the top priority here, its development team verifies every single piece of customer-related information. In some cases where the risk of doing business with a customer is high, the platform reserves the right to reject the user from accessing its exchange services without giving any reason.

Streamity’s KYC policy

To identify customers, users will have to provide a number of personal documents:

  1. The team working on Streamity will require a copy of the front page of a user’s international passport or driver’s license. The core development team will therefore know the user’s full name, nationality, and other important details.
  2. The platform’s users will also need to submit a utility invoice, such as a telephone or gas bill. The users can even submit their bank statements.
  3. The user will need to submit a copy of any of the bank cards she/he is using for transactional purposes.
  4. The user will have to provide a selfie in which her/his face and passport are clearly visible.
  5. The KYC team will also need the platform’s users to submit copies of other personal documents.

In addition, Streamity may even employ other third-party specialized service providers to deliver high-quality, unbiased, authentic KYC procedures. With all this in mind, it is clear that the platform’s team is very serious about knowing their customers’ details and preserving the integrity of the entire ecosystem.

Streamity ICO

Streamity’s native token, Streamitytoken (STM), is used across the entire ecosystem as a payment method. That is, the token will be used to buy a number of services offered on the platform.

Below, we’ve mentioned some token-specific details that are important for every prospective investor.

Streamity Token Sale

Streamity token details

  • Ticker : STM.
  • Token type : ERC20 standard.
  • ICO sale : From March 12, 2018, to March 25, 2018.
  • Tokens available during the ICO : 100,000,000 STM tokens.
  • Accepted currencies : USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, ETC, and ETH.
  • Total number of tokens : 180,000,000 STM tokens.
  • Bonus and rewards : Yes.
  • KYC/Whitelist : Yes.

The platform’s in-house services will evolve to create an influx of new users, and new users will definitely bring the opportunity to create a steady demand for STM tokens in the future. As the demand for these native tokens is likely to remain high, their value won’t be negatively affected.

The team behind Streamity

Any ICO project—such as Cryptomon Token, Onyx, Amon, Datarius, TrustedHealth, Gamblica, THEFANDOME, TokenLend—becomes successful only when its team is working hard to meet the expected delivery time and quality standards. Fortunately, Streamity’s core development team is committed to meeting all the different milestones it has set for itself.

The team includes people experienced in blockchain, smart contracts, and other Fintech inventions that have transformed the commercial world.

Streamity Community

Summarizing Streamity

It’s true that there are many crypto exchanges in the market today, but Streamity is different because it is prioritizing security and decentralization above everything else. Plus, if Streamity’s StreamDesk really does what it promises on paper, then this project is destined to be successful.

The crypto investors of today are seriously looking for an exchange that’ll give them the best in terms of trading insights—well, that is what Streamity is promising.

After going through the project’s white paper, we can see that all project-specific information is given transparently. If you’re looking to invest in a good ICO project, this may be one. However, we advise you to visit the project’s website and run your due diligence before joining the sale.

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