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SuperPay (SPC) ICO Review – ICO Token News or SPV is a blockchain based universal mobile payment platform that allows the people to receive money through the means of credit card and crypto currency, and also issue the digital currency themselves. Stringent checks and balances have been implemented in this innovative SPV platform to ensure that the crucial financial transaction data of the users is not lost during any transaction, storage or retrieval process. The larger goals of the are to establish common standards for mobile phone with worldwide compatibility across an extensive range of fiat and crypto currencies.

Payment challenges are universal. To overcome these ingrained challenges of the traditional banking and card payments, the need of universal wallet acceptance was felt for long. experts pondered over these issues for long and came up with some innovative ideas to overcome the problems often experienced by the users when they make payments online or through their mobile.

The SPV project is all set to bring new business models in the payments markets all over the world. It will be first introduced into the USA and then made available to the users in other countries in a steady fashion. With its expected adoption by the masses after its due launch, the project will help promote the competitiveness of the service industry and improve the quality of service delivered to the people. It is likely to create new business opportunities for those into crypto market trading.

Blockchain Technology – Internet of Value

Blockchain is a digitized and decentralized public record that safely stores all crypto currency transactions. It uses a distributed ledger technology to achieve this objective. The transaction once stored in the blockchain is permanent; it cannot be deleted or altered in any way. Blcokchain is an innovation in the registration, storage and distribution of information in a safe and secure manner. As such, the need of a trusted third party to facilitate the transactions is eliminated. That’s the reason bitcoin transactions and other altcoin transactions are efficiently been carried out using blockchain technology, without the involvement of traditional banks, and almost no government regulation.

With blockchain technology,powerful digital relationships are possible that could not even imagined earlier. That’s why blockchain technology is often referred as the Internet of Value.

Key features of SPV payment platform

SPV platform makes receiving money a breeze for the users. Transactions can be conveniently done with the help of barcode or a picture appearing on smart phone, TV screen, website, magazines etc. The platform offers capabilities to turn the advertising into an effective channel of shopping.

It also allows the vendors to issue their own currency to the people.

SPV platform works, even in case you do not have access to electricity or internet connectivity. If anyone out of the two parties, the vendor or consumer has access to internet and electricity, SPV can be effectively used to receive payments.

SPV executes payment transactions at the lightning fast speed.  In fact, it takes just 0.1 second to successfully complete a transaction. Thanks to blockchain technology, the user data is saved in an unchangeable way.

The platform employs an open-source mechanism. It supports all types of cash flows for buying and paying in digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. One can also make transactions for credit cards, vendor’s bonus, vendor’s account, etc.

It provides a platform to the developers’ community to learn and share their ideas with other members of the community to help those looking for the authentic answers and solutions to their queries. It allows combining physical credit card with the platform, so one can receive money in fiat currencies as well as in crypto coins.

SPV Digital Wallet digital Wallet can be used for storing fiat currencies like Dollar, Ruble, Yen, Pound, etc. and also crypto currencies like Bitcoin. The digital wallet can be opened with the Private Key, which is an encrypted code that establishes the identity of the wallet owner. Having Private Key is the proof of authentication. So, the user need not share any personal information with the service provider than what they need. This way, the users are made safe from the attacks by the hackers.

Since the digital wallet uses a decentralized network for information storage and flow, the chances of centralized corruption or cumulative failure, often seen in the traditional banking system are literally eliminated. This way, a digital wallet fills the gap of trust that is provided by the banking system to the customers.

Besides authentication, authorization is also required to transact through a digital wallet. Authorization means the entire network works upon a blockchain protocol. To bring to fruition this ambitious aim, the company has come up with its SPC ICO token sales to raise money through crowdfunding. 80% of the profit earned through ICO token sale will perpetually be returned to the SPC token holders by the company.

superpay token


The young and quickly growing market of crowdfunding is redefining the ways people behave with their money. Crowdfunding combines the best of crowdsourcing and microfinance. It brings together the people who commit money for the success of a project or company. Crowdfunding has many categories like:

  • Reward based crowdfunding
  • Peer to peer lending
  • Donation based

In reward based crowdfunding, people pledge money for a new project.

In peer to peer lending, people get access to funds outside of the banking system.

In donation based crowdfunding, small loans are extended to the local entrepreneurs for funding, like to purchase short-term inventory.

Crowdfunding is extensively been used by the startups to get funds for their various projects. During the ICO events, which are usually of short duration of few days to two weeks, tokens are sold to the interested individuals. With a well-planned business strategy and execution of business plans, participants and the token providing company, both stand to gain, subject to the inherent risks associated with any token sale. However, if you wish to gain big in short term, SPC tokens offer a potentially viable option for the participants.

Understanding tokens and what are they good for?

In crypto markets, a token refers to a unit of value issued by a private entity. It is a blockchain-based investment tool. They have a valued attached to them which is accepted by a community. Tokens usually rely on Ethererum’s blockchain protocol, which is considered more complete than the bitcoin’s blockchain.

A token is more than a currency as it can be used for an extensive range of applications. It can be used to pay for a job, transfer data, grant a right or as a gateway to extra services.  Cristina Carrascosa, a lawyer specializing in blockchain technology says that a token has several layers of value inside it, and it is up to the ICO provider to decide what specific values the token will have inside it.

Given below is the development schedule for tokens:

Phase 1: Early 2018: Soft cap of USD 8, 00,000

The tokens will be used to develop a fully-functional wallet and an open-source.  This will allow the users to use the digital currency for shopping and receiving the money. One will be able to login on the SuperPay app for iOS and Android through one’s Facebook or Google account.

Phase 2: Mid 2018: USD 1 million

The company targets to develop a fully-functional payment gateway for the merchants to accept multiple currency and credit card payments. They will be able to issue the compatible currency of their own to accept payments from PayPal, AndroidPay and AllPay.

Phase 3: Mid 2018:  Social media platform: USD7,00,000

An online teaching and social media platform will be developed for the developers to learn about the technologies and installation methods. The merchants will be able to find the developers for assistance.

Phase 4: Late 2018: Open API and SDK, USD 8,00,000

Common standards for all SPV based systems will be defined that can sync with other payment systems as well.  Improvements will be done to the merchant’s interface, mobile-in-app SDK and mobile wallet 2.

Phase 5: Early 2019: Technology for the top shopping sites

The payment system will be introduced to the topmost shopping sites of the world. Top-tier retail merchants will gain the capability to accept mobile payments in SPV-based currencies and also exchange them with fiat currency that they need.

Phase 6: Mid 2019: Strengthening partnership, USD 350,000

Partnership with payment providers to be improved to value up SPV members’ income.

Here is a brief about the token sale of

  • A total of 10,000,000 coins are to be issued.
  • Out of this amount, 8,000,000 tokens will be put on ICO sale.
  • 20% or 2,000,000 tokens will be reserved for team. 

development schedule

Current exchange rate of SPC tokens:

1 SPC = USD 0.5

1 ETH – 888 SPC

1 BTC = 46.640 SPC

Operating costs of the funds

Here is the segregation of the operating costs of the ICO or Token Generation Event (TGE)

40% funds will be utilized for Research and Development (R&D)

25% funds will be used to bear the expenses of Manpower

25% funds will be utilized for Partnership and Licensing

10% funds will be used for Marketing efforts.

Manner in which the proceeds will be utilized

  • 80% profit from the ICO sale will be returned to SPC holders.
  • 10% profit will be returned to the SPC operations team.
  • 10% profit will be donated to the non-profit organizations.


All income and expenses will be kept transparent. SPV members will be given the rights to discuss and vote on important issues, like the date of launch and closure of the ICO, decide on bonus, set up associations, etc. The group members will have the right to revert the wrong decision of the Signal Director. The group can revert its own decision too even though it was passed by the majority if it is found to be wrong.

Points to be noted

  1. Unsold tokens will be frozen for six months and will be sold at the rates higher than public rates or equal to it, but not less than this rate. Same applies to the tokens held by the team.
  2. Stores will have the right to accept or reject transactions in (SPC) coins.
  3. SPC will be made exchangeable with the designated crypto coin exchanges in the future, whose names will be announced by the company in the due course of time.
  4. A Private Key will be sent to the all registrants to ICO token. Payments can be done to any supporting service by the participant.
  5. IMPORTANT: does not save the Private Key of the participants. Once you receive the private key from the company, save it to your device and thereafter Delete the mail that had the Private Key.
  6. Members having operating voting rights will be invited for voting and discuss on the ICO post its closure.

Risks associated with SPC tokens:

  1. Token sales target is achievable but not guaranteed.
  2. The set roadmap for the execution of business plan may be altered or its implementation may be delayed if the company fails to raise the required amount of funds through ICO token sales (such as AlttexTHEFANDOMETokenLendStarLightBunnyTokenSeal).
  3. Crypto currency marketing trends may have direct bearing on the value of SPC tokens.
  4. Though smart contract system is robust and built keeping all currently possible attack scenarios, there is no guarantee of its not being hacked by the hackers.
  5. Smart contract may have its inherent shortcomings that may be taken advantage of by the fraudsters, thus resulting in the loss of tokens stored.
  6. If you happen to lose your Private Key or your wallet is compromised somehow, all your stored coins will be lost. Password is irrecoverable and you cannot reset it or create a new password. In case a third party gets access to your digital wallet, it may steal or disproportionate your tokens and coins.
  7. Since a well-launched token sale may involve hundreds of thousands of tokens, it is the prime target of the hackers.  At the very least, if such an attack happens, it may derail the project’s momentum. In the worst case, the attacker may succeed in stealing millions of contributions of the participants.
  8. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the US may put some ICOs under the scrutiny of federal laws.
  9. Tokens are subject to the volatility of market forces. Token holders are very price-conscious, and may become disgruntled if there is a sharp depreciation in the value of token price.


  • RH Chang
    RH Chang
    RH Chang
    Ex CTO of BitoEx, master of Blockchain technology. Wanna issue Block currency? He can do it.
  • Kenny
    Expert marketing specialist of image and AI products. Especially for the product planning for the United States.
  • Raj
    He is an experienced business leader and strategy consultant with 15 years of experience in business unit management (P&L), sales management, strategy consulting, and Go to market strategy.
  • Kimberly
    She is an experienced social media marketer and manager with 2 years experience in it.
  • Spyros Kekos
    Spyros Kekos
    Spyros Kekos
    Entrepreneur and Business leader, disrupting the status quo by offering large industries the chance to integrate cryptocurrencies through B2B blockchain solutions, making them the new normal.
  • Wang Yu-Jen
    Wang Yu-Jen
    Wang Yu-Jen
    Patent Engineer, expert of administration and technology. The leaser of SPV’s patents uses.
  • Pretti Chen
    Pretti Chen
    Pretti Chen
    Experienced secretary for the marketing and administrative affairs.


  • 1
    Phase 1 : SuperPay android & ios app download – USD$800k (soft cap)
    Target: To develop a fully-functional and open source wallet. Users may use digital currency, bonus, credit card for shopping and receive money. Facebook, Google account to register and login. Accept and build teams around the world, establish organizational structure and operational management.
  • 2
    Phase 2 : SuperStore server download – USD$1M
    Target: To develop a fully-functional payment gateway with a friendly user interface for merchants and enable them to accept any currency and credit card, while being able to issue currency or bonus on their own. Compatible with other payment systems, such as: PayPal, ApplePay, AndroidPay, Alipay, Wechat, OPay etc., Develop HyBird chain system, privite chain + public chain.
  • 3
    Phase 3 : Social media platform open– USD$700K
    Target: To provide online teaching and media platform for developers in order to learn technology and installation methods, merchants can also seek developers for help.
  • 4
    Phase 4 : Open api& sdk, interwork with other payment systems– USD$800K
    Target: Open api, sdk and defined common standards for all SPV based systems that can syncronize with each other and other payment system as well. Mobile wallet version 2.0, mobile in-app SDK and other improvements to merchant’s interface shall follow.
  • 5
    Phase 5: Provide technology to the top 10 shopping sites or chain stores– USD$350K
    Target: Introduce the payment system for the top 10 retail merchants and shopping websites. The ability to accept mobile payments in SPV-based currencies and exchange them to the respective preferred fiat currencies. Top-tier retail merchant interface to see the purchase history, analytics, prediction, etc.
  • 6
    Phase 6 : Strengthen partnerships and enhance marketing campaign. Distribute token revenue and holder income. – USD$350K
    Target: Strengthen partnerships with payment providers, loyalties and enhance marketing campaign. Consequently value up SPV members’ income.

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